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Klecks (German) [edit]

Noun, m[To edit]

[1] a blobKetchup on a towel

Word separation:

Blob, plural: blob · se


IPA: [klɛks]
Audio samples: blob (Info)
Rhymes: -ɛks


[1] colloquial: small amount of a pasty or viscous substance
[2] Stain caused by a pasty or liquid substance


attested since the 18th century; older form Blob attested since the 16th century; this to the verb blob educated[1][2]


[1] No brainer
[2] stain


[2] Blot of paint, blot of ink


[1] I want another one blob Jam on the bun.
[1] There has to be one more blob Cream on it!
[1] "The Blobswhich he did with it, he dabbed open with a corner of the blotting paper. "[3]
[2] Now I have one blob on the blouse.
[2] Look, there are louder here Blobs on the tablecloth.

Characteristic word combinations:

[1, 2] make a blob

Word formations:

blotch, blotchography

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

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Similar words (German):

written and / or pronounced similarly:No brainer, cookie