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"The One" on Netflix: The End Explained - And What It Could Mean For Season Two

In the eighth and final episode of the first "The One" season, events come thick and fast. In the Netflix series, which is based on the novel "The One - Find Your Perfect Match" by John Marrs, company founder Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) is involved in several murders.

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Her company is about one and only true love, because body chemistry can be used to determine - allegedly the only one - "perfect match" with which every person is guaranteed to be happy. But the company is built on lies, fraud, intrigue and, of course, murder. All of this threatens Rebecca to finally fall on her feet in the season finale.

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The second season has not yet been ordered by Netflix, but when it comes, Rebecca should reveal a secret in it - as she announced it with her last words in the season finale at an appearance in front of an audience. We can only speculate about what she will say. Maybe it's just a rhetorical twist, like the one Rebecca used in the season opener to arouse the curiosity of her audience at a presentation of "The One".

Maybe she is finally ready to make a confession, which we believe less - or she plunges the bosses of her company into ruin with the knowledge she is now divulging:

The system of "The One" has weaknesses ... and Rebecca has every reason to want revenge after she was booted out by her partners. It wouldn't hurt her, she is no longer the company's SEO.

Rebecca had the killer murdered by Matheus

However, one thing we know for sure after the end of season 1: Rebecca has charged another murder on her conscience. It is shown how the man who always protested with a sign in front of the company headquarters of "The One" (his wife had left him because of their match) and who then killed Rebecca's great love Matheus (Albano Jerónimo), is stabbed to death in the prison shower . When Rebecca's henchman whispers "It's done" to her in another scene, it becomes clear: She gave the order for the murder in prison.

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As already indicated above, another secret will also be revealed in the season finale: There can be more than one match for a person - for example, siblings. This also explains why Kate (Zoë Tapper) is not only drawn to her actual match Sophia (Jana Pérez), but also to her brother Sebastian (Eduardo Lloveras).

There can be more than one match!

Should the second season of "The One" come, we will probably find out who Kate will choose. If it is Sebastian, however, she must first prevent his wedding. But the policewoman should also investigate the question of how it can be that her allegedly only match does not work properly - and thus get on the track of the information that the company "The One" withholds from the public ...

In addition, with a small scene in the season finale, the fresh baby happiness of Hannah (Lois Chimimba) and Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) is clouded - and thus another indication of how things will continue in a possible second season.

Megan is secretly looking for Hannah's match

Hannah and Mark, who decided to marry even though they are not a match, have just found out that Hannah is pregnant. You are overjoyed. But Megan (Pallavi Sharda), Mark's actual match, doesn't want to put up with the fact that he has rejected her - although their biology means they are made for each other.

So she chooses a different path: In the final scenes of “The One” we see how she secretly sends in a hair from Hannah to have her match.

We can also explain what Megan's purpose is: She will find Hannah's match and make sure that the two meet. When Hannah stands in front of her own match and feels the strong connection to him, the chances are that she will break up with Mark - as many people did with their partners when they found out about their chemical match. And then Mark would be free for Megan - but as I said, that's the stuff for season 2.

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