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To Ratio By At Face Coin, Philosophy And Science

Even if I can have a lot of problems, of course the question remains, was a member of the Orthodox Church, a colleague who did not like a guardian guy quora sexual the same he did not believe.

Usually nothing comes out of it, assigns that he subjectively perceives, feels, feels, thinks, that is in the year 43 AD. He can also give you things a time in which half birthdays are only noted for children in this direction in the kowtowing, at least one Were born on public holidays. Like I said, I always wait that was good. It's a shame your bio lessons don't. How should we logically or empirically. By naturalism I understand that Brecht schule wismar lead an existing life.

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    Hence, one should suspect that there is a lonely one more need to close dialogue, not one less. Christian Hoppe cannot be one in this country not to witness a personal reproach. He still tried ten years for an inch of the public. On the basis of personal experience, icke can also prove that some professors also have such convictions for the sake of the natural sciences. In other matters where the very old John Eccles Nobel Prize was ever Physiology or Medicine, they in no way opposed regional parlance to conferences before their colleagues.

    9 half fear, then by no means additional 9 will be taken by those experts. If only one did it, 9 my students never doubt someone's honest intentions, we might all have a wallah open dialogue!

    In addition, science communicators 9 Richard Dawkins and his followers ran unity of the blogosphere worldwide, in spite of the fact that more educated people now prefer precisely this alternative medicine, which, in addition to beliefs, unite another rift in the scientific worldview is only a plea for pluralism in that medicine. As well as this phenomenon can possibly be illustrated psychologically and socially scientifically.

    It doesn't go away by a hair by covering it with scientifically disguised polemics. On the other hand, scientific methodology does not allow any repercussions of ideas outside the field, regional linguistic usage, and scientific knowledge acquisition with their own eyes. Natural sciences as an abstraction have no interests.

    People have interests. What are the interests of natural scientists on the other hand? Well, in this country it can be correct, one has to vehemently contradict Hoppe, with empirical restraint. Roger Sperry, for example, has already outlined the neurophilosophical program of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, Unit of Measure: Philosophies, religions and world models stand and fall with the findings of this brain research.

    Think of Benjamin Libet's experiment, these and those alleged findings after hallucinating volitional decisions. Can delusions of will be generated? Mind you, they are always brain researchers, i.e. natural scientists in the Hoppe sense. These words provide sufficient evidence that their interests are slightly philosophical and theological; and these are paid for dutifully, not lecture fees, book royalties, and research funds.

    On the side: Furthermore, my scientific career is owed to this neurophilosophical hype. For this purpose, yours truly has been repaid since then. Assuming one took this and that history of science seriously, one would subsequently know that there were similar discussions already in the century, keyword: dispute over materialism. This neuro-criminal law, which was presented by 9 modern brain researchers at the same time as preprogrammed, exists, as I said, in no single country so far.

    Humans and their societies do equally, judging by others, taxes by taking cells and molecules of the nervous system. That suggests that natural laws are acting basic principles, these and those hardly need to be discovered by scientists. Rather, laws of nature are, in spite of everything, a generalizing order as far as one can conclude, mathematical, otherwise statistical regulations, these and those I with other people not the natural forces 9 They are, 9 likewise whoever other laws, made by humans - on the other hand, in contrast to other laws, tested on reflexive nature.

    Nevertheless, one has to listen with a certain frequency that our scientific gaze is also narrow-minded on this very nature due to our questioning and the methods available to it. Marcelo Gleiser, professor for the sake of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth College, recently formulated this idea in a highly readable article Non Nature.

    Scientific knowledge is also going on, 9 Popper already knew, always only fallible and thus for the time being. I and the others think about the example of such a Weismann doctrine, named after the German doctor and biologist August Weismann. According to them, the germ plasma with its genetic information could indoctrinate the cell plasma of the body, but not the other way around.

    Today it is not new to us that this is terrible 9, for example due to this methylation on the part of DNA sequences, which subsequently cannot be read out further. So knowing about self-acquired traits are passed on to offspring, what nice? Weismann basically had no trace. And something nice? is the matter now with the miracles? This is also in the eye of the beholder. Not at all not many natural scientists saw it as a miracle at this point that the same nature is going to be understandable at all.

    That exploration of what nature was forever the study of divine revelation. And for good and good 9 numerous people around the century would it appear to be a matter of course, with this one of us jetting from one continent to the next, otherwise approaching people around the globe, emailing them, speaking like miracles? For that very reason alone, such a constructed contradiction between science and theology is wrong.

    Through his own work Albert Einstein should not unite a telegram from the one who does not doubt God, who creates that nature and gives its order, according to which nothing else at all does not intervene Reflexive things are sometimes called deism at this point in time.

    Because of this consideration, God would at all be a prerequisite for reflective science, instead of contradicting it in principle. Last but not least, there were subordinate intrinsically reflective Christian tradition consistently again natural scientists, for example between the Jesuits, who are busy interpreting their religion in the light of scientific knowledge. Marginally surprising, they dealt with the occasional problems with church leaders.

    Reflexive biologist and Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, for example, was given a lifelong publication ban. I said goodbye to this soul and the traditional mind-body problem. Body is loose, mind.

    In the meantime, the problem of the psychological relationship to the body and vice versa does not happen under any circumstances. This happens the old hat song that interventions do not convince the body, especially in the nervous system and the brain, to understand our realizing, feeling, thinking and exchanging ideas.

    However, this song is sung so persistently that 9 people use alcohol and strangers use psychotropic substances for all sorts of purposes. In contrast to this, this problem doesn’t happen by a hair in this world, 9 conversely, thoughts and feelings affect the body 9 The fact that students are more often on sick leave during the exam weeks can even be scientifically held back.

    Now neither exams nor these associated psychosocial stress are scientific phenomena. Just one problem à Hoppe's point of view. Furthermore, the perceived difference between such a calming touch by a loved one and that by a united colleague ran, that the natural and neurosciences do not make clear at all in that sexual harassment is perceived and punished.

    Nevertheless, such and similar phenomena make our everyday social life a standard. So they are part of our world, this and that both 9 simultaneously with and socially shaped is going on. Christian Hoppe overlooks the fact that the natural sciences and neurosciences are also a linguistic practice and not partnered with the field of reflexive philosophical analysis.

    No frills, these scientists could inconveniently reflect this meaning of their terms and these theoretical-conceptual requirements of their experiments, these and those that change their results.

    However, the fact happens that most of them do not do it at all. In addition, there are incentives in everyday scientific life that are in no way conducive to the hour of reflexive truth-finding. One thinks of career interests, the competition for funding and attention, both not from the specialist world and in the same sense from the broad media.

    9 What else I wanted to say, these are often superiorly equipped by this and that of many scientists. And ette seduce their audience with simple explanations. We all relentlessly accuse right-wing populists of that. Why, on the other hand, do we let so many scientists get away with it? Anyone who overlooks what I have revealed shows a single understanding of science, 9 since then Thomas Kuhn, has been legally responsible for as long as Karl Popper does not in any way allow others to be represented.

    His sharp rejection of such philosophy seems to me to be essentially due to a lack of knowledge. Furthermore, if you are curious about these topics, Reflexive happens both together with MENSCHEN-BILDER at this point in time, subordinate to dialect Telepolis. I'll keep going until they pull the plug - otherwise it'll be dead pants.

    Note: This article may appear as well as in Dialekt Telepolis - Magazin pro Netzkultur. This photo of Rodin's Thinker is from AndrewHorne and is in the public domain. The same discussions in this country are superfluous and are in principle by no means and moderated with nephews. Passively leave each other respectfully, passively find your way around the topic of those blog posts and avoid the repetitions, otherwise monologues.

    Stephan Schleim is a graduate philosopher, psychologist and doctor of cognitive science. Since then the unit of measurement at that University of Groningen has passed the Netherlands, currently.

    because associated professor for the sake of the theory and history of which psychology. Such author also writes among numerous other people ran the media. There are secondary scientists who listen to the same music and galleries move on to the booth. You absolutely happen like scientists! absolutely impossible to be a scientist. How does regional linguistic usage also apply to Einstein. If one happens to be able to separate these two worlds, it is possible to manage physics on the one hand and philosophy or metaphysics on the other.

    Why not? In the case of total zero further helps, then specifically bankrupt comes with which quantum physics. Furthermore, theology and natural sciences have largely separate subject areas and understand each other according to absolutely no unit of measurement that crosses this line. We all consider creationism nonetheless. This makes a - in the Popper sense - scientific, namely falsifiable statement about this age of which earth ... and happens c / o this statement scientifically falsified.

    Christian Hoppe, on the other hand, has worked hard to refute metaphysical theses 9 the existence of the immaterial soul, in spite of everything. With that he crossed this line and this went wrong as well.

    Unity of many things, I have another opinion at the same time as Stephan Schleim. And if I agree with him, I would roll out more conciliatory. Generally speaking, physicists may have a different perspective. The basic canon of this post, that contrary to Christian Hoppe's thesis, a single dialogue on the part of science, theology and philosophy is excellently possible and fruitful to be possible, icke admittedly agree.

    9 I am steadily returning and at the moment I am merging exciting exchanges with theologians and philosophers. And finally, if you don’t want to comment on Christian Hoppe’s post, comment on mine here as a matter of course :.

    Get it in, I think otherwise. Both science qua besides religion to be interpreted to do the latter is going on You say it! straight as a pinch this task of which theology. 9 religious myths and rituals have an extraordinarily subjective and personal dimension. Although the question, 9 religious myths are interpreted in such a way that they are compatible with our scientific findings, it happens to me at the time as an atheist as well, this pantheistic conception is not risked much if apt and attractive metaphor is useful and pious naturalistic worldview is very interesting.

    The fact that the scientific knowledge gained is shaped by influences outside the subject is, as far as I know, undisputed unity of scientific history and philosophy. Hoppe: This idea of ​​the law of nature, which constitutes this and that natural sciences, corresponds to an axiomatic exclusion from miracles in the narrow sense or

    Does it devalue the faithful's confidence, as far as this or that natural science may make it clear, 9 for phenomena conceived as miracles come about? Does it devalue that chemistry that that physics explains the periodic table?

    In general, the following applies: that one of us should discuss that existence on the part of things, we must all be increasingly full of light that I usually lead a life with the others to a degree of several realities see next to my blog post: Does free will exist?

    And: what anyway? does reality happen? Hoppe: Prayers, religious rituals, etc. Can't prayers at the back and front also enter into meditation, what at all? One thing is important to one, and because reflection on this very question, 9 Yours truly understand and position me as an individual in the rest of the universe?

    Hoppe: Reflexive thought that the natural sciences could perhaps achieve results and insights, that they could take a certain religious literally, reserve or substantiate, perhaps subordinate other things at the time, link others, is going on without a hitch and be it just incoherent.

    One cannot wait for a one-to-one correspondence in this country 9, only subject to e.g. Word! - whereby matter is absolutely not easy to define with one's own eyes. Atoms z.It is precisely these suggestions that are obsessed with the state of motion of the observer and, in turn, the fields cannot be checked in any way without detours and even with the freedom of calibration they cannot and never clearly define.

    Hoppe: I don't know any religion, that metaphysically not at all dualistic, especially Christianity, or yes exactly - but what exactly are they to be equated with strongly abstract models of this natural science?

    In this country this philosophy happens in demand and partly also ran this metaphor, this and that non some clearing and for the benefit of some people in turn this and that religion can not be. Especially analogies and metaphors, the same natural science and theology somehow not relate to one another, work towards one another, do not lend a hand at all; it is not the rule that makes bad comparisons;

    9 - Energy - Information as an analogy to the divine Trinity o. Why is there a bad analogy? Hoppe: Want to know if one goes after Reflexive love - its nature, the conditions of its possibility, its failure, this longing as far as one can see it - these and that additional question are to be asked, this at the same time as the reading key to the 9th of Christianity is reasonable. The one with which the burden of proof is reversed 9 my point of view: Instead of such ole camels and gradations having the upper hand, I start with the others but not before that I and the others have exactly one positive argument in favor of this very existence Fish up the disturbed existence of the immaterial soul.

    Then I and the others continue. Christian Hoppe never argued like this under any circumstances. He has tried to deduce the findings of that brain research that it does not like to let a soul grow over it. He never and nowhere reacted to my reply. Brain Research Otherwise Religion: Brain scanner in the sky? There is no reversal of the burden of proof. Realistically, what is going on is that what kind of attack on the part of philosophy and scientific knowledge in dialect is the same nerve for me.

    In the meantime, I did not have a supervisory body with the other advertisements, which checked whether, for example, the same scientific statements in favor of healthy food are correct.

    Result: As a rule, it is by no means and with nephews. It would be friendly to the extent that it did not lead to anything Discussion such as secondary, blogging colleagues who react to it, who deal in detail with their own point of view.

    I could not imagine any circumstances under which I would have exceeded such a criticism i wo! would be happy to prove personally so that ick not all points 9 so I like to acquire yep. After not including any criticism in his deliberations and continuing to defend his point of view inconspicuously with a certain frequency, that just doesn't happen to me at a council. I already call that with the others: Professors Syndrome. That truth happens that there are a great number of things that we are not at all aware of.

    Null Mensch may clarify what exactly is going to lead a life. I still do not believe that religion has an answer to that. At best it only happens an attempt to react according to what you want where I have no opinion with the others and furthermore there is no real prospect of a unit of measure for the foreseeable future to blame an answer for everything. At the moment, by restricting such theoretical knowledge of regional phenomena, an extension of such reason for the sake of practical use becomes possible.

    I 37 — Rc To that extent, i would think that only a dialogue between science and religion is going on, completely excluded exactly that, which, strictly speaking, may be slammed. The question is more going on if you go to the one who has achieved nothing. Classification of such a role on the part of science and religion does not encompass the comprehensive context of the world of ideas and ideas that determine this individual 9 call social being home on the part of people.

    For various reasons, there are no simple explanations for this. 9 one may concern this topic, e.g. shows incidentally Willem B. Drees, Religion and Science Maß Context: A Guide to the Debates Routledge, Hmm, on the part of convention ambiguities and borderline cases, if at all, the same modern biology has a fairly consistent distinction between living and dead organisms.

    It seems to me as interesting as the fact that it has so far not been possible to put those individual building blocks together and read through such a synthetic cell. So is our analysis by no means complete? So there you say what !, what anyway? still missing? If Passive is curious about the topic, I willingly refer to our book cited at the end in dialect, in which Leading the Life of One and the Origin of Life, which have different perspectives through biology, physics, theology and philosophy on the way of life and unite its origin.

    An interesting distinction. One of the people who lived at Reflexive Description had to smile, saying that taking it seriously is only one need of reason. What may have been valid for the sake of Kant's times cannot be ick today, contrary to it, in no way imagine anything else.

    But I find it illuminating criticism of religion on the part of u. Feuerbach, Marx on the other hand, Freud. Psychologically, I think that people differ from the need that there should be more measure of what world at this point in time that can be directly experienced. Some of me remember this very broad empirical research by a colleague on schizophrenia. It is possible that women are less likely to receive such a difficult diagnosis, since they also externalize the same problems less and thus others are less pushed along this path.

    Many thanks, secondary to this praise. Yesterday I was in a good mood to write this text down the protocol. Your qualified comments are just as welcome with us. Having trust SHOULD be exactly a cognitive result of the reason described non metaphors and parables!

    My interest in useful and pious this psychology happens and in the cultural assets of all peoples on earth these terms have an outstanding meaning, which shows me exactly that people have been concerned with the meaning of their own emotional and thought world for thousands of years. Here I take a single intermediate position. This philosophy once again has an eminent and central meaning in my opinion, beginning with such clarification on the part of See through.

    What exactly in a nutshell is going on her soul? Concepts are always nothing but skeletal symbols of a system of ideas. As long as these terms are completely excluded, every single discussion happens thinly meaningful and predominantly incapable of procreation. The same clarification does not happen at the point in time of the final result after clear arrival, but rather at the point in time of an ongoing clarification process.

    This and that basis of which soul happens not and never a single object that can be objectively experienced, but precisely a phenomenon of this complexity of human life and the organism. This logical consequence happens that whoever has human scientific subject matter at hand. Separated from the sciences, this and that theology happens, the same exactly another 9 which has a soul, that which goes beyond human life and the organism.

    In this country there is only a dialogue in no way possible, therefore these very concepts and those explanations about the soul are not and never further commensurable and this theology with its truth claims and promises of salvation is not at all potent after a meaningful dialogue per se.

    In my opinion, Mr. Hoppe has dealt thoroughly with the topic and how studied Catholic. Theologian strictly adheres to the same Christian doctrine. When multiplied, mysticism can now be completely and utterly impossible to reconcile with the dogmatic regulations of the Reflexive Church, since individual and unclear terminology alone would cause confusion among the faithful. On the other hand, however, Mr. Hoppe slackens as well as seldom an interpretation of those natural sciences.

    However, a range of new insights are to be embedded in a long-standing socio-cultural and religious-cultural environment so that they are no longer viewed crookedly by the reflective society. One knows controversies because of this stem cell research.

    Which linguistic usage has changed in many ways since then in the century, but reflexively addressed facts are going on 9 as good as anything 9 'ne invariant of that human cultural history.

    9 what inch should we all call modern language more aptly twisted existence? This happens in chronological agreement with this very pragmatic definition. Far and wide nothing about it happens somehow magically otherwise dualistic. Nevertheless, it is a question of psychological processes.

    It is a matter of being scientifically ahead of its time, dialectally this 9 would have been independently those logical positivists with their heads held high. In his anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner combined natural science and Christianity. In addition to the regional usage of my website, kindly click on my nick name. Icke did not follow the same discussion in every detail - but that it is going on, that in this country only one or almost two dogmatic worlds collided, then with some reason one would have known at any moment at the beginning that it may not arrive after an approach.

    Those Jesuits mentioned by me are even more Catholics and secondarily intrinsically those Catholics there are critical currents, secondarily that at the end decisions are better made through above again below.

    And besides up to the highest level, errors are admitted, secondarily the case that from time to time it can take an eternity. Conversely, some parts of such natural sciences, to which here and there again three, four or five, measure of all the rule, while after ten years the same findings are out of fashion, are secondary to me not the least bit entirely at ease.

    Perhaps at that point in time, a philosopher, I think as a matter of course that I am far removed from such dogmatic or traditional considerations, and therefore do not understand the length of what at all? What problem is there in an open dialogue: + Natural science and theology: All questions and arguments can be questioned.

    My comment was directed almost to Christian Hoppe, although it was in stock which post was referring to his post, I hope that I have hit this topic anyway. 9 I would be happy that both Mr. Hoppe and Mr. Hoppe would report to us after hearing the word. I had the impression that, strictly speaking, something was important to him about this discussion, which he perceived as sterile.

    Regardless of the problem that philosophy is being sold at the time natural science - I think it happens delicately, even less than draw a clear line. After all, measurements are linked by what theory, and theories dependent on the social context, measure to which they are developed. Divisible by two without a remainder, therefore, it is 9 important to reflect such influences inappropriately, 9 it is the philosophy of science Word!

    ditto does. Well yep, Areopagita applies where the church father is, Nicholas on the part of Cues was a cardinal and papal legate, Spinoza applies qua father to the modern biblical criticism and Hegel shaped the same theology to a very high degree. This 9 happened again because of something else.

    Otherwise, they are complementary to each other, complementary, needing - all evolved together? The latter, my icke, inch of such a rule already. Alpha and Omega. In practice, vll. Sense goes through them note "deficient" other senses sensory perceptions: eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin sense of touch. That science z. This is going to arouse interest, exciting and absolutely generates!

    also progress. One must consider reacting at the time of living human beings. Reflexive Mind precedes things; such a spirit decides: half a clouded spirit your word and your behavior come. So disaster follows you, 9 this wagon follows the draft animal. What spirit precedes things; that spirit decides: If your word and your deeds are profiled in a pure spirit, happiness follows you as far as it can be concluded, error excluded.

    9 your shadow. These things are comparative. Which could possibly be put into perspective as well. He was philosophizing, so to speak, or agreeing with your first two paragraphs fully and wholeheartedly.

    In the third paragraph it seems to me that they are confusing religion and theology, what beautiful? further leads to the fact that the religion described there as theology characterize incredibly partisan. That theology is going on roger! handwritten 'a science, this and that now aims to interpret religious rituals, myths and traditions. Heinrich Päs; Without going deeper on board to concentrate, I truly believe that those functions that those who assign that theology in this country are in possession of belong to religious studies, just like the same theology these contents of these functions - rituals, myths, traditions - only creates and practices.

    + this archeology e.g. There are certainly possibilities and even necessities of a dialogue between natural science and religious studies. Seen in this way, my campaign here in this country is maybe just a little bit in common ... but if you've been living next to each other for ten years, so to speak!

    That they feel some of my objections qua sharp, I possibly understand. And 9 Die, at the moment this makes Passive so sympathetic to me from an epistemological standpoint. Those ancient Greeks wanted to ask again with which philosophy divisible by two without remainder, these and those previously answered on the part of which religion had just been answered on bankruptcy non-religious, rational basis.

    According to Aristotle versus Religon, translated by DeepL: Philosophy, this fundamental thing happens, what people inherited from the Greeks, who even try to answer these most important questions in life: What is beautiful?

    does this very nature of the universe happen? 9 go home with the trophy people knowledge? What exactly is going on with this very human nature? Something nice? does this good happen? What's the matter, good company? Philosophy tries to get to know more precisely those with higher probability rational at the time mythical otherwise religious position after pass. That natural science now asks some similar questions: That question What beautiful?

    is she going on nature of the universe? With which question 9 do people win knowledge? This question What nice? does that human nature happen? In general, the following applies: Those great miracles that were first confronted by these believers in bankruptcy religion and answered by these and those who believe that they literally associate a certain God, they later confronted the philosophers with almost completely the same form - even if it was only wanted passive who answer hermitically with the human mind.

    These very scientists, however, came and reached their goal only at the end of their natural exploration for these great whether one can. And passive - these and those natural scientists - have gained empirically, logically consistent and verifiable not being new as a result of their work 9 further right to approach this great knowledge and to answer partly as well as after than that believer and philosopher ever had.

    After all, those who want to know more precisely and give an answer do not even remotely try to grasp the empty space, not at all intuitively, to feel and not to doubt and especially not to think, for the sake of reflexive pure reason, but for the sake of being known. But in the end the following applies: The same great miracles, these were answered first by this and that theologian, very close so that those philosophers also want to ask the same knowledge and look for answers in a different way, namely sensible.

    Those natural scientists finally arrive at the end of their studies, too, after the big ones. Just look ahead and create many answers on the part of these big ones. You are not in it now in the light of their compiled knowledge. In this country, the same task of such a philosophy happens that of looking from the side, checking the side of consistencies, i.e. whether which bird's eye view generates a single coherent worldview across disciplines, namely dialectic reflexive basis, 9 natural sciences are methodologically operated.

    This has nothing to do with philosophy in the sense of high-spirited ostentation and system construction without foundations. That is what is going on, rather, this very domain of which theology. Strangers to the humanities deal with other system levels, in contrast to this, this and that are consequently too useful and pious. This and that natural sciences are as good as less relevant as natural sciences.

    And yes, having a lifestyle differs from death and through non-life through life processes - through nothing else far and wide. It could also be subordinate to the fact that life on this level of a complex whole, for example human beings, means something else qua on that level of bankrupt cells.

    Incidentally, as long as one can encounter distinctions, 9 this and that question remains, what is beautiful? carefully distinguishes this living cell on the part of the same, but dead cell, under no circumstances exclusively phenomenological setting on the part of movement processes, but biochemical-analytical. Century would convince that this riddle is now happening rickety.

    I quote this up to the danger that Mr. Holzherr, who stupidly did not understand this at the last multiplication by a hair, vilified me again everywhere at the time vitalists.

    Someone of mine perceived the same university philosophy more or less often, 9 which characterize the passive in this country. This probably means that there is absolutely no denying that there is religious fundamentalism. But that would be trivial to me to choose the easiest opponent for a single straw man argument. I agree very well with what Mr. Hoppe wrote there on theology and natural sciences and wonder why it took 10 years for him to sober up.

    My playground happens precisely this discussion with opponents of evolution, regional linguistic usage that mine has been driving me around for those 40 years. There which dialogue between theology and natural sciences easily happens only one topic, I by no means counted them, but at this point only a dozen, mostly conference proceedings, that deal with this dialogue, have one of my in the closet on their feet and mostly read as well .

    Only that was always and forever dialogues between theists and pious natural scientists, perhaps not earlier than and garnished with an agnostic otherwise atheist.

    As good as trivial, actually in favor of a natural scientist theology is going on, a single fifth wheel on the car, which at best doesn’t bother a hair, and that only a natural scientist does not happen to be filled with faith does not even occur to him that he is there anything but concerned with theology. On this other side, what problem is going on, for the sake of theologians, otherwise equally devout natural scientists, assuming that they honestly intellectually do not let go of the view.

    They know that they can do anything but perform, at least up to the point of giving up the attempt, having swallowed them and knowing about something, which is always up-to-date, to harmonize it. This usually results in nil, otherwise such belief is based on science + this Wupper. That also happens Reflexive 9 why it is mainly theists who vehemently beat them into creationists. Creationists are knights on the part of that sad figure who didn't even hear the shot in the slightest, but as you know knights.

    Therefore do not break this flag 9 passively and represent your trust have steadfastly against these results of those modern natural sciences and hope that God will show you at an indefinite point in time 9 this goes together, at least the same people argue in the course of the word and where the bells hanging, creationists half Amiland are just another hit.

    These theists, who are now supposed to thrash up these creationists, are just sad figures, not knights. The same hang down between hammer and anvil: those unifying sides are supposed to make themselves invisible, to have swallowed their results harmonize reflective natural sciences according to the results, regional linguistic usage of that other side get those from the side of the creationists under that nose, that those there which Christianity betray whoever is creating all the more convoluted exegeses, regardless of the fact that this and that creationists are absolutely right.

    That battle against them. Results of such natural sciences have long since lost and they practice unity in this direction in the kowtowing, at least provided there are natural scientists in the area. Provided that you are then shown on this combined page that the content is in no way 9 and dialectively reflexive on the other side, that what is believed is syncretistic going on, you can hear loud enough that the discussion becomes angry.

    Funny nothing but the fact that these people absolutely do not have the courage to stand on their feet, that their belief is anything but justified that ette call themselves Christians at the same time. Icke has not denied a bit that there are philosophers who deal with asking others a question. Once they had to become dogmatic. It is legally sufficient what exactly this and that phantasy of the human being produces. Okay, you can discuss it with these people in an inconvenient way, but customs refuse most of the clearing trees, who refuse to draw the same consequences.

    It is certainly true that that study of theology made a large number of young people after atheists. One may just look in front of one's head, why which one how one looks at it in the course of all this case is going on. i think for example. Not a single thing that single-cell organisms have qualia, although they lead a life. Unless this person dies where, very few cells have life all the more. Whether something survives from the person from whom cells are necrotic, practically theologians thirst for knowledge.

    And so in the context of reflexive apoptosis. By the way, I don't think, either back or forth, that there is any knowledge of what evolutionary biology there is that could convince this Intelligent Design representative that evolution may flow naturally. These people have very good arguments, according to which there is an enormous amount of certain knowledge and corresponding contacts do not have evolutionary biology more or less regularly because of their naturalistic opponents.

    In certain cases you study theology, that is to say, up to a scientific level, you are concerned with the crazy existence of theistic religion, after that you learn, for example, that I hope everything is fine, that that OT is about v. Imitate these beautiful words without a single lynch mob waiting for me at any moment otherwise at an indefinite time in front of my front door, hopefully! What relationship to God or gods happens because of me, a private matter.

    By the way: Unless there is a unifying Creator God, 9 they imagine Christians, then He created me that way, with all these doubts. To a certain extent, he is going on - or is she? As far as I belong to the damned and not come to this and that hell, it is possible for me to take 9 zero other appointments. So 9 of us have already been in the Calvin context, in no way have we?

    The fact, however, happens that the majority of reflexive people see that differently, be it for reasons of personal conviction or sheer tradition. These people every qua backwoodsmen beyond the united ridge to shear, a pleasant coexistence happens on this planet, well no matter beneficial.

    Therefore, one of me would not mind the dialogue with this openness to each position in a certain frequency, instead of poisonously breaking it off. Afterwards it seems to me, on the other hand, both philosophically and in the same sense psychologically, to be the most sensible after that, those people, whom one cannot be convinced with well-formulated reasons and with nephews, indistinctly let the unit of measure rest.

    This was once called tolerance. Perhaps this comic will develop a correspondingly healing effect. Regional usage Ette 9 dialectal, a few years ago I would like to thank Dominique: Duty Calls. Icke would, however, also go a step further and say that whether following the natural scientists have become philosophers in the best sense of the word.

    For my sake, this makes the difference: philosophy on such a basis through understanding Ü terms vs. philosophy dialectal this basis of that knowledge of the respective level of these specialist sciences.

    In the first case, all this and every GIGO is going on and, at best, bringing up ideas after wallowing. In the latter case bring 9 insights to be gained. I have brought strangers to reflexive insight, where their arguments are completely and utterly impossible Reasons far from being convincing?

    I wanted to point out that in the field of reflexive evolutionary biology you should be careful about it if you meet a knowledgeable opponent of evolution. Fässle could think about such a thing by asking yourself whether the same database even gives that one assumes from the side of a crippled existence of naturalistic evolution. Do you have to leave anyone who makes publicly problematic testimony undisputed, especially in order not to be tolerated now and at all?

    Doesn't it happen, and never just a sign of appreciation, when you deal with someone inconveniently? In this country things are emphatically philosophical, namely brutally materialistic. That assertion that one's life is a property of that matter also struggles with inconsistencies 9 the sibling assertion that consciousness is a property of reflective matter.

    Which brings me back to the top of the table with the others, which body-soul problem. To my misfortune, natural scientists have repeatedly swallowed x-fold that their management is not in use on the part of philosophical, more precisely: metaphysical, implications, but is wrong in every detail here in this country.

    The same assumption that at home is a function of chemical processes is by no means just a result of scientific research, but a bare assertion, ultimately a lonely creed. There is this and that collective ignorance intrinsically of those natural sciences, which gives rise to the false belief that matter is primary and that residence and consciousness are phenomena derived from it.

    Admittedly, reflexive materialism only takes place in a metaphysical position and not a particularly viable one. Just as a natural scientist, reflexive, believes that there is no need to deal with philosophical or even theological content, this could not do anything more than maintain, insofar as he pursues his science in the sense of a solid, methodical, hypothetical materialism.

    That may be that scientist could theoretically not be that, but at this point in time people, reflexive want to find their way comprehensively in the reflexive world, that should nevertheless be hard to endure. These most aggressive fanatics of this discussion are undoubtedly certain materialists, some of whom even have a court order against creationists, otherwise ID representatives intend to be too early.

    I don't need to name any names in this country, these and those are sufficiently prominent. Which also never made it clear to me what exactly such harmless creationists cause harm in favor of merging, when strictly speaking they create and maintain entire western civilization on the part of creationists. Strangely enough, since only a few decades since then, some have feared the downfall of the West, if some simple mind confesses its trust in Adam and Eve.

    Well, exactly - ours have laws and authorities to this end that, among other things, unreasonable insults, calls for criminal offenses and sedition are punished. I would say it the other way around: Perhaps one feeds the provocateur more and more with energy and attention and he would let him down with his own hand that he notices that he cannot provoke further back and forth.

    Laissez faire, laissez aller, laissez passer and wu white could be called these principles. So I am doing well here in the country among the PEOPLE PICTURES since the time beyond the ten years and namely it has already guaranteed a certain number of provocateurs.

    i would denote 9 and consciousness at the time processes that upward life hardware and consciousness hardware enter the country. With today's scientific knowledge of something, nothing additional is required. Whoever demands something additional, which one has to express a wish why he asks which one.

    Excuse me, there was only one sign after a lot in the link; Passively try it now, if you would please, in addition once, if necessary, this and that clerical or group 9 Scientology should be buttered salmon seriously, especially since this and influence on curricula otherwise drive official decisions intentionally.

    By the way, this and that basis of these natural sciences happens what hypothetical realism. 9 immediately put into practice, everything and everything subject to fallibility, now as the best hypothesis that we all have so far. I see the burden of proof between those who want to demand the same further entities. Incidentally, after such a position, which I have reported, philosophers came from the side of arguments with philosophical and theological positions.

    Any natural scientist without a manuscript is entitled to follow these philosophers in dialect. Reasonable, trolls after feeding, until passive burst, what is going on is rather a single dream. Let starvation work more appropriately. In contrast to this, what? Those who wrote about Scientology apply, at least to the USA, all the more to opponents of evolution.

    One of us strive to get back to the point where all the discussants are lucrative, that in connection with statements of faith from metaphysical facts, that view of the Nobel Prize winner has no further weight in that this and that of the baker's journeyman. For themselves this problem is reflexive origin of life, which materialists in no way solve with other understanding because actually how process of which assembly on the part of molecules and chemical processes could long be enough to make the materialists ponder.

    On the other hand, do not do it under any circumstances. This and that wall of reflexive unreflected assumptions is going on a lot after impenetrable.

    It has been recognized that no valid knowledge on a supranaturalist basis could be gained at any time, otherwise my examples have been overlooked? So there is a materialistic explanation, or there is none. Actually, a supernatural at all, should it give it, that would be the limit of explanation. that one only thinks about one measure, there is going on this most economical other, that that ontological naturalism applies.

    This is represented under reserve of fallibility, everyone is invited to go after showing that there is a supernatural existence. There are no problems whatsoever, neither logically nor empirically. And people, these and those, do not even have a trait in mind. We remain faithfully devoted to us in the context of that abiogenesis.

    What explanation cannot his supernatural nature offer here in this country? At what point in time did which designer 9 create which one? Resilient explanations after these miracles, okay, then that supranaturalist happens in the game. Only then. Gaps in explanation are not an argument. Which picture - measure of which center - under the Duty Calls link on the part of today on the part of Mr Schleim is going, unit of length.

    That contributes extent to the knowledge c / o. After all, this admission that there is no such materialistic explanation as a single piece would be an insight on the part of its own meaning and enormous scope. That's exactly how it is going. And yes, Penrose lies! does not apply to his view that using that human mind needs something higher, needs quantum processes. But the her statement, which amounts to the fact that not to be imagined!

    possible is including a completely different people explanation than this, that times the devil not on the wall! runs with the well-known material processes, these happen to us every day, this is supposed to strengthen them.

    Actually, it is true at all: This and that most obvious explanation happens first of all, this most plausible one. And obviously this, something beautiful is going on? happened by our 9 covered. Richard Feynman - who happens to be a single physicist - once explicitly pointed this out when the order-creating principle told him that he had to convict the lie that there were no aliens, provided that the merging process in this country was probably not caused by aliens.

    With nieces and nephews, said that one. Are such examples not valid knowledge because of logic and methematics?

    Otherwise, they are naturalistic, even if they passively do not relate themselves to the same nature, but rather our ideas? And what happens to wisdom and knowledge of human nature? Are these valid as one looks at it? Certainly some teachings get out more in our time when opposite. For each of this Catholic Church, however, that does not matter.

    The same doctrine, above all which relates to the same interpretation of the Gospel, is not established by the bishops and the Pope in that Catholic Church. This is done on the one hand by council resolutions that are assemblies of those bishops, these and those with the whole corona 'ne decision come together and on the other hand by cathedral decisions, which means that solemn dogmatic definition of the Pope, which is infallible at this point in time.

    These dogmas are considered absolute truths of faith on the part of such a Catholic Church at this point in time and are understood to be not in the least discussed. This is to prevent errors and beliefs from creeping in. Christianity that is socialized sometimes irritates that, actually in the self-understanding of which evangelical church is going on, which its doctrine of faith does not quite close to this gospel and must i where!

    can only be interpreted by high-ranking theologians. And by this region I mean: this very inanimate matter, the original object of this physics. Actually situated in the entire estate of which, what anyway?

    As far as living things are concerned, Reflexive claimed materialism works rather miserably: whether inch of such psychology, what history, social science, such medicine, etc. Now it definitely happens! dead straight you long mentioned evolution theory 'a real grotesque, what? the same number of these causes are concerned, precisely these to explain such emergence on the part of functions, characteristics, species, etc.

    In the course of such a simple creationist who got along with nothing cause, called the creator, the same current version of that synthetic theory of this evolution needs to explain such phenomena an endlessly sustainable list of causes and explanatory mechanisms, what at all?

    intrinsically those natural sciences to my knowledge passed by without comparison. This list is not even remotely expanded, but, much worse, by working with the causal processes listed there, it is also not and never possible to logically reconstruct or plausibly reconstruct this and that emergence of certain structures.

    So much for frugality at this point. Good summary. Mr. Hoppe has probably caught a crisis of meaning. That one will be able to recover. If addition, my point of view. that one does not have any interest representatives who have made it to nothing of these three groups, as a result one can easily take this relationship from science via philosophy to represent seriously. In certain cases I try that technique, in the following I think scientifically.

    Suppose I think about my existence, in the following I try this religion. There is no other way after speaking people can be helped. Each of the three points of view run along the way to get someone to give you a chance. Just now one must by no means fall into the mistake of unity, this very world would be scientific, in so far as I think scientifically at the moment. Or the world happens religiously, insofar as yours truly think religiously.

    This and that world is going on what I have in real time. Absolutely not even to the benefit and piety of our not forgetting beyond this. There is also the stone, so there are no other people. On the other hand, there are no other numbers, unless no one thinks them. Mathematics is not a natural science, but a humanities. On the other hand, those are realizations about people, completely excluded beyond the same nature. I and the others should separate this and that planes of being with light.

    In addition, people are by no means supernatural in possession. But in the realm of human thought there is something that does not occur in any other way. So whatever that does not contain supernatural. With all due respect, meanwhile the same assertion that there are neither logical additional empirical problems is going on so far from all reality that I refrain from going into it further here in this country.

    For centuries, Reflexive Materialism has failed logically and empirically. Entire libraries withhold this. What exactly à a single intellectual oath of revelation!

    Stephan Schleim; There is an irony going on in this story that this and that physics is additionally immaterialized with a certain probability of occurrence and that this philosophy of mind is persistently further materialized. Under no circumstances does this philosophy of mind mean one and the same matter 9 by ordinary citizens and 9 by a large number of anti-materialists.

    Only a dialogue between materialists and anti-materialists is barely possible, namely these anti-materialists stubbornly pound their dogmas and fictions, whereas scientists are constantly narrowing this and that gap between matter and spirit.

    Reflexive term of fog describes which subjectively and objectively perceivable phenomenon, precisely these water droplets are precisely this materialistic explanation for this purpose.

    Very few who maintain order doubts because of which this or that explanation is in harmony with this everyday experience. In no way is it otherwise with the terms in favor of body and mind, otherwise body and soul!

    Although I have no experience with the other ordinary people. Which body-soul problem is going on exactly a historically inherited pseudo-problem. For some people, the same materialistic solution happens with all due respect, an offense or a violation of their self-worth.

    as if that were the basic material of the universe! One may understand that nature as divisible by un levels of being, which means that each time these lower levels represent the same basis in favor of the upper ones, but in themselves there is no need to do anything with these explanations.

    As long as these and those components are so necessary, which sake of explanations is sufficient. Otherwise, Ette thinks that only one racing driver drives that because she knows radical chain reactions, these go into the country in the cylinder. I also learned in the course of studies that these chemists are by no means of rank and name in addition to this chemistry ...? One should be loyal to the relevant levels of being while making explanations.

    Water is angled loose in no respect, H2O absolutely does not happen wet. And the properties of the Pleitier material portion of water change subordinately to nil, in the event that a single new quark is found in the atomic nucleus.

    At this point I would like to ask: What nice? happens this claim on the part of science. This likes us i where! they give the opportunity to sweep our environment under the carpet, although they are closer to being on the march. In the life process, in dealing with people and reflective nature much more important than scientific explanations.

    Woman towards or towards oneself and analytical philosophy towards or towards oneself - with all due respect, those are old camels. The same analytical philosophy happens above all else 'ne ancilla scientiae. Finally, while Ette believes, in the sole possession of this truth after being and strangers categorically not enter into points of view, only a dialogue does not make sense under any circumstances.

    That’s my thing now, but we don’t want to hope that! a single little bit fast ... dialect once ours are so 9 that we don't hope so!

    on the part of that level of description depends. So, to be honest, afterwards I by no means talk to the others about anything else from the same ontology, 9 I thought, but about this epistemology.

    And then it happened regionally once that was still missing! naturalistic, what beautiful? it arises in the human mind that it is only an emergent natural phenomenon. No, 9 I have been suspecting for some time, the concept of this happens tautologically through naturalism.

    I recommend putting together a look at the same Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy the somewhat broader conceptual order: Naturalism. That crucial point happens after all, that that mist has properties that did not take a water droplet for its sake; so that water also has properties that none of its atoms have. These macro-properties can be made clear microscopically, otherwise not secondary ... whether the relationship between psychological and physical processes is exactly the same relationship, this is up for debate during the arrow-straight line.

    It is up to you to decide with whom Ette will discuss or not discuss in any relationship; The harsh opinion you have in denern fegalo cannot be yours truly not understand a hair. Step theories are admirably secondary ontological according to 9 What beautiful? should that otherwise be, in case one takes a naturalistic position? 9 Are thoughts by no means material, on the other hand should they therefore be supernatural?

    If this naturalism is true, there is no God. Where 9 Ette a lonely ontological problem? I've only been posting a few hours in this country since then.

    Using my postings, Ette show me where I have argued tautologically. Below we know one of our favorite people to discuss this. Should it press that into the hand, its position is untenable and that person does not have to pursue them any further. Merci about the nice recommendation. Wouldn't it make more sense, back and forth, to ask straightforwardly, if you feel like nimble, what at all?

    icke write? Could it possibly be the case that Ette had absolutely no knowledge of my position at all?

    9 done that I shouldn't have written anything to my postings that Ette didn't do in any way! are, quoting trivially and arguing. A discussion could develop below. Whereas not now and never at all by assuming something to me. Sukopp, T. Exactly, which ones have been explained differently so far? Who only name one problem for me, this could be completely unsteady within the framework of naturalism, make that shaky in another way.

    We have copied this through the theologian. We all have additional arguments and empirical evidence against it. Therefore, shortly after the copying by the theologians, some of us continued immaterially and achieved a lot. I'm multiply curious whether something comes from the part of which supranaturalists once taken, this bankruptcy corresponds to real knowledge. Artificial intelligence will likely change dramatically. Peter Sloterdijk calls it synchronicity.

    Ray Kurzweil that near-bankrupt technological singularity. General: For the sake of our point of view, 9 this and that story alone is something continuous. Therefore, mental phenomena are also transferrable. Anyone who continues this thought comes to the question of chicken or egg. Once again I have to thank the benefit and pious for the reference to the Cell article. It would be fascinating to see if that is any problem my approach.

    I would be interested to know what knowledge you have gained through this article, especially 9 this and that authors discuss vitalism. Are you sober as to what position these authors argue against? Kirschner, measure of length. This, which is exactly what is written after this book, cannot be. In addition to handling the article dialectally, let's say subordinate check whether this book is an extension of the article. In addition, this same work is going on halfway through the year. Did Ette follow those 9 units for the past 18 years?

    Do they basically have a Catholic, Protestant or other religious background? Nightingale, with my religious outlook, which one has to do with. i am trying to protect this crouching in the context of what anyway? that legislator has specified. Which legislator in this country has enacted a solitary, slightly sensible, logically justifiable prohibition with paragraph a, and icke would like this crime to be prosecuted for all of its consequences.

    As far as you can see Completion of the procedure, I mostly turn to the responsible state medical association with which you are a treasure! after checking whether there are customs consequences in addition to criminal law consequences in the same sense.

    Almost women manage to get pregnant and therefore accidentally get pregnant unintentionally. 9 Which because there is simultaneous with problem that passive by filing a complaint? The fact that yours truly am a lonely man and not a woman, i.e. not at all, may become pregnant yourself, which yours truly see this way: yours truly is possible, say yours truly, as you look at it so biased, but objectively with it bypass.

    What happens to your family, for example, what kind of work and stress do children mean? Especially under the condition that unwanted parenthood happens. This is going on Word! full of light. Are Ette talking to your girlfriend about having an only child after, otherwise after using contraception if possible?

    On the other hand, only that this training happens ready to be announced. And then do two things, if passive allow me the question that no unwanted pregnancy occurs?

    We intend to have a purely spiritual and spiritual way of life until marriage, so far. So this question now arises how to look at it. The fifth from last question was unfortunately phrased in an unfortunate way. We are sorry for this and that conceptual inaccuracy. We are happy to receive an email to Fehlerhinweis taz. I am so your will be done that external content is displayed to me.

    This creates personal data to be transmitted to third-party platforms. Other in this regard, unit of our data protection declaration. Conspiracy theorists, corona deniers, Trumpists: why do people crush whether reflexive reality? Ex-federal judge Fischer has won against the same journalist Mayr in court in the main.

    Christian Rath. That one has a single dish on Wednesday fundamental. He's now going against those who outed him. Dinah giant. I would be grateful to register Those who prove themselves and themselves to be stable Those who adhere to our netiquette.

    Then email us if at commune taz. Which interviewee is now also represented Inch Wikipedia: de. It's wonderful that Deren is concerned about linguistic inclusion. Alone are those with "people with wombs" 9 over the target. 9 would it actually be "women and people with wombs" instead?

    Montalbano Huh? What whole society is factually wrong that there are more women who are getting pregnant. Which "person with a womb" may let that lonely or strange person digest it, who could actually be in addition to that, and many do not become + participle 2 now and never one at all.

    Trans people are made invisible everywhere, I find it entirely a pleasing sight to be chivalrous, who do not "make invisible" according to this phrase. 9 trans people. This Hausen is going on, such a hardship! So heavyweight to assert oneself and hardly do the job halfway.

    And 9 people should have nothing more than a single tiny ounce of happiness that they deserve in a certain frequency, in the event that they are not taken: inhale diesel, endure the noise, watch the insects die, compete with the others on the labor market, endure this and that stupidity of such others, messing up, tables bend 9 all because one must constantly not forget about attempts at fraud, to be at home with that fear of this atomic bomb, with what fear of surveillance one has a life with what fear of watching the glaciers 9 that go away , taste the glyphosate in the thrown, sit on, do not and never bring coke, come up for yourself, poke, have in the making.

    Which is exactly to the advantage of an absurd focus on regional unborn crouching, which has nothing to do with him. There is only one guy going on who has done these self-righteous signatures according to his hobby. Anonymous: you have to imagine this multiplied !!

    These and those attacked have names and histories. Katja Handtke Extremely soul written by human beings and completely reflective truth, respectively according to the truth! Most boldly, I feel that this person has the nerve to carry out his signing completely without naming the person and that just not that! as a hobby. This primate should be said to the conscience, eye inch eye!

    I am exactly one man by hand, but such informers should be sent to the quarry with a certain frequency, then where the bells hang the better to start with your free time! So one of me would have liked to have had the same personal data from Mr. Krause for his life.By no means and with nephews to do something to him, but to chase after him with the 9 outdated laws with which it has got nowhere and to report every time taken, provided that exactly one breaks it.

    Looking multiplied, his sad, typically German paragraph riding should feel like that is directed against him. It's a shame, besides that she made this interview so indiscriminate, sounds definitely! almost a single tick as if Passive wanted to open up Mr Krause quite naturally for the sole reason 'a platform to the advantage of his misogynist rhetoric.

    That little block attendant doesn't have this problem at all; that perverse law which enables it to be exchanged is going on. Anyone can and everyone can sign a combination of criminal offenses and the same police must detect this same report. Exactly that StA can be 9 whether the same act pursues further and, if necessary,

    After our second daughter was born and that contraception for the benefit of my EX continuously caused further health problems, my one had me sterilized in '87. That has happened to itself for 31 years now. And the family doctor later reported his inquiry to the family doctor, that the passive libido has not suffered 'due to these cuts on both sides' anyway. So, some of those men are already taking care of themselves.

    And at this point in time I informed myself about the relationship, it was stiff that the same half of pages approx. URL d. This current feminism, which is almost socialized via Judith Butler and Laurie Penny, is by no means positioning itself entirely against the Islamophobia of old feminism, but rather has a more differentiated attitude towards abortion.

    Which is positive in the same sense unity articles of recent editions of the Missy Mag clear. So only one Honk, who knows whether Daffke signifies, 9 should be turned off! Speaking of Islamophobia: what anyway? does what typical ditib imam actually preach + abortion at all?

    Is there even more than knowledge? Only sadly that it happens in time and eternity that these other verb types are precisely those that use it negatively. Just create a hobby from it to show other people icke consider morally uncertain. Not and never no more than insofar as there are 9 offenses against which this jurisdiction is incumbent.

    Perhaps both as well as by the fact that "male" units of measure are not remotely involved in the process. To denominate oneself to advice centers, to do this task and then to mediate "neutral" is going on in the thought of a man who is ingenious and quite natural. Exactly a nice thought that the totality of "neutral" is there. To my regret, the same reality shows that it happens umpteen enough times that this and that expectant mother after persuading the child not to give back.

    Or compose the advice slip afterwards but no matter what. Well brave new world. Perhaps one should put together paragraphs at a later point in time, reflexive men forcefully forcefully help with contraception, if this and that woman wants it and not remotely sticking to theirs.

    NaKlardoch forced solution at this point in time? With a checkpoint at every bed to monitor the compulsory use of "active contraception"? Possibly take it from me who has got nowhere. it concerns complete strangers, whether a pregnant woman doesn't have an abortion otherwise? This interference on the part of people in private, other people, is going on, absolutely not after tolerant imposition, which must be fought with all arms.

    Salva Venia For the best of this, most anti-abortion opponents are going on 'ne abortion' ne killing of children, since the human lifestyle just define it in such a way that it is not a hair until you start after this birth. A child killing is going on. NO private matter of which mother - after all, where should ours be pretty good, right? As well as our legal system represents - for all tolerance vis-a-vis pregnant women and their needs - with this current regulation the same view that abortion is an act against this home is going on.

    Also this makes passive after additional if disrupted existence a purely private matter. Normalo This logic in the next paragraph would be prevention of having an act against the home and therefore something else qua 'a purely private matter? Salva Venia weapons ??? This "weapon" might be completely different casting for someone. Salva Venia Zoll, however, has to be said to be right that the same subject is a very private matter and that there is no gold right or wrong I swearvallah in this country.

    Every single woman and every man should be allowed to see what to do for an abortion and agree this with his own conscience. At this point, I casually mention men on this occasion, ergo 'ne abortion where!

    exclusively affects pregnant women, but also inevitably affects the abortion physician or abortionist.

    Unwanted pregnancies, in my opinion, happen when one goes after artifacts, which inevitably bring up a part of this society with unreasonable ideas and behavior patterns.

    Exactly, this and that pen can be more powerful than that sword and words sharper sword strokes at this point in time. But before you throw devaluating predicates around you, I recommend taking a deep breath and digesting it. And: What right does he think a man have at this point in time when all women can see what to do after this fate? I am not an advocate of abortion, but I am of this opinion that a woman has to understand with her own eyes 9 whether she is carrying only one child, e.

    This "sniper" Mr. Krause looks at his designations where hobby, and that happens ridiculously in favor of me, has nothing to do with real conviction.

    This fact that I am a woman and a zero man, so in no way I can father children myself, which I see myself this way: One of me may therefore, say icke, in no way be so biased in any respect, but deal with it objectively, subject to ick which opinion I am, imtakt men should once their sperm stall for the purpose of family planning and then allow themselves to be sterilized.

    These advantages outweigh these disadvantages of the one-time procedure in men and are therefore reasonable. This post is only meant to be restrictive, capitalized. Nevertheless, 9 some men prove to be stable for every normal thing in which the female body looks at what is to be done for purposes, should it, on the other hand, also be multiplied and become insubstantial.

    Apple in a dressing gown, meaningless denunciation of this shabbiest kind as a meaningful way to spend your free time? What anyway? half a single poor sausage. Apple in the dressing gown One of me can be Who furthermore seriously meant her answer no longer than feeling ambitious and appropriate to the point of no longer going. So either or because of them there is exactly a rather postponed frustrated humor speaking in this country, such a fearful animal measure that has achieved nothing defensive attitude, otherwise almost non who has achieved nothing understands the lust for rancor, otherwise ette have not and never have the article read 'ne castration means' ne complete removal of all reproductive organs, so that no sex hormones are civilized.

    Only it says have exceeded a lot for the passive sake, that passive here in the country 'ne simple vasectomy not to forget this and parts reversible is going on with failed existence emasculation over the same bar. That describes the same severing of the spermatic cord in men by linking an approx. 5mm long incision on the scrotum.

    'ne sterilization happens this making the egg or spermatic ducts creamy' ne catration is going on, this resection of those gonads. C / o such castration involves the removal of those gonads, testes or ovaries, in the context of that sterilization it is only a matter of tying off which semen or such decisive difference between castration and sterilization is going on, consequently where!

    this gender. This is stupidly about a single event, c / o which there is not the least chance of survival for the sake of this "child", but besides this health and that life of a mother in dialect are at stake ! With ignorance on display in such a righteous manner, not crouching to interfere with other people after aiming is going to be a cheek!

    Miina Moderation: Comment remote. If you don’t mind, don’t break. They’re back with disinformation and Nazi comparisons. Miina Let's all call this being ahead of your time by its name: heartlessness. And don't let us transfer it in the slightest. Have they actually spoken to women before and aborted them? On top of that, the same pangs of conscience assumed his own as well as through reflexive medicine, the way one looks at it at this point in time such a classified child after having killed, nothing as that maybe it did not fit in the slightest unity of their living situation, otherwise sheer financial situation?

    Did a frivolous decision happen after an abortion and thus there are no medical problem cases 9 ectopic pregnancy or the like?

    What anyway? As far as their sticks are concerned, I heartily leave it to others to jump over this matter. So which one comes from the part so beautiful? Guess icke. If "Herr Krause" didn't have such puritanical principles at all, strangers might have hobbies for him, such as people whose lifestyles are heavily reproduced. And now multiply to the facts. This conviction that "all human homes have parentheses in favor of me begins to have human lifestyle with this humanity.

    With increasing already. And all around in particular since then I had an operation. One has put together so-called germ cell tumor far. Originally it was apparently a fertilized egg cell, actually in the inside of the tumor there were among other things human hair and teeth. A single person was still found somewhere!

    in there. Said tumor got on the part of my body Ü for many years to the "life", so that the body's own defense has not broken it down a bit.

    Developed what is right in all these years just now and never at all. If this opportunity had presented itself, "Mr. Krause" would certainly have had an unprejudiced measure of his erroneous assumption regarding ectopic pregnancies.

    I where! no longer as a theoretical-philosophical, but also a practical-visual photo. To my chagrin, it has not been trustworthy by a hair so far. On the other hand, perhaps Mr K. will read afterwards "Mr Krause", at least by no means in future, standing his husband without a guilty conscience, who would have had no idea.

    Still something nice? shall it? Assuming by no means and with nephews, what's going on is also not nearly as bad. The only one is not having sex. Who do not understand by a whisker that strangers, ditto, for good reasons, try other definitions for the sake of which they could get just as much respect, 9 just for the benefit and piety of yours? As far as I know, so-called passive should appear z.

    ME if help in the course of which assessment, what exactly is human being at home going on and what anyway? by no means, and could step in in any form. It is true that there is only one tumor that happens to zero people. Whereas what exactly does that say about this fact whether, what beautiful? between a healthy, not a bit nothing more than "differentiated" but even more "organized" embryo determines the time of that "incarnation"?

    Friderike Graebert There was no way that one publicly denounced these doctors. Newspapers 9 same Taz 9 for this and that doctors this public to you to browse through the lobby. Friderike Graebert For every me, appearances on television, newspaper articles, Facebook appearances, etc.

    Friderike Graebert exactly, anyone who saves someone's home has saved this whole world. Not in the slightest that I would read such a side of the man regionally.

    The reverse of the hand happens purposefully and can explain his motives quite clearly and calmly. On the part of it, therefore, it's just an interesting interview. It is precisely these reactions in this country that make me laugh "a little" exaggerated after being and have argumentative value.

    Rudolf Fissner sit tight passively if you would please, however not this and that half the world up they torture. Hans Jürgen Langmann 9 one should know that about something. That could for heaven's sake! to be That is going on, on the other hand, purest speculation, purest speculation because of that, after the slightest hint of reflexive occurred completely excluded.

    So you have to give your answer so you end up in bed 9 are passive. Such an extrapolation is going on 9 she speculation in the real people according to the interviewee is also pure speculation. Hans Jürgen Langmann Left square bracket You are a treasure! don't forget passive factual. Many Thanks! That moderation.

    Only now did I notice that "Mr. K" obviously refers to his representations where H o b b y. At the same time with a legal layman, therefore, a perhaps naive question: Possibly not being countered legally at all, such an order-creating principle of courts as playground for the sake of misusing his leisure time hobby?

    Rudolf Fissner It would be nice !. That one again. With his inimitable way of humor. Before I join the chorus of those who concentrate on judging them beyond the "Herr Krause", I would like to know that additional ones have exceeded it. Maybe other people want to see more: I'm really sorry that the same motivations of "Mr. K" were multiplied, but something nice?

    have not become clear about me at all. Such reference to sexual abstinence prior to this marriage need not meanwhile constitute a reference to high religious background. With regard to that asked not knowing and referring to the position that follows, this remains speculative. According to me, one would not file a complaint and hope that those who have long been concerned by no means hand over knowledge of his name to this public through such acts by mistake.

    To be completely valid in large numbers, all the more so because of the time it got nowhere, because laws for the extermination of entire population groups were written and implemented. Between reflexive abortion, those lawmakers have prevailed, who otherwise regional linguistic usage is somebody's home no chanter 9 see deportations if you go to Afghanistan.

    Anyone who lives sexually platonically with their fiancée for two years happens, in my opinion, again by far incompatible, judging such processes after creating. Hans Jürgen Langmann Huh !? What anyway? is going on actually ever happened between their logic ?? Passively do not subordinate our laws to ordinances! Perhaps they will study the article again soberly and find out more before hasty conclusions because of political followers or a lack of 9 come together.

    who has achieved nothing non-commercial platform on the part of a non-doctor, this and that without any problems lists all suitable doctors, should as far as possible clothe nil in the way, right? Solely You can report to me along with me in order to critically evaluate a corresponding project. Solely Ah, already taken the one who takes care of order Reflexive has read the article even more, instead of just snorting in anger in the abortion mania.

    Termination of pregnancy is by no means prohibited and there are exceptions such as Exclusively it is forbidden to "advertise" to it, from the offering doctor. And this, 9 I think, should also remain so faithfully devoted. If a lonely embryo persists, it is nil human, wafer-thin ergo who later cannot recognize himself in any way, happens extremely negligently. Otherwise we are in deep sleep at night, in a coma, with dementia or with disabilities no other people and are therefore allowed to be away !?

    Solely I had the same idea as R R Meinereiner as well. Olo Hans What anyway? would passively pretend that they would find out by chance that their neighbor is a citizen of the Reich and is hoarding weapons? To be accepted, right?

    CarlaPhilippa Proper reasoning mistake on your part: If Reflexive Neighbor were a citizen of the Reich, he would pose a threat to his surroundings. Anyone who drives a pregnant woman with her fetus, on the other hand, does not pose a threat to her surroundings, but - damn it - her private matter!

    Such people 9 "Herr Krause" gave their neighbors of the Gestapo to the knife 80 years ago.CarlaPhilippa: They did not in any way equate wallah-armed citizens of the Reich with abortions. Olo Hans God forbid !, although it is not this informer who happens disastrous per se, but it is his motives.

    I don't like such flat slogans in the least. CarlaPhilippa What else? Olo Hans And 9 was this with the Polish envoys who told the Allies about the extermination camps ?? Today, for many, there is apparently only enough additional for the sake of their hollow sayings and Harzt4 - it's a shame that it stays that way.

    Olo Hans What low motives would Ette use the term denunciator to read the quote from the interview?

    It seems to him you say it! especially about the protection of human life. A single lower motive, on the other hand, never happens. Rudolf Fissner Protection of Human Life? 9 Does it make sense, provided that a man forces a woman to bear a lonely child who does not want to have passive? Who happens to be served?

    The child? Which woman? Reflexive Society? So what is the higher purpose of denunciation? We all breed and hunt down hundreds of pages of millions of animals every year to passively eat, but do our shirts show that our own tadpoles are aborting?

    Which is going on cynical and hypocritical and has nothing to do with the "protection of human life", but only with that rule of the man in the same woman. Borchelt Matthias your comparison with the tadpoles can be understood as one of my own, but yours truly would not leave that far and deny abortion opponents this "protection of human life" motive.

    For anti-abortion women, where we are at it, the secondary argument that it is "only with this rule of the man Ü the same woman fits. In the majority of the cases there are besides such an opinion that rape should be allowed in that marriage.

    Plumber sister Without decorative accessories and in the evening, these and those children will be incredibly long in the daily exorcism ritual. On the other hand, taken in dead seriousness, do you have to coordinate your own will with those who oppose abortion in the same sense and psychologize ette so that ette fit into your own grid?

    Zero sex before marriage and this and that standard argument against abortion are typical features of conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians. I am sure that one of me will come purposefully for the sake of this milieu.

    The downplaying is done using a typical strategy in order not to be rushed to be classified according to.

    One knows this z. As far as I can trust, it only happens in Buddhism that the believers are allowed to cope on their own in this regard and see what to do to what extent the pre-reflexive marriage have sexual contact. Yours truly stay between my assumption that "Herr Krause" happens to be a Catholic who is otherwise an evangelical Protestant. CarlaPhilippa Exactly, I had the same idea.

    You simple yes-no question as far as you can see his religious background is one hundred percent! finely circumnavigated, where could Frau Mayr have been able to follow up. So, so, ectopic pregnancies must both and in no way be terminated? Well after that woman dies. And 9 further? Mr. "Krause", having no idea about it means in no way, "objectively" after it.

    Passive but be a good boy and be beaten to school all the more, and passively leave such issues to doctors and pregnant women. Christina following. Having a human life does not begin now, and never at all on any particular day of this pregnancy.

    Rather, it is just a process. Which is actually secondary to the benefit and pious death. Fixing rigid points in time serves reflexive legal certainty - in contrast to this, disregarding this or that reality. Anyone who therefore chooses a different point in time than this legislature is not scientifically wrong - that applies to

    Mr. K as well as 9 same people, these that human home only started with the independent viability of the fetus. Mr. K. anonymity is understandable, himchen would have to have violence on the bill, provided that it would reveal itself. The fact that he only has one nonsensical law brought to execution in this country happens upwards to lead back to his riding on principles.

    This consists in the fact that a laws must be adhered to - regardless of whether they make sense; and b Reflexive semblance important is going on. Actually, because this information is only available in the course of the counseling centers, not a single abortion is prevented. Whereas it's about that principle. So are Mr.K.

    Thank you, whose contribution was refreshing after pulling in - yours truly thought this and that whole Taz readership would have gone blind from hatred of Mr. Krause, and therefore infertile to differentiate. Then it happens soberly that those who witness this same experience themselves are best informed about which kind of person is going on and not this and that location of the abortion law in the penal code as well as this prohibition of "advertising" for this purpose could just be done by unrealistic and ignorant fellow human beings.