What surprises you about Indians

Howgh! Buffalo Bill pitched his Indian tents on Dortmund's Fredenbaum in 1891

In addition, the Dortmund daily published an interview with William F. Cody. A reporter from the “Mainzer Tagesblatt” had the opportunity to talk.
"Well, Colonel, how do you like it in our fatherland?" Was my first indiscreet question.
“Excellent, very excellent; I find the greatest concession everywhere, especially on the part of the military authorities. You see, "he went on," I couldn't possibly drag all these workers over from America, and here I couldn't always find the necessary number of good people at once; 50-60 soldiers help me out of an emergency. And they are also served with it - they received 35 pfennigs per hour and their food. "

That brought us to the subject of "cost point".
"Well," he said with a smile, "you can write an average of 10,000 M expenses per day and an income of 20,000 marks."

I openly expressed the astonishment that you, dear reader, feel at these figures without wanting to offend your ability to estimate. "That is monstrous!" I shouted.
“All right, yes, sir - but look at the whole company and - do the math. Every day I feed about 300-350 people, 160 horses, 25 buffalo - incidentally, the largest living herd in the world, they have all been killed - I have enormous travel and transport costs, and very expensive management personnel; on the other hand, there is space for 10,000 people, two performances a day. We always travel in such a way that we are there at night, with work early in the morning and with shows in the afternoon.
You see, that has been done since this morning - he pointed to the soon-to-be-finished grandstands. - What we bring is a novelty never seen - that brings us filled places. Not just curiosity and curiosity, but also the desire to learn finds its satisfaction with us. Our tour is a cultural and historical mission. But be careful not to get kicked! '"