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Flight API

The HitchHiker Flight API is the booking interface for all types of flights and related additional services.

Are you looking for a flexible solution with which you can implement your own flight booking platform for travel agencies or end customers? Would you like to provide your call center or stationary sales department with a tailor-made, high-performance system for sales support? Or do you need suitable flight offers for your internal tour operator system in order to generate dynamic travel packages?

Our flight API can be quickly and easily integrated into each of your individual projects via a convenient web service interface and provides you with the cheapest available flight tariffs from a wide range of providers. In addition to connections to six GDS, tariffs from various wholesalers and direct connections to over 120 airlines, including more than 20 IATA NDC airlines, are now available via our API.

Your allotments and group bookings no longer have to be in printed lists next to the workstations. They are integrated into the availabilities of your sales system via the Flight API like your own internal GDS.

In addition to tariff inquiries and booking flights, lucrative additional services (ancillaries) and tariff packages (branded fares) can now be displayed and booked. The complete subsequent processes such as payment, ticketing up to rebooking, cancellation, reimbursement and revalidation of GDS flights can be implemented via the HitchHiker Flight API.

The HitchHiker Flight API is offered by us as a fully scalable software-as-a-service solution and can be expanded with numerous additional modules and services according to your requirements.

+ Function overview

+ Technical highlights
  • Numerous functions for the complete processing of your flight bookings:
    • Flight search (tariff query or query of available tariffs)
    • Seat Maps, seat reservation
    • Search for tolerance
    • Tariff quotation
    • Ticketing
    • Processing of existing bookings (segments
    • add and cancel, special service requests ...)
    • Ticketing for GDS tariffs including cancellation, refund and revalidation (currently only on Amadeus)
    • Supplier payments via virtual credit cards (Mastercard)
  • NEW: Marketing of flights and selectable additional services (ancillaries), which are offered via the GDS, as well as directly connected low-cost and scheduled airlines
  • NEW: Sale of tariff packages (Branded Fares) on all common GDS
  • Full control and optimization of the booking logics for your sales channels in real time via the HitchHiker Rule Engine
  • Optional integration of allotments / group bookings (Allotment Manager required)
+ Your advantages
  • Individual application options, e.g. for:
    • Booking platforms (for end customers and agents)
    • Call center (wholesaler, tour operator, business travel ...)
    • Stationary sales (travel agency, sales partner ...)
  • Incomparable number of cheap, bookable tariffs
  • Accurate real-time pricing information right from the start
  • Full flexibility in choosing your content
  • Cost savings in implementation / changes
  • Easy integration via a user-friendly interface
  • Provision as software-as-a-service solution: No acquisition of hardware, software or effort for the operation of the system
+ Interfaces and tariff types

Supported interfaces:

  • GDS:
    • Amadeus
    • Galileo
    • Saber
    • Sirena
    • Worldspan


  • Direct Connect:
    • The airlines' own interfaces and websites
    • IATA NDC Airline APIs
    • Amadeus Altea
    • ACCELaero
    • Air kiosk
    • Avant-garde
    • Datalex
    • Farelogix
    • genius
    • Navitaire
    • Multicom
    • Radixx
    • SabreSonic
    • World ticket


  • Other interfaces:
    • BERlogic
    • Flightroutes24
    • Holiday Tours
    • Traffic
    • HitchHiker Flight Entry
    • HitchHiker Allotment Manager

Supported tariff types:

  • GDS and net tariffs:
    • Published
    • Corporate
    • CAT25 / 35
    • Ethnic (LBR)
    • Negotiated
    • Infants (INF)
    • Children (CHD)
    • Seniors (SRC)
    • Tour operator (ITX)
    • Youth and Student (YTH / STU)
    • Sailor (SEA)
    • Military (MIL)


  • Low-cost and web tariffs:
    • Public tariffs
    • Agency tariffs
    • Negotiated tariffs


  • Other types of tariffs:
    • Charter tariffs
    • Consolidator tariffs



Direct Connect

In recent years, the GDS have guaranteed you “full content” for all major airlines. With the help of the IATA NDC standard, however, more and more airlines, with Lufthansa as one of the pioneers, are making their cheapest tariffs and special offers bookable exclusively via direct sales channels and are charging bookings via the GDS with considerable additional fees ("Distribution Cost Charges").

Due to the growing competitive pressure in online trading, however, it is essential to be able to offer flights at the airline's cheapest tariff.

Secure your direct access to the full range of fares from the most important IATA NDC airlines and from over 100 low-cost airlines, which can also not be booked or only partially booked through the traditional GDS.

Our IATA-certified interface provides you with all of these airlines in a uniform data format and at the same time reduces your implementation and maintenance costs compared to the individual connection of countless airline interfaces.

Regardless of whether you want to integrate our direct connections into your online travel portal, your B2B booking platform or your travel management system, we will be happy to accompany your company as you move into the “Direct Connect” age. Get in touch with us now.

+ Airlines
  • "NDC Capable Level 3" -certified interface to 20+ IATA NDC airlines:
    • Aegean
    • Air France
    • American Airlines
    • Austrian Airlines
    • British Airways
    • Brussels Airlines
    • Condor
    • Emirates
    • Flybe
    • HOP!
    • Iberia
    • Iberia Express
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    • Level
    • Lufthansa
    • Norwegian (Air Shuttle, Air International, UK)
    • Olympic
    • Swiss International Air Lines
    • Vueling
    • Direct connection to more than 100 low-cost airlines, such as:
+ Technical highlights
  • Available via our agent booking platform or as a web service via the Flight API
  • Comprehensive search for the cheapest available flights
  • Combination with GDS airlines in one booking possible
  • Booking of branded fares
  • Booking of additional services (ancillaries), such as:
    • Priority boarding
    • Seats
    • Luggage
    • Food and drink offers
    • Transportation and non-flight services
    • In-flight entertainment
    • Shop items
    • Lounge access
    • Medical service
    • Pets
    • Unaccompanied children
    • Upgrades
+ Your advantages
  • Competitive advantages through "Full Airfare Content" (cheapest tariffs, special offers)
  • Saving “Distribution Cost Charges” of up to EUR 11 per segment
  • Considerable time and cost reduction compared to individual connection of the respective airline interfaces
  • Individual application options, e.g. for:
    • Booking platforms (for end customers and agents)
    • Call center (wholesaler, tour operator, business travel ...)
    • Stationary sales (travel agency, sales partner)
  • Deployment as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or labor required to operate the system



Global Airfare Cache

The best websites in the world cannot be limited to the functions of a GDS. Creating an innovative user experience for your customers requires unlimited query options for tailor-made, individual offers. This also applies if your customer has not yet specifically specified their travel period, duration, departure airport or destination.

Due to the large number of combinations, for example, filling a calendar with current flight prices required a not inconsiderable number of transactions on the GDS. This resulted in high transaction costs, response times and the need to process and temporarily store huge amounts of data.

With the Global Airfare Cache, HitchHiker has now created an innovative, cost-efficient and high-performance solution that gives you access to billions of flight tariffs and tariff updates per day in just a fraction of a second.

Quickly fill calendars or charts with current price information or use our flight cache to create dynamic travel packages. Discover the possibilities and request a demo from us now.

+ Technical highlights
  • High-performance and resource-saving architecture
  • Several million tariffs and tariff updates per day
  • Data sources, including:
    • Aegean
    • Condor
    • Eurowings
    • Involatus
    • Lufthansa
    • Sunexpress
    • Transavia
    • TUIfly
    • HitchHiker Flight API
  • Extensive query options
  • Standardized output formats
  • JavaScript calendar available (see example)
+ Your advantages
  • Unlimited shopping opportunities to increase the user experience (e.g. calendar searches, price trend charts and dynamic packaging)
  • Reduction of GDS transactions including costs and response times
  • Increase your time-to-market through extremely fast data processing and short update intervals
  • Deployment as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or labor required to operate the system



Data feed

HitchHiker’s Flight Data Feed was designed as a service for tour operators, online travel agencies and airlines.

Based on your individual specifications, our data feed generates flight data including all price, routing and tax information. You can choose between availability-checked net tariff data or high-quality low-cost carrier data.

A wide variety of export formats allow the flight data to be imported into the system of your choice. This includes, among other things, all the usual tour operator systems and the Peakwork player / hub system.

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with an up-to-date list of the available low-cost carrier data.

+ Technical highlights
  • They deliver “job lists” to our FTP server, consisting of the desired departure / arrival / date etc. in CSV format. Updates can be requested daily or flexibly according to your business needs.
  • Based on these lists, a series of requests are automatically sent to our flight API or a cache module, which retrieve tariff, routing, price and tax information.
  • After this process is completed, you will receive the flight data in one of the following formats: X format (proprietary XML format), SEALTIX, KATI, (Peakwork) EDF, INFX1, INFX2.
  • You import the file into the system of your choice.
  • You can implement live availability check and booking functionality with the help of our Flight API.
+ Your advantages
  • Receive flight details tailored to your individual needs.
  • Use it to create dynamic travel packages in the system of your choice.
  • Improve your customer loyalty e.g. by providing price trends or price reduction notifications.
  • Reduce the response times for online queries and avoid unnecessary access to the GDS.
  • Benefit from an incomparable selection and quality of low-cost carrier data




HitchHiker.Agent is the optimal and efficient flight inquiry and booking system for Ticket wholesalers, travel agency cooperations and travel agencies.

With the intuitive, graphical user interface, you enable all call center employees, travel agency agents or travel consultants to find and book the best offers from a variety of tariffs within a very short time. It does not require any GDS knowledge to use it. HitchHiker.Agent provides all relevant information such as flight times, booking and cabin classes, booking restrictions, prices and service fees.

In addition, the seller can calculate an individual service fee and automatically generate offers. Bookings can be conveniently managed and edited (e.g. seats reserved, OSIs and SSRs added and bookings canceled) via the integrated Booking Manager. Your employees or agents always have an overview of the respective booking status.

HitchHiker.Agent thus covers the entire process chain from flight selection to booking to ticketing or ticket ordering from wholesalers in just one system, thus saving time and increasing the efficiency of your sales team.

+ Technical highlights
  • One-way, round-trip and multi-stop query mask
  • Multi-GDS functionality and support for a large number of tariff types: Netto, Published, Nego, Ethnic (LBR), Corporate, CAT 35, WebFares and many more
  • Simultaneous query option from several net tariff databases
  • Service fees can be calculated and stored according to a variety of criteria (by the consolidator as well as the agent)
  • Sales preference function for route and revenue-dependent sales control of the airlines
  • Possibility of creating an individual offer as a Word document or sending it directly by email
  • Optional bookings are possible using the Book & Hold function
  • Waiting list bookings (on Amadeus)
  • Integrated credit card payment via Computop or eMerchantPay
  • Management of the credits or prepayments of your agencies and / or branches.
  • Supplier payments via virtual credit cards (eNett VANs)
  • Comprehensive control and processing options for completed bookings via the Booking Manager: e.g. canceling, ordering tickets, PDF confirmations, seat reservations, storing OSI / SSR / Remarks / Frequent Flyer numbers
  • Ticketing for GDS tariffs including cancellation, refund and revalidation (currently only on Amadeus)
  • Scan monitor for look-to-book and look-to-ticket codes
  • Optional ad server: route-related advertisements in the waiting screen
+ Your advantages
  • Individual application options, e.g. for:
    • Wholesalers (in call centers, travel agencies, travel agents)
    • Travel agency cooperations
    • Travel agencies (with or without their own net tariffs)
  • Efficient consulting and sales platform with which agents / call center employees can handle the entire process in just one system
  • The need for training for employees is reduced to a minimum
  • Deployment as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or labor required to operate the system
  • You benefit from ongoing updates and market adjustments



Rule engine

The HitchHiker Rule Engine offers the possibility to define rules in order to dynamically select the best tariff sources (GDS tariffs as well as HitchHiker net tariffs, WebFares and charter tariffs) for a specific query on our Flight API / HitchHiker.Agent.

For example, low-cost airlines are pioneers on specific routes, while individual GDSs on specific routes deliver better quality or prices than others. The GDSe's best price queries also do not always provide the airline you prefer.

Being able to determine the best and cheapest available tariffs for the respective situation gives you a decisive competitive advantage.

The HitchHiker Rule Engine enables you to have individual airline and GDS strategies and thus strengthens your negotiating position. You can achieve higher kick-back payments through the targeted sales promotion of certain airlines.

+ Technical highlights
  • Define your rules:
    • Query criteria (routes, airlines, cabin classes, passenger types, etc.),
    • and actions (number of desired tariffs and the associated tariff type and sources)
  • Prioritize your rules
  • Define fallback scenarios in case queries fail on a specific channel
  • Integration of the Allotment Manager for availability check possible
  • Combinations of scheduled airlines with contingents or low-cost carriers are possible
+ Your advantages
  • Individual control of all tariff sources
  • Define your query area down to the smallest detail
  • Quality improvement of the GDS best price searches
  • The individual selection of the requested tariff sources enables a saving of transaction costs / an increase in revenue per ticket
  • Individual GDS and airline strategy, e.g .:
    • targeted sales promotion of individual airlines
    • targeted use of different GDSs for different routes
  • Rule engine function available for HitchHiker Flight API and HitchHiker.Agent



Allotment Manager

The administration of guaranteed availabilities (allotments) previously required a lot of manual work, especially for Travel and cruise operator as Airlineseach serving groups of nine or more passengers. HitchHiker is one of the few providers on the market that offers a professional solution for your flight allotments and group bookings.

The HitchHiker Allotment Manager enables, for example, the automation of time-bound actions relating to the management of your allotments and bookings, such as sending e-mails to airlines or automatic data import from Amadeus Negospace.

Via an integration into the HitchHiker Flight API, it also offers the option of combining your flight allotments with a wide variety of travel arrangements in your own tour operator system or making them bookable online for your agents or end customers. This means that you can use the HitchHiker Allotment Manager to promote both the online sale of individual seats and the packaging with flight allotments.

It makes no difference whether you want to manage your group bookings online or offline, or your full charter flights, Amadeus Nego Space allotments or booking class allotments. The HitchHiker Allotment Manager manages a whole range of allotment types, which are adapted to the most varied of business models.

+ Technical highlights
  • Graphic user interface (Allotment Entry) to record negotiated flight allotments
  • Automating scheduled actions via the Action Service:
    • Sending e-mails to airlines (e.g. release 50% of the seats ten days before departure and send the passenger list to a specific e-mail address two days before departure)
    • Automatic data imports from Amadeus Negospace
  • Integration into the HitchHiker Flight API for fast and efficient provision and bookability of your allotments in all connected sales systems (e.g. agent platforms, travel portals, tour operator systems ...)
  • Optional setting of priorities for sales via the Flight API ("Show Allotments First")
  • Optional combinations of allotments with feeders and add-ons from free availability (split bookings)
  • Optional allocation of partial allotments to individual agencies or different products
  • PNR import via CSV list
+ Supported allotment and group booking types
  • Active online group booking
  • Passive online group booking
  • Offline group booking managed by the airline
  • Booking class allotment
  • Virtual allotment for full charter flights and other types of allotments
  • Amadeus Negotiated Space Contingent
+ Your advantages
  • Individual application options, e.g. for:
    • Cruise operator
    • (Group) tour operator
    • Airlines
  • Time and cost savings in managing and selling your allotments
  • Deployment as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or labor required to operate the system



Flight entry

The HitchHiker Flight Entry is the proven management software for flight tariffs. More than 30 companies and groups in the tourism industry worldwide - including airlines, travel agency chains, portal operators, ticket wholesalers and tour operators - use these today to calculate their own net tariffs or public tariffs according to your needs and to distribute them to your customers.

The HitchHiker Flight Entry enables lean processes and efficient use of resources by loading your tariff data once, simplified data management and processing as well as the option of serving all sales channels from a single database.

Thanks to our excellent export functions, even complex tariffs are available for flight inquiries and bookings for your customers in the shortest possible time.

The tariff distribution process between airlines and wholesalers is also considerably simplified and accelerated through the efficient exchange of data with the HitchHiker Entry.

You have the choice whether you would like to have the tariffs recorded in-house or by one of our service partners.

+ Technical highlights
  • Management of offline tariffs, as well as their calculation and provision in:
    • the HitchHiker Ticket Automation
    • HTML format (allows printing)
    • Different distribution systems e.g.:
      • Agent platforms
      • Call centers
      • Travel portals
      • Organizer systems
      • Player Technologies
  • Breakdown of tariff entry into: Fare, Rule, Routing and Ticket information
  • Linking the origins and destinations with the associated prices, seasons, rules and routings in the respective tariff sheet
  • City pair and fare level import from Microsoft Excel
  • Customer and distribution channel-specific calculation options
  • Tax override and Q-surcharge function via the integrated TaxManager
  • Export formats: HTML, RFF, STADAF, VFX (HitchHiker format)
  • X export formats: X format, EDF, INFX1, INFX2, KATI, OTDS (on request), SEALTIX
  • Import formats: EXCEL, STADAF, VFX (HitchHiker format)
+ Your advantages
  • Established system with numerous long-term users
  • HitchHiker Flight Entry meets the requirements of different international markets
  • Constant further development and adaptation to market and customer requirements
  • Minimum expenditure of time and resources for recording and distributing offline tariffs
  • The highest possible level of detail of the recorded tariffs (price components and restrictions) for quality assurance and error reduction
  • full control over an unlimited number of tariffs



Ticket automation

HitchHiker Ticketing Automation is the cost-effective ticketing solution for everyone Ticket wholesalers, tour operators and Online travel agencies.

Save resources and automate your entire ticketing process, from reading the PNR, through price calculation, to issuing the ticket and printing the documents. The system creates the complete ticket mask, prints the e-ticket and generates a neutral back office file for seamless further processing in every mid and back office system.

By fully checking all the rules and conditions stored in the HitchHiker Entry, your tickets are correctly issued at all times and ADMs from the airlines are avoided.

The HitchHiker Ticketing Automation can be used 24/7 and thus enables additional sales to be generated by adhering to ticketing deadlines outside of your business hours.

To date, more than 20 million tickets have been issued fully automatically via our HitchHiker Ticketing Automation.

+ Technical highlights
  • Multi-GDS ticketing (Amadeus, Galileo, Saber, Worldspan)
  • Processing of Netto, Published, Special, Stored (saved TSTs), Nego, Corporate, Percentage and CAT35 tariffs
  • Automatic price calculation (fare quote) also for complex tariffs with add-ons, feeders, interlining agreements, open jaws, rail & fly, side trips, stopovers, reverse sales, etc.
  • Informative "Fare Quote Only" option or fully automated ticket printing
  • E-SATA ticketing supported
  • Point-of-sale ticketing possible
  • If the booking does not comply with the tariff conditions, it can either be returned to the ordering agency or sent to an error queue
  • Manual access to the tariff database is possible to check the applicable tariff conditions
  • Currency conversion function based on GDS exchange rates (Amadeus, Saber, Galileo)
  • Tax overwriting and Q-Surcharge function possible via the TaxManager of HitchHiker Flight Entry
  • Multi-functional back office interface for transferring all PNR information to third-party systems
  • Supplier payments via virtual credit card (MasterCard) supported
+ Your advantages
  • Quality assurance through guaranteed checking of countless ticket restrictions, especially for very complex tariffs
  • Drastic saving of resources through the automated ticketing of all manual and booking engine bookings
  • Volume-dependent scalable system
  • 24/7 operation enables increased sales
  • Reduction of the ADMs to an absolute minimum
  • Degree of automation of up to 100%
  • High security and quality thanks to over 20 million tickets issued with error rates in the per mille range



Queue Robot

Would you like to avoid manual efforts for recurring processes when processing your bookings and minimize the risk of errors that could result? Would you like automated and seamless processes even when airlines change flight times?

Inspired by the daily routine of our customers, the HitchHiker Queue Robot was developed and today comprises a collection of useful modules for automating your business processes.

This includes automation functions for processing flight time changes and waiting lists, for standardized queuing of bookings, for controlling third-party systems and for ticketing your Direct Connect bookings. The Queue Robot has also recently been supplemented with a repricing function for automatic tariff optimization of your flight bookings.

Do you have a need for automation beyond the functions mentioned here? No problem. Contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to make you an individual offer based on your requirements.

+ Technical highlights
  • Repricing: The Queue Robot optimizes your flight bookings based on the interval specifications by automatically searching for cheaper tariffs. If a cheaper tariff is found, the booking can be processed manually by an agent or automatically rebooked to the lower tariff. By passing on the price advantage you have achieved, you increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Schedule Changes: In the event of a flight time change, the GDS transfers a PNR to a specified queue. The queue robot monitors this queue and processes the PNR according to the configured rules. A time window for the flight times can be defined for this, for which automatic processing, optional messages to the customer and a final transfer to a specific queue can take place. If the flight time changes exceed the specified time window, the transfer of the booking to a queue for manual processing can be defined.
  • Waitlists: After a seat has become free for a waiting list, the GDS transfers a PNR to a queue provided for this purpose. This is automatically monitored by the queue robot. The queue robot confirms the waiting list, cancels the "protection segment" according to the specified rules and transfers the PNR to a defined queue.
  • Interface file: To control third-party systems, the Queue Robot writes a file with PNR information in one of the selectable formats, e.g. B. HitchHiker Backoffice File.
  • Queuing: The queue robot checks the remarks of the PNRs for freely definable character strings (search strings) and transfers the PNRs containing these character strings to a specific queue or, optionally, to an alternative queue if the PNR does not contain any of these texts.
  • Direct Connect Ticketing: Based on a tariff saved in the PNR, the Queue Robot optionally inserts a “Form of Payment” and a “Commission” into the PNR and creates the ticket via Farelogix. The PNR is then transferred from the incoming queue to a dedicated queue. A back office file can be created on request.
+ Your advantages
  • Automated processes to ensure your service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Drastic saving of resources for the manual processing of queues
  • Volume-dependent scalable system
  • 24/7 operation possible
  • Deployment as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or labor required to operate the system



Payment Gate

Would you like to include the margins on the flights you have sold in the direct debit to your customer and settle the liabilities to your suppliers with another means of payment? Do you have to pay certain providers with individual cards on behalf of the customer in order to avoid a payment refusal?

For this purpose, we recommend that you use our payment gate, which enables you to make supplier payments by generating a one-time, "virtual" credit card.

The Payment Gate combines numerous well-known providers of virtual payment solutions - such as AirPlus, eNett, Wex and Wirecard - in a single interface.

It is tailored to the needs of (medium-) large online portals, travel agency chains, tour operators and business travel agencies, for which the security, cost efficiency and transparency of all transactions as well as a high level of acceptance of the chosen means of payment play a role.

+ What is a virtual credit card?

With our virtual payments, a unique credit card number is generated, which can be limited in terms of the intended use and the amount. This can be used like a conventional credit card for supplier payments, but only for a single transaction. It is accepted wherever Master Card or Visa is accepted as a means of payment.

+ Your advantages
  • For sure: One virtual credit card per payment
  • Reliable: High acceptance of the respective card types in many countries around the world
  • Limited: Amount and earmarking of the card are possible
  • Cost efficient: Reduction of the exchange rate and transaction fees through financing and payment of the services in the local currency of the supplier
  • Fully digitized: Time and cost savings in accounts payable through automated processes
  • Integrated: In Flight API and Ticket Automation, an interface for many providers, therefore little development effort, transfer option of payment data to the back office
  • Individually: Different types of cards available according to your needs
  • Transparent: Reporting options for transactions and related booking references
+ Provider overview

Partner: AirPlus
Card type: Mastercard (Corporate)
Billing: credit
Target group: Online portals, travel agency chains, business travel agencies, tour operators
Card currency:
Link to the provider ...

Partner: nice
Card type: Mastercard (corporate, private)
Billing: Prepaid
Target group: Online portals, travel agency chains, tour operators, airlines
Card currency:
Middle East:
Link to the provider ...

Partner: Wex
Card type: Mastercard (Corporate), Visa
Billing: credit
Target group: Online portals, travel agency chains, business travel agencies
Card currency:
Link to the provider ...

Partner: Wirecard
Card type: Mastercard (Corporate or Private), Visa (Credit or Debit), Maestro
Billing: Prepaid
Target group: Online portals, travel agency chains, business travel agencies, tour operators, airlines
Card currency:
Middle East:
(Subsidiary in a SEPA country required.)
Link to the provider ...

Please contact our sales team for more information on the options available or if you require a different provider.

+ Virtual payment process



HitchHiker Travel

HitchHiker Travel is the marketplace or online shop for all providers of tourism services.

It was developed from the customer's point of view (top-down) and thus differs fundamentally from conventional booking sites, which strain the traveler’s patience by filling out countless query masks for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

HitchHiker Travel, on the other hand, enables customers to use a single full-text search to present each product that meets their specifications in a single list of results. For example, the “Frankfurt London” request not only provides flights, buses, rental cars, mobile homes, cruises and apartments, but also concert tickets, travel guides and suitcases at a glance.

Incomparably fast response times, a comfortable shopping cart and the complete integration of our flight offers make HitchHiker Travel an effective and customer-oriented online sales platform.

Travel agencies can either integrate HitchHiker Travel into their own online presence as a whitelable online booking application or as an XML API, or register as a fulfillment partner at https://hitchhiker.travel.

+ Technical highlights
  • Query via (semantic) full text search, area search or calendar shopping
  • “Pre-installed” extensive content from numerous tourist providers
  • One query provides results for up to 200 categories
  • Uniform presentation and booking processes for all products
  • Incomparably fast response times (thanks to local databases and availability caches)
  • Shopping cart with booking and payment functions
  • Integration of the HitchHiker Flight API including WebFares and Allotments
  • Supports German, English and French (expandable)
+ Your advantages
  • Universal and flexible sales platform for all travel products
  • Available as a whitelable online booking application or XML Travel API for your individual online presence
  • Flexible adjustments to product categories and providers possible
  • Development of new internet-savvy customer groups
  • Booking options around the clock, even outside of your business hours
  • Provision as a software-as-a-service solution: No hardware, software or workload for operation