How should I plan a move

Organize your move in 10 steps

After the exciting decision to move into a new home has been made, you will have to organize the move (for better or for worse). Moving to a new home requires a lot of planning in advance and a lot of patience. But good organization is essential. We advise you to leave as little as possible to improvisation on the actual day of the move.

Of course, you can't organize everything in the smallest detail when moving, but you can definitely prepare well. Your nerves and also those of your volunteers will be grateful to you for all the advance planning on the day of the move.

The task of having to organize a move looks like an indomitable beast, especially at the beginning. Where do you start? How should you roughly divide up how you should organize a move? How do you make sure that nothing essential is forgotten?

So, the best thing is to get yourself a pen and paper and pour yourself a good glass of wine (I personally advise you to have a bar of your favorite chocolate). We Moveria Minions will be at your side with taming this very special beast with advice and checklists - so let's organize a happy move.

Organize the move: schedule the process

In this article, we will list the necessary steps and also small extra tips for the individual stages of the move and divide them according to the time required. We divide the planning phases into “before the move”, “during the move” and “after the move”.

A must for your upcoming project is our checklist on the subject. You can have them sent to your email address free of charge using the link below. This is a very clear and helpful to-do list for your big project.

Before moving

(Or: The time to enjoy good wine and chocolate to calm your nerves)

When organizing a move, a certain serenity and relaxation are the best recipe for success. So give yourself enough time to plan and always allow yourself breaks in between.

Prepare early

The early preparation when organizing a move should start 3-4 months in advance.

Apartment Search

First and foremost, of course, is the search for an apartment. Whether alone or with a partner and family, this is usually a very exciting and even fun part when you have to organize a move. Make a small list of the things you expect from your new home (city, location, size, and amenities). In our article on the best moving apps, you will also find helpful applications for looking for an apartment in Germany for your smartphone. Once a few properties have made it onto the shortlist, the time to view the apartment begins. You can read about everything you should pay attention to in our article on the subject of apartment viewing. Once you have found your dream apartment, the joy is of course great. But don't be too hasty to sign the rental agreement. If you have any doubts about some clauses, it is better to have the contract checked by a lawyer first.

Moving with or without a moving company?

The question of whether you want to use a moving company or not should be decided relatively early on when organizing the move. A company is of course ideal for stress-free moving days, but of course this is also a question of budget. In any case, expect that the nerves of everyone involved will be spared on the day of the move by professional help. The know-how and experience of professional moving companies can be worth their money.

Find a reputable moving company now

Reserve the moving van

If you decide to do the move on your own and with the help of friends, then you have to consider other things when organizing the move. If you have large and unwieldy pieces of furniture to transport and none of your friends and relatives have a pick-up or a minibus available, then a moving truck will probably be inevitable. The reservation of a rental car should also be done at an early stage in order to avoid standing there at the last second without the possibility of transporting the washing machine and co. With our article on renting a moving van, you are well prepared for this task.

Apply for a no-parking zone

If the moving van is reserved, you should now organize something very important for the move: Is there enough space in front of your front door for the moving van? If you live in a city, the parking spaces in front of the front door are probably always occupied, right? Then you should definitely apply for a stopping ban for the move. You can do this at the regional council office, the road traffic office or the responsible local office. How the application works, we explain in our article "Applying for a no-stopping ban for the move: It saves you nerves and time". You can also order the no-parking zone here:

Apply for a no-parking zone

Get moving boxes

But you should not only take care of the moving truck in advance, but also the moving boxes. This naturally raises the question of how many of these boxes you actually need for a move. We have also put together some helpful articles for you at Moveria-Minions: How many moving boxes are needed and where you can get the boxes from can be found under the respective links to the articles. You can order the following moving box set on Amazon. Just click on the photo. [amazon_link asins = ’B004UF5NH6, B01BI82TAG, B00ZCM5JXY‘ template = ’ProductCarousel‘ store = ’moveriade-21 ′ marketplace =’ DE ‘link_id =’ 90d3fce7-9362-11e8-b549-adc0364]

Terminate the current rental agreement

The termination of the lease is another important point. There is almost always a precisely defined period of notice that must be observed if you do not want to lose part of your deposit when you move out. When you start organizing the move, you should always have all the documents and contracts relating to the old (and also the new) apartment to hand right from the start. All services that run under your name must be canceled in advance, taking into account the notice period.

Re-register services

Here is a brief overview of the most important points that should be considered in advance when "organizing a move" and with additional links to helpful articles from

Register power supply

If you move, it is financially worthwhile to compare different electricity providers. So you can decide whether you can continue the existing contract or whether you should change the electricity provider.

Compare electricity providers now

Apply for leave

You may also want to take an extra day or two off when you move. Vacation days for the move are not absolutely necessary, as there are also weekends, but they can contribute a lot to a stress-free process. If you decide to take vacation when you move, it is best to apply for it with your employer a few months in advance to make sure that you can get time off on this date.

Plan handover

Another important point in the early phase of the relocation organization is the appointment of the handover of the old home, as well as the handover of the keys for the new apartment. Of course, these two things should be done on the same day so that you always have a roof over your head. If not on the same day, you can schedule the handover of the old four walls a few days after handing over the keys to the new apartment, provided that the landlords of both properties agree to the date.

Plan home furnishings

At this point, organizing a move is really fun. Lay out the plan of the new apartment, measure out your furniture. If you move in with your partner, measure their furniture too, and then it goes to the home furnishings. You can choose the old-fashioned way and draw the furniture on paper and discard. Of course, the dimensions of these must match the floor plan of the apartment. Or you can download a setup software and plan on the computer.

That brings us to the bottom of the “early preparation” list when you need to organize a move. Perhaps a good time to sip a sip of wine and indulge in a piece of dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts (my personal favorite).

Preparation shortly before the day of the move (the week before)

In the days before the actual moving day, there are also certain things to do. For example, a helpful shopping list to make sure that you are well prepared for the day of the move could be helpful.

Pack moving boxes

Organizing a move is especially fun when it comes to packing the moving boxes. Of course we also have very helpful articles for you. These tips for packing your belongings will make things easier for you. It is important that you do not pack the individual boxes too heavily (to keep the risk of injury as low as possible) and that you label each individual box. A rough summary of the contents and the target area of ​​the box, e.g. living room or dining room, is enough to write on it. Packing the moving boxes in the kitchen can be a very special challenge. Hopefully this article can save you some broken pieces and if something breaks, then remember: broken pieces bring luck.

Depending on the amount of things to be transported, you should perhaps even start packing the boxes up to two weeks in advance. But initially only pack the things that are not needed every day. Essential items that you will likely want to use until the last day should be packed shortly beforehand. My coffee machine, for example, is always the last household appliance that is transported during my various moves. It is also a good idea to pack an extra “ready-to-hand” bag.

Toothbrush, pajamas, and possibly the children's favorite toys (if the move goes with the children) can be packed in this bag so that you don't have to laboriously read all the box labels to locate these important things. You should have our checklist on packing moving boxes to hand on these days.

Inform neighbors about the move

In order to prevent possible inconvenience and to have a good start with the new neighbors, you should inform the surrounding area of ​​the move in both the old and the new apartment. Often times it can get very loud and with a nice advance notice and good “organize the move”, you can avoid possible conflicts very well.

Confirmation received from moving helpers

Be sure to confirm the time and date of the moving day with the moving company or with the nice volunteer helpers. Also make sure that you have arranged and organized the catering for the helpers a day or two before the move. Especially with voluntary crate haulers from your circle of friends, you should make sure that there is enough food and drink available - this is an unwritten rule in the world of moving.

Final cleaning

The handover of the apartment and the desirable reimbursement of the deposit are also imminent. Read our tips on cleaning your apartment when you move out so that you don't miss anything essential. The final cleaning should take place shortly before the key is handed over, when all your belongings have already been moved to the new apartment. Here is another helpful blog post on the subject of "Handing over the apartment BESENREIN", in which the term "swept clean" is defined and explained in more detail. It is of course better to do the cleaning when the apartment is empty, i.e. after moving, but there is not always time for this on the day of the move.

Defrost the refrigerator

Even more important before the actual day of the move: defrost the refrigerator and freezer compartment. No matter whether it is your device or whether it stays in the apartment for the next tenant. Maybe give food that would spoil without refrigeration to the neighbors. As a small parting present, so to speak. If you even have to take this unwieldy thing with you into your new apartment, here are a few good tips for transporting the refrigerator.

So, with this the moving organization should be completed in advance and you should be perfectly prepared for the moving day. In order not to forget any points, we recommend our book “The checklist for your move”. Click on the following button and order it as a paperback or as an e-book on Amazon.

During the move - the moving day

(Or: The time for a little less wine, but more chocolate)

Now it is here, the big moving day, and the whole “organizing move” in advance is now being put to the test. The Moveria article on the subject of "Stress-free moving day" may give you one or two helpful suggestions for this day. Prepare the catering for all your helpers, as already discussed in advance and here are a few more tips on how you can keep yourself and everyone involved in a good mood during this stressful day.

In addition to the good old handwork and lugging the countless boxes, there are two very important things to do on this day. First the handover of the old home. This is a very important appointment that requires good preparation. Our article on apartment handover gives you an excellent summary of the things that lie ahead of you. Since these are also money matters and refunds of a deposit, it pays to pay close attention to this point when organizing your move. The second important appointment is taking over the new apartment and handing over the keys. Here, too, there are a few things that need to be considered. Our overview of taking over the apartment gives you a good summary of the things to be considered.

After the move

(or: It's almost there - wine and chocolate as a reward)

Quite clearly: first of all, the most important things have to be unpacked, furniture reassembled and sometimes the legs have to be put up for a while. But also the follow-up of such a move requires a little organizational effort.

Check moving goods

If you have moved with a moving company, your belongings are insured through the company. Now, however, it is your job to report damage if something broke while moving. However, you often only have 48 hours to do this. That is why you should inspect all of your belongings as soon as possible after moving. If the moving boxes were packed by the moving company, you should also open the boxes and check that everything has remained free of breakage. However, if you packed the moving boxes yourself, the moving company's insurance will not cover this damage. Because whoever packs, is liable.

Register apartment

When organizing a move, you must not forget the necessary administrative procedures. One of your duties as a German citizen is to report the new address to the responsible citizens' office. You usually have around two weeks after moving into your new home. We have also provided a suitable article and the associated change of address checklist on our website to help you overcome this bureaucratic hurdle.

The beast “Organize Moving” should be tamed with this and this article should provide a good overview of what needs to be done. Although it was very important to us to make this article as complete as possible, we may of course have missed one or the other thing that would be important when organizing a move. We therefore cordially invite you to point out any neglected points in our comments. Every suggestion, no matter how small, can be of real help to us at, but above all to others who are about to have a big move.

Organize move: infographic

And because it was so nice, we have an infographic on the subject of "Organizing a move". If you have a website where you would like to share this beautiful graphic, you are welcome to do so. It is only important that you put a link to Moveria under the graphic.

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