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If you've discovered this shop on the Internet, then we most likely share a common interest. Enjoying and tasting spirits in cocktails. At BarFish, we enjoy bar culture and see ourselves as ambassadors for good drinks. Low prices and a wide range are waiting for you.

new hits

  • Montenegro Select Bitter Aperitif 0.7 liters 17.5% vol.
    14,00 €
    (Price per liter: € 20.00)
  • Brew Dog LoneWolf Cactus & Lime 0.7 liters 40% vol.
    26,90 €
    (Price per liter: € 38.43)
  • Suaro Lemon Hard Seltzer 0.33 liters 4% vol.
    1,99 €
    (Price per liter: € 6.03)
  • Mezan Jamaica Rum 2005 0.7 liters 46% vol.
    59,90 €
    (Price per liter: € 85.57)
  • Rammstein Rum Limited Edition Islay Cask Finish 0.7 liters 46% vol.
    93,90 €
    (Price per liter: € 134.14)
  • Berlin Seltzer Lemon Ginger 0.33 liters 1.1% vol.
    1,99 €
    (Price per liter: € 6.03)
  • Dragon slayer liqueur with herbs 0.02 liters 24% vol.
    1,00 €
    (Price per 100 ml: € 5.00)
  • Passion Martini Vodka Cocktail by Nohrlund 180 ml 10.1% vol.
    3,85 €
    (Price per 100 ml: € 2.14)
  • Berlin Seltzer Lime Yuzu 0.33 liters 1.1% vol.
    1,99 €
    (Price per liter: € 6.03)
  • Raspberry pirate liqueur 0.7 liters 16% vol.
    9,90 €
    (Price per liter: € 14.14)


  • Monin Cranberry Syrup 0.25 liters
    3,75 € 3,40 €
    (Price per 100 ml: € 1.36)
  • Monin Raspberry (raspberry) fruit puree 1 liter
    13,20 € 10,50 €
    (Price per liter: € 10.50)
  • Monin chocolate syrup 0.25 liters
    3,93 € 2,90 €
    (Price per 100 ml: € 1.16)
  • Monin Salty Caramel (Salted Caramel) Syrup 0.7 liters
    8,25 € 7,97 €
    (Price per liter: € 11.39)
  • Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale Gin 0.7 liters 41.3% vol.
    22,99 € 19,90 €
    (Price per liter: € 28.43)
  • Monin Caribbean (rum) syrup 0.7 liters
    9,07 € 7,50 €
    (Price per liter: € 10.71)
  • White Kiss chocolate nuts 0.5 liter 18% vol.
    24,95 € 22,45 €
    (Price per liter: € 44.90)
  • Dragon slayer liqueur with herbs 3 x 0.02 liters 24% vol.
    2,70 € 2,20 €
    (Price per 100 ml: € 3.67)
  • Redbreast 12 years 0.7l 40% set with 2 Redbreast tumblers
    56,90 € 41,41 €
    (Price per liter: € 59.16)
  • Picon Bière Apéritif a l´Orange bitter liqueur 1 liter 18% vol.
    17,12 € 15,72 €
    (Price per liter: € 15.72)
  • Riemerschmid Raspberry (raspberry) bar syrup 0.7 liters
    4,85 € 4,20 €
    (Price per liter: € 6.00)
  • Absolut Lolla Festival Edition 2019 0.7 liters 40% vol.
    15,20 € 14,44 €
    (Price per liter: € 20.63)

There are so many reasons to celebrate. From school or apprenticeship graduation to promotion to weddings or special birthdays. And sometimes you just want to do something good for yourself. All these occasions have one thing in common: We like to celebrate with a good drop of alcohol or give it away as a gift. But where can you find the right spirit for every occasion? Barfish.de is your online shop for cocktails and long drinks, with a huge selection of brandies, whiskey, gin, vodka, champagne, tequila and many other spirits from top brands. In addition, we provide you with everything you need for your home bar. Syrups and other mixed ingredients, glasses and merchandise items. Barfish.de offers you variety and quality. We carry almost all well-known and renowned spirits brands, offer low prices and deliver your order as quickly as possible. With hundreds of brands to choose from, you can find all your favorite spirits in our online shop. Discover the perfect gift for every occasion or finally make yourself happy again. Not only in the variety of brands, but also in the selection of a wide variety of spirits, we are your efficient partner on the Internet.

Whiskey and whiskey from all over the world

Whether traditional single malt whiskey from Scotland or American bourbon whiskey from the USA. In the Barfish online shop you will find the entire range of high quality whiskeys from around the world. And at low prices! Follow your whiskey passion and keep discovering new brands and bottlings. While many types of whiskey are drunk straight, we also have inexpensive whiskeys to mix for cocktails and long drinks in the shop. The categories American whiskey, blended scotch whiskey, Canadian whiskey, German whiskey, Irish whiskey, whiskey from Japan and single malt Scotch whiskey are particularly popular. This is also divided into the regions of Campbeltown, Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Island and Islay.

Vodka and vodka

Does every vodka taste the same? Not at all! Get to know the variety of different vodkas from different countries. With our large selection and the well-known low prices. We carry pure and flavored vodkas (flavored vodkas) as well as limited editions. Real vodka fans will always find something suitable here! We also have a good selection of ultra-premium, pure vodka and premium vodkas in the shop. You can sort in the shop not only by taste, but also by country of origin.

Tequila from Mexico

Tequila is made from the blue agave, a succulent member of the lily family that thrives on volcanic soil in the arid highlands of Jalisco State. A jimador (also called a cutter), equipped with a sharp blade on a pole, has to free the starchy heart of the agave (called a piña) from its “prison” with tall, prickly leaves. As soon as the piña is harvested, its sweet juice is extracted, fermented and then distilled into tequila. You will then find the first-class results in the Barfish.de shop - masterful tequilas from all well-known traditional manufacturers. We have varieties for mixing and drinking straight. Whether Anejo, Extra Anejo, Ultra Premium, Reposado or Silver Tequila. As a cocktail specialist, of course, with many inexpensive tequila varieties to mix.

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Luxurious champagne - whether brut, rose or vintage champagne

Sometimes it just has to be a little more noble! A good champagne is simply a must for dignified, festive occasions. The noble sparkling wine is produced exclusively in French Champagne with the "Méthode traditional". Champagne is the ultimate celebratory drink and is often drunk on special occasions such as birthdays and weddings to properly honor the occasion. You can buy a large selection of first-class champagnes from world-famous manufacturers from us. Specialized in Demi Sec, Rose, Vintage Vintage and Brut. And also from the most famous brands such as Lanson, Moet Chandon, Louis Roederer, Veuve Cliquot, Perrier Jouet or Ruinart.

Gin and genever are trendy

Gin is a juniper-flavored spirit. Made by flavoring suitable ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with juniper berries. But juniper isn't the only herbal ingredient in a good gin. Many renowned types of gins consist of more than a dozen flavoring ingredients, including: Citrus peel, cardamom, anise, licorice and various roots. Every manufacturer keeps its recipe like a big secret. That's why it's so much fun to keep discovering new types of gin. We give you the opportunity to do so with the large range of different gins in our online shop. We sell many types for drinking neat and especially for mixing for long drinks and cocktails. Because a gin and tonic tastes best. You will also find many fillers and bitter lemon in our shop. In the shop you can sort according to taste. Likewise, whether Dry Gin, London Dry Gin, Reserve Gin, Navy Strength Gin or Sloe Gin.

Liqueurs - a large selection of the best types

Nobody can refuse a liqueur in honor. Liqueurs can be used almost anywhere. Both in fruity-fresh cocktails as well as in the kitchen or simply to drink straight. Liqueurs are sweetened spirits that are provided with various aromas, oils and extracts for flavoring. Rum, whiskey, brandy, and other spirits can serve as the base spirit for liqueurs. Their history goes back centuries. They were often used for medicinal purposes. For example, many popular herbal liqueurs are originally based on remedies for various diseases. Developed by monks who specialize in alchemy. Rediscover this tradition and try our range of high-quality liqueurs made from the best ingredients. Fruit liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, herbal liqueurs, chocolate liqueurs and whiskey liqueurs are particularly popular. A large selection of cream liqueurs is also available in the shop.

Buy rum to mix and drink in the shop

What would the Cuba Libre or many cocktails be without rum? Unthinkable! Rum is a spirit that is distilled either from fermented molasses (a viscous by-product of the sugar industry) or freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. Most rums are made in sugar cane-producing countries, especially in the Caribbean. Very aged versions are usually drunk neat. While young rum is used as a mixed ingredient in classic tikis and modern cocktails. Also in the kitchen, e.g. Rum is often used in desserts or hot drinks, for example. Discover the fascinating world of fine rums in the Barfish online shop now.

Fruit brandy and fruit spirit - a piece of nature with tradition

A fine fruit brandy is ideal as a digestif or for use in cakes, desserts and other sweets. German fruit brandies in particular, for example the well-known kirsch from the Black Forest, have now achieved world fame. What could be more obvious than testing different fruit brandies from our large range and finding your personal favorite? Take a look around in the right category. Fruit schnapps and schnapps never went out of style. And we have a very large selection in our shop from all countries. You can sort according to brown rum, white rum and premium rum.

In addition to the examples mentioned here, we have a large range of other spirits, for example cognac, brandy, calvados, grappa, prosecco and various non-alcoholic specialties.

Everything for the bar for making cocktails and long drinks

Are you a professional bartender or do you like to mix your cocktails as a hobby in your local (cellar) bar? Barfish.de has the right accessories. We have almost everything ready for mixing cocktails and long drinks. From the right glasses to fruit syrups and accessories for the bar. Take a look around! As you can see: At Barfish.de you get everything you need in terms of spirits and equipment for your bar. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right spirits and other items. Just talk to us.