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The Witcher: The Secret Elven Language contains a season 2 spoiler


For "The Witcher" an extensive language of the elves was created, through which the fantasy cosmos of the Netflix series becomes even more alive. There is even a hint about season 2 in the translations! You can find out more at Netzwelt.

Fans of "The Witcher" on Netflix were able to dive deep into the fantasy world of the series in season 1 and came into contact with different beings and their cultures. That was only the tip of the iceberg, however, because the full extent of the work that was put into creating "The Witcher" will only really reveal itself in the coming seasons. An important element that has been neglected so far is the language of the elves.

"Hen Llinge" or "the old language" is the name of the language of the Aen Seidhe elves, which clearly differs from the regularly used lingua franca. The elves only played a small role in season 1 of "The Witcher", which is why their language was not heard often. David Peterson, who already developed the Dothraki language for "Game of Thrones", has already created the old language of the elves on the basis of the books by Andrzej Sapkowski.

This is how you speak the ancient language of the elves

The alphabet of the elves is reminiscent of the dwarf runes from "The Lord of the Rings". A list of individual words and short formulations makes it easy for you to incorporate a little Hen Llinge into your everyday language usage. In addition, some sentences have already been formulated that will probably be read on signs. This includes:

  • Steal and lose a hand! - Felben i felhelsh peir!
  • Rape is punished by castration - Ysfenme gathreishil an eipkwysme a sapin
  • Attention! Monsters in the woods! - Garein! Drelka eip wöda!

A note on season 2

In addition, Peterson's notes contain the phrase "Voleth Meir - Deathless Mother". With that, he could be referring to a character who is expecting us in Season 2. The Witcher fansite "Redanian Intelligence" suspects that this is the role of Vanessa-Maria from a casting call in February. Vanessa-Maria was described there as a woman between 70 and 100 years old who is said to star in three or four episodes. She has white hair and is a demon who wanders the country and aims at people's deepest and darkest desires.

The connection between Voleth Meir and Vanessa-Marie lies mainly in the initials, because wrong role names are often used in casting calls. "Deathless Mother", roughly "Immortal Mother", could suggest that Voleth Meir is an elven vampire, a creature that we have not yet seen in "The Witcher". So David Peterson's invented elven language was able to provide us with at least a little bit of information about the upcoming "The Witcher" season.

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