How many houses fit 1000 square meters

How much land do you need for a house?

The size of the property has shrunk over time. In the past, municipalities were relatively generous in designating new building land. Today only a limited number of new building areas are created. This is especially true for large cities and urban agglomerations. It can be a bit difficult to find free building plots here. In view of the strong demand and the scarce supply of building land, many municipalities are moving towards denser development. In the past, property sizes of 800 to 1000 square meters were common, today it is more like 400 to 600 square meters. There is still a significant urban-rural difference. In the country you tend to have more space to build and live.

The scarcity of land is also reflected in the prices. At the turn of the millennium, the square meter of building land in Germany cost a good 53 euros / sqm, in 2018 it was already around 205 euros / sqm - and the trend is rising. There is a wide range - depending on the location, the size and the environment. In coveted cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich with a particularly short supply of land, it is quite possible to pay between 500 and 750 euros / sqm or even more for a property. For many builders, therefore, the most extensive restrictions on the property are the order of the day. One of the minimum requirements is that the property should be developed as possible and intended for residential development.

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