Can cancer be cured by alkalinity

How to Cure Cancer Naturally: How to Start Protecting Your Health Right Away

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By Walter Last and Helmut G. Pratzel


Cancer, which is considered incurable from a conventional medical point of view, has already been overcome by a multitude of alternative methods - sometimes even without any method. On the one hand, this is encouraging because it shows that there are numerous ways to cure cancer. For someone who is confronted with the disease and doesn't know where to start or which method to choose, this can also be confusing.

In this book, Walter Last has condensed the available options into a holistic program that will give you the best chance of overcoming your cancer - no matter how advanced it may be.

The most important role, as Walter Last recognized after years of experience, is played by the human mind. Your body will always try to meet your mind's expectations. The firm expectation of healing is therefore the most important step of all.

Expect a miracle - then work to make it come true.


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