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Musik Produktiv - buy musical instruments online
Musik Produktiv - the mail order company for musical instruments and professional audio equipment

Musik Produktiv has been selling and shipping musical instruments and professional audio equipment all over the world for over 40 years. Whether recorders, guitars, amplifiers, keyboard instruments, drums, percussion or speakers, microphones and various accessories - Musik Produktiv has the experience and know-how.
Advantages for your customers:
• Over 30000 articles available online
• Low price guarantee
• Specialized range
• dynamic and large target group (between 16 and 60 years)

Making music is becoming more and more popular and the number of music schools, both in the private and in the public sector, continues to grow. With us, the customers you refer will find a large assortment, good prices and detailed advice.
Advantages for the publisher:
• High shopping baskets (approx. € 200)
• Product data updated daily with detailed descriptions and photos
• Low returns
• Remuneration: 4% sale of the shopping cart value

Integrate our high-performance advertising material on your site and you can start earning money.

Products and Commissions

Generally 4,00 % Sale

General information

Large selection of musical instruments and audio accessories in one clear shop. The article can be advertised individually. The commission is below the average. The cancellation rate is low. The advertising material looks young.

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