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Why is your garage valuable?

In a big city, it is much more attractive for drivers to rent a garage or a parking space from someone who only lives a few doors next to them than having to drive into the nearest public parking garage, often several kilometers away, every day. In addition to the proximity and the better price-performance ratio, there are other reasons that speak in favor of private garage rental. These include, for example, more security, privacy and the good feeling of being able to come and drive whenever you want.

How much do you earn from renting out your garage?

If you want to offer a free garage or another garage corner for motorcycles, you can find out how much money you can make per month with just a few clicks. This information is particularly important for many providers, as it is often unclear what a fair and common garage rental is. Regardless of whether it is a single garage, garage box, underground parking space, garage space or as a garage investment, you should take a look at the prices of garages offered in your area before renting out. Thats is quite easy. For an initial market assessment, you can use the MyNextGarage garage rental price calculator to compare the average monthly price of a garage in the neighborhood, starting in Vienna and in other cities around the world.

How high is the demand for your garage?

In every metropolis, the number of new drivers who would like to rent a secure garage parking space is continuously increasing, which leads to high demand with long waiting times and high garage rental prices. The number of globally registered vehicles rose by around 60% to almost 15 billion between 2006 and 2016. Not only the demand for inner-city parking spaces in parking garages, but above all private garage spaces are gaining in popularity. According to XXX, Vienna has one of the highest parking fees in Europe. This not only benefits the tax authorities, garage operators and hotels with an underground car park, but also private providers who want to rent out their free garage space to neighbors, commuters or professionals over the long term. Via MyNextGarage alone - the first specialized online garage platform for renting garages, parking spaces and parking spaces to neighbors and car collectors - around 1,000 garages were offered in Vienna in 2018. There are also other internet platforms such as willhaben and bazar or providers such as Wiener Wohnen.

What is the best garage rental platform?

The private rental of garages, parking spaces or parking lots is very popular, a nice additional income compared to the main job. With the help of the Internet, smartphones and many online platforms such as ebay, willhaben, Immowelt, Immobilienscount24, renting by private individuals has been significantly simplified. But what is the best platform for successfully renting out a garage?

The inner-city traffic of many metropolises is progressing faster than expected and a carefully selected garage platform helps to find a long-term garage tenant more quickly and to avoid lost garage rent. But where is the best place to advertise your garage and what should you pay attention to? One thing is clear, garages are irreplaceable for drivers in order to save time and money every day. This becomes all the more apparent when the electric car continues to gain popularity and the car has to be charged in the garage. But with over 60 online platforms on the market, making the right choice for garage rental is not easy. What properties should a garage advertisement contain and how is a really strong platform for advertising from garages.

What are the costs for a garage listing?

If you want to offer a garage ad for renting or selling, you can do this for a fee or free of charge. With the large real estate platforms, every published advertisement is made for money. An advertisement on Immowelt.at costs € 24.90 including VAT with a duration of 2 weeks. On the marketplace Willhaben.at, an advertisement for selling or renting a garage costs € 25.00 with a 30-day term. The Immobiienscout24.at portal offers an advertisement for 29.90 € for 30 days in the comfort format.

Can as many interested parties as possible find your garage?

An important feature of a competitive platform for advertising garages is the ability to be found easily and quickly for interested parties in the jungle of the Internet. For example, garage sub-pages for individual parts of the city are particularly important so that searchers can easily find the right garage in their area on Google, e.g. by entering "Garage 1090 Vienna". Another important aspect are suitable search filters to differentiate between a car or motorcycle garage or certain types of garages such as B. di difficult to find single garage / garage box. The key word here is “garage diversity” and finding exactly what suits your personal requirements.

What information is relevant for garage rental?

Before listing the garage there are basic tricks and tips to keep in mind to avoid mistakes and to rent the garage out successfully. Many garage landlords are surprised by vacant garage spaces that do not contain a photo and an inadequate description in the advertisement. Basically, if you make an effort, you can rent your garage space faster and look forward to good monthly income. The following things must be observed:

  • Attractive title and honest description

    If you give your garage a distinctive title that already covers the most relevant information about the garage space, you will be much more successful. It is not enough to state in the title that a garage is available for rent. Additional information in the garage title is urgently required: The exact type of garage (e.g. underground car park, single car park, double car park, garage box, multi-storey car park, collective car park) is the street name and district, condition and type of opening (e.g. radio transmitter, key, parking card, etc.) helpful information for those interested. Here's an example: Secure and underground parking space at Blindengasse 1080 Vienna.

    The description of the garage should be true, accurate and detailed. The maneuvering area and turning options are to be described and for which cars the garage parking space is best suited, e.g. B. small cars to medium cars, large cars or SUVs. Those who advertise their garage space correctly and honestly create a great deal of trust and interest.

    Paragraphs and short and understandable sentences are recommended for a good and clear structure. Private garage providers should also mention in the description that the garage is offered for rent without sales / VAT. For commercial garage tenants, this is important information when choosing the right garage. As a private garage provider, you should also mention the reason why you want to rent the garage out, e.g. I don't have a car and that's why the space is free.

  • Take nice garage photos

    Meaningful photos are just as important as a description of the garage. Beautiful and bright pictures that show the garage parking space, the driveway and the maneuvering and turning options in front of the parking space are very important for searchers before they book a garage. In addition, photos prevent possible complaints and ensure the perfect and long-term garage tenant.

  • Specify the dimensions of the garage

    The dimensions of the garage space must meet the requirements of the car to be accommodated. This principle is easier said than done, especially with new and large cars. Therefore, when renting a garage, it is necessary to specify the width and length of the area as well as the width and height of the garage entrance.

  • The optimal monthly price for a rental garage

Which garage rental and duration is perfect?

One aspect that many internet platforms or real estate portals neglect when renting out garages is a garage-relevant advertising process, which helps garage landlords to provide all the important information to interested parties. This is important so that potential garage tenants can make good fact-based and information-based decisions. Anyone who offers their garage for rent should therefore provide the following information:

  • The total monthly rent including ancillary and operating costs

  • The amount of the deposit

  • Right of termination for garage tenants and garage landlords

  • Minimum rental period of the garage rental

  • Start of garage rental and maximum availability of the garage term (e.g. up to an indefinite period)

  • Payment of the garage rent monthly in advance

What does a garage rental contract look like?

Anyone who would like to rent or rent a garage should have a garage rental agreement or a confirmation of the garage booking. Garages and apartments can be mapped together in a rental agreement or rented out separately. The advantage of renting a garage is that it does not fall under the strict rule of tenancy protection law and that it significantly simplifies termination for garage tenants and garage lessors. Should discrepancies arise during the rental of the garage or the circumstances change, the owner and garage tenant can simply terminate the contract or the garage booking without having to fear legal consequences or disputes. A garage booking or a garage contract offers both garage landlords and garage tenants greater flexibility and simplicity compared to a flat contract. A template for a garage booking or garage contract is attached at the end.

The template contains the most important points, such as the start of the rental, the garage rental, the residential address of the contracting parties and the number and type of openers and which vehicle may be parked. Whether the termination is verbal, in writing or online. Both sides thus have the necessary flexibility and at the same time the opportunity to look for another tenant or another garage. If you want to add special garage rules or a garage order, you can easily add your rules.


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