What is the main vision of life

This is how you find your vision of life

Are you one of the lucky few who know exactly what goals you want to achieve in life? Congratulation! Because that is exactly what most people have great difficulties with. It is not that difficult to develop a vision of your life! We'll show you a simple method to uncover your heart's goals.

What connects a vision with goals

For many people, life babbles like this: They have not set specific goals that are really important to them. A promotion would be chic or a little more salary. But does that really make you happy? Or is it not more the expectations of the others? Not easy! To find your heart goals, a vision of what your life should look like will help you. It should describe the state or goal that you want to achieve. At best, your vision should drive you and motivate you every day. A vision gives your life a deeper meaning and ultimately embodies your lifelong dream. She is what you are really passionate about!

Visualize goals with the vision board

Studies show that visualizations make it much easier to “stick with” the implementation of goals. Because visual visions arouse your emotions and unconsciously support you in doing everything to make your dreams come true. You can therefore use pictures of your "heartfelt goals" as a motivational aid in order to stay on the ball with the implementation. With a “vision board”, a kind of “collage”, you can visualize your goals.

Just get started with the Vision Board

You need:

  • The material: A pin board, pins, photos, sayings, cards or clippings from magazines. Important: The pictures and sayings should show exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Leisure and rest: Inwardly imagine your “happy place” where you can relax. You can best discover your heart's goals there in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Honest questions to ask yourself:
    • Who or what in the world do you like best?
    • Do you know your dream job?
    • What would you do if you were 100% sure it would be successful?
    • Would you act differently if you had no fears or financial constraints?
    • How would you want to live if you were immortal?
  • A look into your future: Imagine your life in 5 or 10 years. Where do you want to live? Who do you spend your time with and what do you want to do for a living? If you achieve your goals, picture your future life as accurately as possible.

How to get productive:

  • Create your world: Now create your target collage on the pin board! You can stick your picture in the middle and surround yourself with positive pictures and sayings, e.g. about partnership, career goals, living, skills.
  • Keep an eye on your board every day: Hang up your finished vision board so that it is clearly visible so that you always have it in front of your eyes and will remind you of your goals again and again.

tip: Thanks to a daily companion who always reminds you of your goal, e.g. B. a key ring, you do not lose sight of your goal in everyday life.

Now it's your turn! Just go ahead ...

Do you need more tips? Our success journal “Just get started” shows you how you can stick to it in order to realize your vision and the goals you have set for yourself. With the planner you can develop helpful routines in just 100 days so that you can work towards your goal in a structured and focused manner.

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