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Amazon Project Zero: Declaration of war on product counterfeiters

The internet giant Amazon is declaring war on counterfeiters.

The sale of counterfeit products is a global and cross-industry problem. Experts assume that plagiarism accounts for more than 3 percent of total world trade. A problem that particularly large trading platforms struggle with. Internet giant Amazon also admitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the beginning of 2019 that it is currently not possible to prevent third-party providers from selling stolen and counterfeit goods via its own marketplace. After years of criticism, the company first admitted that plagiarism sales are a serious problem for Amazon. Now the group wants to crack down on counterfeiters.

Amazon: Plagiarism should be reduced to zero

After Amazon has been successfully identifying counterfeit products through the use of their own serial numbers for months in the USA, the company is now planning a corresponding package of measures in Europe under the name Project Zero. The full-bodied goal: Amazon wants to reduce the proportion of plagiarism on its platform to zero. To do this, the online retailer relies on a combination of artificial intelligence and technical measures as well as close cooperation with the manufacturers of the original products.