How can I advertise my affiliate program

The ultimate guide to finding top publishers

Finding the right publishers for your brand can be a challenge. However, with a little research, you will be able to spot them quickly.

Linking your affiliate program on your website is a good start to attracting suitable affiliates. But just like your product, this link will not be able to apply itself or decide which of the applicants can bring you the most sales. Affiliate marketing therefore also requires a certain amount of effort. However, this will pay off in the long term, as profitable publishers enable you to have direct contact with your potential customers.

Successful publishers are in high demand and can choose who to work with. Below we're going to look at the most effective techniques to not only get in touch with the most profitable partners for your products, but also to ensure that they want to work with you and promote your product.

Start with your product

Test your product carefully. Your product should convert and offer an incentive to buy. Promoting this takes time and effort, but to get the best publishers you need to be able to offer a conversion rate of at least one percent. In the best case, even higher.

Successful publishers' ad placements are in high demand and if a product doesn't do well, they adjust their strategy. But a good product can also attract publishers who don't fit your brand message perfectly. So a product that converts well is just the starting point.


Treat your affiliate program like another sales package

While your focus is on selling and marketing your product, you also need to get publishers to want to promote your product. With thousands of retailers, it's important that your affiliate program stands out from the crowd. This process starts with the product, but you also need to be able to offer an attractive marketing plan.

Find the right people

First of all, you should find the affiliates who are interested in what you do and who fit your brand. There are several ways to get leads:

Use an affiliate network

To connect with an audience, you have to be in the same environment. In this case you are looking for publishers. You will find a large number in affiliate networks. These act as a platform on which publishers and advertisers come together.

There are many to choose from, but if you want to attract high profile publishers, use well-known and respected platforms like Awin. Awin covers a wide variety of industries, genres, brands and products, including finance, shopping, telco and services, travel and much more.

83% of advertisers use an affiliate network. So this is often the first place publishers look for potential partners - so make sure you're there.

Analyze your customer base

Customers who already love your products are your best sellers - so why not ask them if they want to promote you? Send an email to your customer base letting them know that you are looking for potential partners. Briefly explain to them the affiliate marketing model and that they can earn a little money by promoting your products.

Online presence

Make sure that you don't send spam emails, but at the same time never miss an opportunity to promote your affiliate program. Add a link to your login page on your website, put it in your email signature, promote your affiliate program via social media and actively invite you to your affiliate program.

Use your blog to your advantage or act as a guest blogger. Show how your product or service can solve a problem and your blog will be shared.

You can also use paid advertising, including pay-per-click or advertising on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Network communities

Advertising online is an effective method, but don't neglect face-to-face meetings. Networking events, conferences, meetings - all of these are potential recruiting platforms.

Attending affiliate conferences or other affiliate events can produce good results. There you have the opportunity to learn more about working on an affiliate program and to acquire knowledge of the entire industry. Take a look at Awin's marketing calendar for inspiration. Events such as the Awin Fashion & Lifestyle Day take place around the year, where publishers and advertisers come together, exchange ideas and network.


Traditional methods still work. Print advertising, cold calling, direct mail - depending on the product, one of these methods can be effective. If you have the budget, you should send a tailor-made package of sample products so that publishers can try out your products and promote them directly.

Work on your image

Patience is the key when it comes to working with top partners. Successful publishers can choose who to work with. So why should they work with you? The answer lies in building a reputation.

Proof that you fully support your product and your affiliate program is a crucial factor when looking for publishers. When you start building affiliate marketing, potential partners will be drawn to your passion and interested in working with you for the long term. Publishers prefer to work with advertisers who are committed to their partners and who ensure that their affiliate program works for all parties.

Building a reputation is a lengthy process. Set up a blog and offer your audience added value. Grow your follower base, then convert them into customers. Perhaps you will become a partner for other products yourself and thus learn about other successful techniques. Be someone in your industry that others will notice.

Recruiting the best

You have followed the advice above and you now have access to a large group of potential partners. The next step is to find out which publishers are worth investing in. Now is the time to find top publishers.

Check out your potential affiliates

Work behind the scenes to find out who exactly you are dealing with. If publishers run their own website, make sure it's a high quality website that fits your brand. Work with reputable partners as this has a positive effect on your product.

Request information about your publishers' advertising techniques. Do they have a large email database to market to or blog with a large audience? Perhaps they have a large presence on social media or prefer to work with paid advertising. This will not only give you a good overview of their approach and their success, but also give you the opportunity to check whether their profiles match your product and your brand. For this purpose, Awin created the Opportunity Marketplace, where you can see all of the publisher's advertising options at a glance.

Learn from network relationships

Awin's account management team can advise you, while the compliance team also reviews potential publishers. A new affiliate publisher may not yet have a reputation to relate to. In this case, trust your instincts based on what information is available. You can test new publishers within the affiliate channel at any time. This is how you might discover new, aspiring affiliate talent in the online arena.

Motivate and reward

When working with smaller publishers, longtail publishers or especially with content programs, your motivation in acquiring publishers is crucial. One strategy you can use is offering a rewards program. This can be higher commissions, a bonus or whatever suits your product best. You can also introduce the Best Performer Award and announce the winner every month. Receiving a public award can be just as motivating as cash prizes. It's important to be generous and make sure your affiliates know the following: the more they sell, the higher they will climb the bonus ladder.

Support your partners

Make collaboration with your publishers as easy as possible so that valuable time is not wasted. Provide an advertiser profile that is easy to understand and provides all the relevant information, including all the answers to potential questions. The key word here is short and sweet. Large publishers in particular, who work with a large number of advertisers, want to be able to find all important information immediately.

The final word

An affiliate program can bring you a lot of revenue, but only if you optimize your program and make sure that you work with suitable affiliates. You know how to get leads and market your program and how to screen out potential partners. But the most important aspect of recruiting the best affiliates is that your product has to convert - and convert well.

If you have convincing KPIs and comprehensive tracking solutions to offer, top publishers will quickly find their way to you. Test how your product converts on many platforms including paid and organic traffic sources. This investment could bring massive returns and be worth every penny.

After all, time is often the answer. When your affiliate program is established and growing, you will see who is working successfully with you and promoting your products. In the future, you will invest your time in these partners and they will in turn invest in you.