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Hunting examinations are aimed at demonstrating and assessing the skills necessary for the practical requirements of hunting. In addition, there are shape assessments based on physiological and aesthetic aspects. In a time that is constantly changing due to settlement, agricultural industry or recreational uses, one could think about the meaning and purpose of one or the other discipline. On the other hand, not every change in the natural environment can be reflected in new exam situations. In any case, the fact is that the dogs are well prepared and released into everyday hunting due to the existing testing system and that this means that performance breeding can be easily compared.

Amba's previous exam results at a glance:

Derby grades

Form value review grades

Solms grades

Association dog test VGP grades

International Shorthair Examination grades

Association welding test grades

41. Dr. Kleemann Zuchtauslese grades

Exam preparation

A calm, natural look is important during exams. Certainly not easy, but if you take yourself so far as to go hunting with the dog for testing, then it is for the best. A worried, insecure handler is recognized by the dog, the outcome of the test then depends on the dog's mood or just pure luck. Consistent, clear, self-confident leadership should be acquired anyway. Dogs love rituals, these give security and self-confidence. If dogs are constantly being admonished, intimidated, or maybe even beaten, then something, maybe everything, is right with the handler, at all.

The purpose of the tests is to find and encourage good dogs. So if you have someone you think can do, then you don't have to worry too much. The judges are experienced, trained and you can feel that you are in good hands with them. If an exam breaks down, it's no big deal, it happens to everyone sooner or later. You can try again somewhere else or at a different time. In the worst case, if you think you have been treated unfairly, you can appeal. Knowing the rules well is not only good for the dog test, but no matter where in life.

It is definitely advisable to take a look at an exam. Be sure to report to the judges and say that you are a spectator. Often you can then follow the exams with the judges or in the vicinity and also get one or the other professional assessment free of charge. The dates and meeting points can be found on the websites of the local clubs. Via the umbrella organization Deutsch Kurzhaar you have all the links in one place. With such a test you can often be in the middle of the action or at least very close to it. "Practice makes perfect" is a good motto not only for dog training. If you want to see the dogs at work, this is an equally good opportunity. Usually you can even find out which dogs (which kennels) are at the start a few days before the exam. Spectators and insiders are actually almost always present, a phone call to the examination director always helps.

The derby

The derby or youth search is above all a system test. This is a test in which the genetic predispositions such as searching style, will to find, protruding or the nature of the hunting dog are to be assessed. For this, the dog must not be older than 15 months and training must not yet overprint the facilities. For Amba and me it was advantageous that we practiced together with three littermates in advance and took the first test together. According to the examination regulations (PO), it is intended to test as many dogs as possible in a litter in order to be able to better recognize the genetic value of the parents (the mating). Quite apart from that, it is much more pleasant for the examinees when familiar faces are in the same situation.

Our test weather was perfect: dry, spring-like weather without a lot of wind and a lot of sun. The mood was good, there was a positive tension. Amba was allowed to look for her sister in the field as the second dog and did a good job. In a meadow she came to a standstill after just 5 minutes with a view of a nearby ditch and stood consistently in front. Since I was about 100 meters away from her, she had to wait a while. When I got to Amba, it was still standing and I took it off. "Wear" here actually means to take the dog in your arms and to carry it out of the scent trail. We didn't know whether or what was in the trench. The second dog looked for and came near the place where Amba was in charge, and worked a little further, and lo and behold, a duck flew up out of the ditch.

Amba was allowed to show her search style again in the light reeds. She stood in front of a fresh rabbit seat, worked about 20 m down the track, but unfortunately not with a sound. The last two items on the program were showing calm shooting and obedience when laying down. No problem and Amba was praised by the chairman of the judge - oh how good it is as a first-time leader. The judges did their best and gave all participants the framework for an unforgettable day.

The Solms

Like the Derby, the Solms has the character of a system test. However, the dogs for Solms should already be trained enough that they can cope with the demands that arise during the hunt. The field work is supplemented by a feathered game drag, in which the type of retrieval is assessed. In addition, the water work, i.e. the work on the live duck, is not that easy.

We had great weather again for our Solms. Thanks to the derby that went well in spring, we were perfectly motivated for further practice and training over the summer. The form value test gave us the unbelievable result of "excellent", so that we had enough incentive for everything else. Many hours of practice with the siblings should have a positive effect. In the Deutsch Kurzhaar Forum I have therefore expressed myself as follows:

We're just happy that everything went well. Fair judges, good weather conditions and a reasonable population of small game provided a lot of entertainment. The group in which Amba started was strong. Two of her sisters were there and made it doubly interesting. We were lucky and had the search first, then drag and finally water. The latter turned out to be a body of water that cannot be better imagined. The right size with water plants and lots of reeds - perfect for the duck to push. The wind picked up quite a bit in the afternoon and the conditions for the dogs were quite demanding. It should be mentioned that the previous group caused a lot of weathering. Amba rummaged around with a lot of initiative, so that secretly, and because I hadn't expected it at all, my heart opened. In the water she occasionally looked at me and a single hint was enough to take her in a new direction. I had absolutely no idea where the duck was myself, which turned out to be an advantage. Finally, after about 10 minutes of rummaging, she had pushed the duck into a corner where there was only the fatal escape from the reeds on land. Brought duck alive without embarrassing me to miss. I have to say that the other dogs also worked very convincingly in the water. One of the judges said when they passed, "See you again at the VGP". With that, all ambiguities on my part were eliminated - all the lights on green for the preparation for this.

The VGP - Master's Examination for Hunting Dogs

During the VGP, the association dog test, the dogs have to show everything that can usually occur in hunting situations over two days. The requirements are the work before and after the shot. This means that game must be searched for, whether in the field, forest or water. After the shot means that you have to search, find and retrieve under the most varied of conditions. When the dog is set on the sweat trail, you can feel how much you depend on the dog's nasal performance. Amba and I practiced and worked a lot for VGP. That everything then went so well makes you happy, but even more the feeling of having a dog that you can always rely on. Here are the slightly revised reports that I wrote again for the forum.

The IKP - International Short Hair Examination

After I had seen the IKP in Surwold in the Emsland in 2011 and was enthusiastic, Amba and I wanted that too. In 2011 we had our hands full for VGP and put things on the back burner. Now the time had come and we were excited about what to expect. Just registering was an interesting feeling, an international test whether we should really do it, always these doubts. Oh what the heck, it is certainly a good experience and in the preliminary information there was at least talk of a wine-growing region, which sounded very promising.

We knew everything that was required in terms of tasks and so only perseverance, routine and togetherness were on the training program. The drive alone was an experience, 1000 km, with the last 200 km being a motorway, which made ideal terrain, especially for stable 4x4s. In Cejkovice we were warmly welcomed to our pension. The best thing of all, of course, was that there were other IKP participants in the guesthouse, with whom we immediately started talking. Here is the judge's report from our group (Ctrl + f and then type in "Amba").

October 02-04, 2014 - Dr. Kleemann breeding selection test in Osterhofen / Donau

If you're allowed to start here, you're one of the best and no matter how it turns out, you're kind of immortal. In the best weather and the best atmosphere, 134 dog handlers plus companions made the sometimes long journey to Lower Bavaria for the 41st Dr. Kleemann exam passed. We were there and made it. We are proud and happy and wish those who had to go home without a prize every success for their next attempt. Below are some impressions of the exam and of course from Amba KS from the Great Sea and her guide.

The exam started for us with the water work. We were number three, so we had to wait first. Then it was our turn and Amba went into the water, rummaged and worked enthusiastically as if she would never do anything else. We are now waiting for the judge's report before we tell any more cheese ...

After the test with the obligatory "shootings", the highlight for the dogs: splashing around in the quarry pond - hooray!

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