Your friend loves you

The true love 10 signs your boyfriend is right for you

Your first dates were wonderful, you are totally in love and would like to spend every second with your boyfriend? Then you've already found the right one! Or? Now clear any doubts from the world. With this checklist you can be sure that you have found the right partner for life in your sweetheart.

He lets you be exactly who you are

Your friend is not trying to change you. He accepts your hobbies, your friends, and your interests. In doing so, he does not try to force his interests on you. If your loved one really fully accepts and loves you for who you are, then you can be sure that their feelings are really real.

You do not doubt your relationship

Everyone knows them: Small differences of opinion that suddenly turn into huge relationship conflicts. Even if you run into each other from time to time, you do not doubt your love. Besides, you can't be mad at each other for long anyway.

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He brings out the best in you

Your sweetheart makes you a better person. He supports you and encourages you to achieve your goals. He takes away your fear and helps you in difficult situations. At his side you surprise yourself again and again. If he manages to get the best out of you, you should never let him go again.

He loves to surprise you

There is probably nothing worse than a relationship where there is no more variety. A few flowers or a romantic dinner can work wonders. Does your friend like to surprise you with small gifts? Perfect!

He honestly tells you his opinion

The right person should be honest with you in every situation. The new jeans might be a little too tight after all? If your friend can honestly tell you that too, you have a reliable partner by your side.

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Blind trust

You know you can rely on your partner 100 percent. He is always there who you need him and puts you first. Are you there for him too? Then you two are a great team!

You treat each other with respect, even in an argument

In an argument it can get loud from time to time. Nevertheless, insults should never fall. Because even if you are angry with each other, you should treat each other with respect. Can you argue in a sophisticated way without becoming unfair and hurtful? Then you are made for one another.

You can live with your quirks

Everyone has little flaws. However, it's important to find the one partner who can live with each other's quirks. If certain character traits of your sweetheart drive you crazy and you absolutely cannot live with them, that could lead to problems at some point.

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You can also spend time without each other

Certain freedom is a must for every relationship. Spend an evening with your girls and let your boyfriend go out with his buddies. If you can have fun alone and create space for each other, you are a great couple.

He doesn't judge you for your past

He doesn't care how many relationships you've had before him. For him, only the here and now counts. Does your loved one think bad of you because of things you did before you knew each other? Jackpot! It should be so!

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