Why don't people like you

21 Apr Episode 103: Being Popular - Why Everyone Doesn't Have to Like You

Be popular? Those who make clear decisions and don't shy away from addressing uncomfortable issues at work run the risk of not always being liked by everyone. At the same time, the need to be liked makes sense both personally and professionally. Because we support people we like. So it can also be an important aspect of your success that others like you.

How can we deal with the fact that we cannot always be popular with everyone? Why is it still important - also for long-term success, that we take the risk of not being liked? That's what this podcast episode is about.

In this episode on the topic of "being popular" you will find out

???? why it is good and important to be non-conformist and to take the risk of not being popular.

???? 5 steps to deal with the fear of not being liked - for a clear, self-determined demeanor.

???? how you and your professional and private relationships can grow in the long term due to conflicts.


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"Lean In: Women and the Will to Success" by Sheryl Sandberg offers many practical tips for women and men to question topics such as visibility, role allocation in partnerships and career planning and to live in their own style.

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