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  • Hello,
    I had a helix piercing a year ago and unfortunately it hasn't healed until today. Sometimes I get the impression it's getting better, then it's bleeding and wet again ...
    It was also quite infected at the beginning, but that treated my piercering. Now I only have a small bump of "wild meat" left.
    I also exchanged the ring for a PFT stick for six months, but now I have a normal stick back in it.
    Got two other piercings and they healed without complications.

    Do you have any tips how I could support the healing?
    Or do I have to take it out?
    Thanks in advance.
    LG cayenne

    I don't want to disillusion you, but have my Helix for a few years now and it's always nasty ... sometimes more and sometimes less ... eat in my opinion normal with a cartilage piercing, .. just something different from the KVV; ) ...
    try it with a stud instead of the ring or with a thinner stick (how thick is it actually stung?)

    So I can only say of myself that I had to take my helix out after 1 1/2 years because it hadn't healed. also had several piercing changes behind me to see what it heals better with.

    Back then (I was just 14, when I had it pierced) I didn't know anything about how to care for it and the piercer who pierced me told me things that turned out to be a big mistake in retrospect.

    that's why I would say listen to the advice of the others * laughs *
    because my other two piercings have healed without any problems, only the helix not ... therefore the same problem ... I'm also interested in what you can do there, because I might want to have it pierced ^^

    greet ina

    @ Cleophilia: n completely "normal" rod .. think that is 1.6mm ... or am I completely wrong?

    I was aware that cartilage piercings are the fastest in healing ... but I was hoping that someday there would be peace. I haven't done anything to it lately, no jewelry change or the like ... that's why it's so annoying that it bleeds again 🙁

    As far as I know, the things are often only stung to 1.2 mm, ... then of course presses when you put in a thicker one, try as I said with the stud possibly from ptfe that doesn't have too much leeway and then moves too much ... if 1.2 always still too fat eat go down to 1.0, ... and then just be patient (mine eats 6 years or so old, by the way)

    I let myself be shot several years ago * ugh * and that easily went on for another year and hurt like anything else (I don't know anymore why I didn't figure it out ... * shrug *). salt water helped me back then ... and tyrosur gel * advertising * 😉 and always watch out that the hair doesn't get wrapped around it ... just try ... now i have no more problems with it. wish you much success 🙂

    Also had stress for years with the things on top of the cartilage and then always treated it with beta adonna and at some point put some decent jewelry in ... et voilà ... The ears have calmed down and since then I have had no more problems ...

    what is neat jewelry ???

    Sush @ sush

    Apparently I was really lucky with my cartilage piercings (Helix and Industrial, pricked directly with a stick, not very healing).
    Octi and Tyrosur was probably the ideal combination for me, it took 4 months each and it was mostly healed (even the insutrial), no more sipping and no pain ... (the complete regeneration of the cartilage took a few more months)
    A tip that also helped me: don't mess around with it too much, not even when cleaning. It is important that "calm" comes into the piercing from time to time.
    (that was my mistake at the beginning)

    Otherwise all the best for the healing =)

    to my shame i have to admit that all my helixes (5) were shot * ashamed * i had no problems at all; were also healed relatively quickly.
    I had 96% alcohol for maintenance (my ma is a dental assistant). I hardly fiddled with it either.
    wish you good luck with the healing

    The helix piercing is a real problem. I have had to take some out again because they absolutely did not want to heal and led to severe swellings.
    Give it a try with a saline solution. Add a teaspoon of salt to half a liter of water. Dab the piercing with a pad several times a day and let it take effect.
    Wish you good luck.

    Tyrosur should only be used in the event of inflammation and should not be slapped on immediately after the sting ... and should not be used permanently.

    have Helix and Anti Helix etc. and have no problems with them (I'm glad about it), the first time they had all messed around, but now everything is fine and it's been for years ...
    I have it for about 10-15 years (galub even longer) "but it doesn't matter" :-))
    I maintained them with Tyrosur and 3% hydrogen!

    @ Zeiser: where do you get hydrogen from?
    @ Porphyria: my piercing is already n years old ... how long can you use tyrosur? I don't want that as permanent treatment ...

    You can get hydrogen in the pharmacy. You should only take tyrosur as long as it is really badly inflamed.

    ... by "proper" jewelry I mean rings or bars that fit and are made of good material, so no silver earrings that are too large or similar from the fair ... 😉

    I once had two helixes, both shot. = (One thing healed wonderfully and the other one I took out at some point. It was always swollen and it didn't help. However, now I don't even know whether I had a plug or a ring in it. = I have a healed helix I ´n ring, works quite well. However, if I lie on it for too long, then it tugs every now and then. Then turn on alcohol (pharmacy), then eat it well again. =) And don't play around with it.

    Thank you for all the answers 🙂
    Well, my piercing will probably continue to take good care of me and don't do too much with it. It wasn't fired, I also have “decent” jewelry in there (maybe I'll switch back to PFT), it's not really inflamed either (so Tyrosur is probably nothing) ... it just helps to wait and see arten

    jo, wait and be lucky. I currently have 4 healing, 3 of them have zero probes and are almost pain-free after about 2 months, and one has really started nicely with meat, bleeding etc. well, just leave it alone and at some point it will stop again 🙂

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