The current food cycle increases cancer patients

The awakening of the Valkyrjar

Heilton Rasmin

432 Hertz flute:

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Tosh the flute maker: e-mail
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The song of the reed flute

(from the Mesnevi by Rumi, edited by Dieter Halbach)

Listen to the flute - as she tells how she complains about separation and speaks:

“Since I was cut out of the reed bed, husband and wife have been crying at my complaint.

I seek the hearts of those tormented by loneliness

- only they understand the pain of my longing.

Who is far from his home

who longs for the day of his return ...

The breath of the flute is fire - not wind!

What good is your life without this fire?

The fire of love brings music to the reeds

and the wine * its taste.

The song of the flute soothes the pain of lost love.

Their melody tears the veil from our hearts.

Has there ever been such a bitter poison or such sweet sugar as the song of the flute?

Have you ever seen a lover like her?
* Wine: the intoxicating love of God

When the snake charmer with the extended fetal staff conjures the snake with the movement (snakes cannot hear), then he means, blindly, the conjuring of the 7 chakras of the Kundalini snake through the 7 frequencies of the flute tones.
So the secret lies in the exact resonance frequency of our energy centers and the rise of Kundalini power, up to enlightenment.

Flutes made of bamboo and cane have a magic that touches and enchants the listener.
The main reason for this is as follows
reeds and bamboo contain a considerable amount of DMT.
You are wondering what DMT is: click
As the farmer and the player connect with the plant soul, the plant spirit can animate the player and the inspiration of the sacred leads to the healing sounds.
So playing the flute has become my worship service and the place where I play has become my temple
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My flutes come from the hand of Tosh the flute maker and can also be purchased from him. click
Also flutes in 432 Hertz on request
why can that be decisive?
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Overtone singing

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Most people can see it but don't want to think any further!

Lately the blue skies have been piling up without any chemtrails.
An internal war is going on in the sprayer scene.

For all skeptics. There are no chemtrails in Iran, although there are airplanes.
Articles on the topic:

  • Ex FBI boss explains what the chemtrails are for: click
  • Airplane caught on approach with chemtrail: click
  • Chemtils are also flown by drones: click
  • Parasites and symbionts sprayed by chemtrails: click

In this interview, the topic and the background to what happened are dealt with very deeply and in detail.
Definitely worth seeing!

Greetings to Harald Kautz Vella
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Food safety authority assessment later than expected
Pesticides with the active ingredient glyphosate have been classified by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) as “probably carcinogenic”. Now the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has to assess the case so that a new approval can be decided. But the exam apparently takes more time than expected.

Critics call for an immediate ban
Glyphosate is one of the most widely used pesticides and is widely used for weed control in agriculture as well as by municipalities and private individuals. But now the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), has assessed the agent as "probably carcinogenic" after evaluating various studies. Critics are calling for an immediate ban, and in many places there is uncertainty as to whether glyphosate can continue to be used or not.

European Commission decides on further approval
Accordingly, the assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is eagerly awaited. This is currently checking the status of a renewed approval of the weed killer, because the EU-wide approval expires at the end of 2015 after ten years. The EFSA's conclusion is then sent to the European Commission, which decides whether or not glyphosate will be included in the EU list of approved active substances.

The assessment is not expected until autumn
But this process seems to be taking longer than previously assumed. As a spokesman for the EFSA announced, the assessment is not to be expected until August 13th, as originally planned, but rather at the end of October or the beginning of November, reports the Austrian news agency "APA". The postponement was justified by the official report from the IARC, which was submitted only last week. Because the classification “probably carcinogenic” should be included in the evaluation.

According to the IARC, limited human and animal studies had provided sufficient evidence that glyphosate could cause cancer. In doing so, the WHO authority contradicted earlier assessments by other institutions. In its last assessment, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also came to the conclusion that, according to the current data situation, no carcinogenic risk for humans could be derived if the agent was used correctly. (No)


Greetings to the nature-conscious


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MC radiation damage:
Approach according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Rays damage the life forces

The penetration of Mind Control Rays is a kind of attack on the human life forces. Every pulse of radiation from a distance leaves a trauma. Whether it's micro or Scalar waves acts is irrelevant.
Like normal diseases, foreign energy acts on the area of ​​the human Life forces and triggers disturbances there. The life energies (qi) cannot process the “external energy” without strengthening them through naturopathic treatment.

After much trial and error, these two areas have proven to be most important therapeutic approaches highlighted:

A - earth (middle)

B - metal (surface)

By means of nutrition according to the 5 elements, the vital forces of earth and metal are to be dynamized and blockages to be released.
A procedure that is described below has proven to be viable. Depending on the consistent use, the radiation-related complaints can be reduced by ~ 50 to 80%.

Strengthen earth (center)

The middle according to the TCM has to function through targeted intake of food be strengthened.
To do this, you have to pay attention to the flavor assignment. The assignment is with the earth (middle) that Sweet. This means the various natural sugars and sweet foods.

Description - strengthen the center, supply

Compensate metal (surface)

The color effect of a food also plays a role serious Role. The color vibrations are essential for the regulation of the so-called surface. To add color to the body, fruits and vegetables are best.
In order to specifically strengthen the central center, you can use the color yelloworientate.

Description - level the surface

Make your own experiences

In order to be able to use the food and remedies in a more targeted manner, one should look for moments when one can observe the mode of action in peace.
By doing this, the memory of a specific effect remains better in the memory. You experience yourself, you learn. This helps to reduce uncertainties. You should make concise notes of important findings.

Characteristic for a positive effect is a better body feeling.


The relationships according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are presented in a very simplified manner. Practical tips for action, with which those affected by radiation can better survive heavy exposure, are more important than long explanations.

This is information about health-enhancing procedures. They do not constitute treatment. For practical application, please consult a doctor you trust.


Greetings to those who can think and act accordingly to worry about


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Meat is perfectly packaged in the refrigerated counter in the supermarket. But you cannot tell whether it is contaminated with bacteria or not. To make matters worse, it seems to be more and more common bacteria that have already developed antibiotic resistance. They are dangerous and can cause serious infections and death in people with compromised immune systems. Then there are hardly any drugs that could help. The solution therefore lies in prevention. Also, not every meat is contaminated with the problematic germs, but prefers that from factory farming.


Bacteria risk meat

Again and again there are deaths from antibiotic-resistant germs. The origin of these germs is often unclear. New studies now indicate that meat from conventional factory farming is one of the previously unrecognized sources of resistant pathogens such as B. represents Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Klebsiella is a bacterium named after the bacteriologist Edwin Klebs. It can be found in many places in nature, but can also colonize the mucous membranes of humans and animals.

Usually these bacteria pose no threat. In people with a weakened immune system or acute infections, however, Klebsiellae can turn out to be pathogens. The most common consequences include pneumonia and urinary tract infections, and more rarely blood poisoning and wound infections.

It is particularly unfavorable that Klebsiella are now among the so-called multi-resistant pathogens.

Klebsiella: Antibiotics no longer work

Multi-resistant pathogens are so dangerous because they are insensitive to most antibiotics. This means that if someone becomes ill because they have become infected with multi-resistant germs, there are hardly any drugs that can save them. The German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) now assumes up to 30,000 deaths per year - from infections with multi-resistant pathogens.

In Europe, antibiotic resistance is still on the rise. According to Dr. Elisabeth Meyer from Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine the Charité In Berlin, more people will soon die from multi-resistant germs than from cancer. There has been a worrying increase in the number of multi-resistant pathogens of the Klebsiella type in particular.

After being in the premature and neonatal unit of the Bremen-Mitte Clinic had developed an infection with Klebsiella, from which three of the premature babies died, the ward was closed, disinfected and rebuilt. Shortly after the reopening, however, Klebsiella were discovered again and two babies died again.

The largest Klebsiella outbreak occurred in Germany, however, in University Hospital Leipzig: From mid-2010 to early 2013, 63 people were infected - almost half of these patients died.

Factory farming: source of dangerous bacteria

The Robert Koch Institute examined the outbreak in the Leipzig clinic, examining a total of 72 cases. However, the experts were unable to determine the source of the germ and ultimately assumed that the pathogen was transmitted from person to person.

Dr. Elisabeth Meyer emphasizes that the increased occurrence of hospital germs is due to the fact that doctors prescribe antibiotics too often and too unspecifically. In addition, the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry is considered to be a cause of the problem. Because if antibiotics are handled there every day, bacteria have almost limitless opportunities to adapt and develop corresponding resistances.

American scientists were now trying to find out whether factory farming is just one place where bacteria develop resistance or whether bacteria such as Klebsiella can also be transmitted to humans through the consumption of meat.

Risk of infection through meat

The one in the specialist journal Clinical Infectious Diseases published study has shown that supermarket meat from chicken, turkey and pork carries the pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae.

In addition, the research team led by Dr. Lance B. Price of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University show for the first time that the contaminated meat can be a crucial source of Klebsiella infections in humans.

So far it has U.S. food safety system focused on the popular pathogens - such as listeria and salmonella - that cause millions of food poisoning annually. It is now clear that in future Klebsiella must also be counted among the risky pathogens in food production.

The scientists examined chicken, turkey and pork products from nine large supermarkets in Flagstaff (Arizona) and were horrified to discover that almost half of the approximately 500 meat products examined contained glutinous bacteria, and that many of the strains contained had already developed antibiotic resistance .

At the same time, urine and blood samples from residents of the city and the surrounding area who were currently suffering from infections were examined. The results of the study showed that the bacteria found in the meat samples were responsible for 10 percent of the rampant urinary tract and blood infections.

From organic farming: meat without bacteria

Dr. Lance B. Price sees only one way to break the vicious circle:

"Stop the inflationary use of antibiotics in slaughter animal production."

The fact that the meat in our local supermarkets is also contaminated with bacteria is something he recently said Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (FEDERATION) again demonstrated: 57 turkey meat samples from German supermarkets were sent to the laboratory and it was then found that 74 percent of the samples contained multi-resistant staphylococci (MRSA). In contrast, no contamination was detected in the turkeys kept as an alternative.

We should therefore do everything to ensure that industrial factory farming comes to an end. On the one hand, for the sake of the animals. On the other hand, it is now becoming apparent that systems that inflict suffering on another can sooner or later also inflict damage on the person who caused the suffering. However, since demand determines supply, everyone can have an influence at this point! And if you want to continue eating meat, you should at least switch to organic meat from organic animal husbandry.


  • Sonja Burak, "Mechanisms through which Klebsiella pneumoniae can become a pathogen that cannot be controlled nosocomial infections", dissertation on obtaining a doctorate from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 2007 (source as PDF)
  • Rinke van den Brink, “The End of Antibiotics: Bacteria Victory Over a Panacea”, Books on Demand, July 2015
  • Ulrich Bahnsen, Josephina Maier, "Klebsiella's return", Die Zeit, N ° 11/2012 (source as PDF)
  • Elisabeth Meyer, "Use of antibiotics and the development of resistance in Germany", study commissioned by the Bundestag parliamentary group Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen (source as PDF)
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  • Robert Koch Institute, final report (data as of May 16, 2012), "Nosocomial outbreak due to ESBL-forming Klebsiella pneumoniae in the Center for Pediatrics, Bremen Clinic-Mitte 2011-2012", October 2013 (source as PDF)
  • "30 dead after germ infestation", Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 2012 (source as PDF)
  • "Research suggests retail meat is a potential vehicle for disease-causing Klebsiella", MNT, July 2015, (Research indicates that retail meat is a potential vehicle for disease-causing Klebsiella) (Study as PDF)
  • Lance B. Price et al, “Intermingled Klebsiella pneumoniae Populations Between Retail Meats and Human Urinary Tract Infections”, Oxford University Press, April 2015, (Study as PDF)
  • BUND, “Turkey meat from discounters contaminated with antibiotic-resistant germs. Risks and side effects of industrial animal husbandry continue to be unacceptable ", press release, January 2015, (source as PDF)
  • Jenny Witte, Jakob Christian Jekat, "Dangerous germs on turkey meat", NDR, January 2015, (source as PDF)
Greetings to those who pay attention to where they get their food from
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Police may have deliberately stopped the investigation

Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath may have been implicated in a decade-old child abuse case. The IPCC's internal police investigation has announced that it is examining allegations that a pedophile suspect was dropped from criminal investigations in the 1990s for unearthing Heath's involvement.

It is the first time that the name of such a senior politician has been mentioned in Britain, which has been shaken by a series of pedophile scandals. The conservative Heath was British Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974, he died in 2005. The internal investigation, however, is less about whether Heath committed a crime. Rather, it aims to determine whether the Wiltshire police force made a serious neglect when they dropped the investigation.

At the time, someone threatened to make it public that Heath might have been involved in crimes against children, said an IPCC spokesman. The former Prime Minister's name has been mentioned in connection with crimes against children, Wiltshire Police confirmed. She is now looking for contemporary witnesses who could help with the clarification. Heath lived in Salisbury, a small town in the county, in the 1990s.

In the UK, several child abuse investigations are currently underway against 261 influential public figures, including 76 politicians. The allegations are directed against children's homes and schools, but also other public institutions such as the BBC and the national health authority. According to estimates made by the public inquiry opened a month ago, one in every 20 British children has been sexually assaulted.

The scandal started in 2011 when, after the death of the well-known BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, it became known that he had sexually abused hundreds of children, young and terminally ill people during his lifetime.


Greetings to the uncoverers



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This text is a transcript of a radio recording of the interview by David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Open Your Mind Radio. The topics covered include the ET alliances, the evolution of consciousness, the disclosures, energetic ascension, the fall of the cabal and others. The text was supplemented by SITSS with comments, which were translated here where appropriate and then [italic] appear.

Please use your discernment. We cannot vouch for the “authenticity” of the information.

here a scout ship from one of the secret space programs: click

Background story:

• David- His knowledge of the secret space programs goes back to his college days when friends of his got a physics professor to disclose a UFO crash in Roswell and that there were three types of beings on board a ship that had a strange propulsion system. The military has developed anti-gravity ships and has been using them in the solar system for a while. The Interplanetary Community Conglomerate (ICC for short, from Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), a group of large military defense technology companies, manufactures extremely advanced technologies (not on Earth for security reasons) that are traded on a regular basis with over 900 alien civilizations, as well as irregularly with many other groups. Most of our advanced technologies were developed using resources derived from Cabal activities on Earth. It is a massive, industrial operation in space with gigantic profits. All of this technology will ultimately be made available to humanity after the unveiling.
Moderator- When will all of this happen?
• Corey- I was told by the spherical beings that it depends very much on us, our consciousness and if the right accompanying circumstances occur for a massive disclosure. Much information has been gathered from defectors of the Cabal, or as they call the SSPs, the Secret Earth Government Syndicates in order to demystify these syndicates. These defectors agreed to testify as witnesses in later tribunals.
• Moderator- Why have we not seen a decrease in Cabal activity if that is true? One could assume that the amount of false flags, bank manipulation, etc. would decrease. Then why does it seem like these things are increasing?
• Corey- In the way the Cabal romanticizes things: "We will take everything and give nothing until there is a brief fall and a sudden stop." So roughly "until we are lynched, we will fight". Like a fatally wounded bear who is most dangerous on its final breaths, they scream and kick knowing their time is over. And also because of the energetic waves that emanate from the sun, as well as the region in our galaxy that the solar system has entered. [There were multiple earth-pointing solar flares last week that even resulted in northern lights far south in Virginia and Texas]
Those with a lowered vibration, in this case the Cabal, will basically go insane and these death twitches are part of it. That's why I don't watch TV anymore. It is like an "end time madness" that affects people and that is being sparked everywhere. [We live with some people who watch TV regularly, especially news channels, and the level of programming that keeps people distracted and separated is obvious. We also met a few under 30 years old who recognized the madness on television and avoided it. So it seems that even if people are not fully awake yet, they have chosen to avoid the mass hysteria and mind control of the media ]
• Corey- The blue avians say, and I also posted it on my website, that things will get a lot worse before things start to improve again. Many people were outraged by this statement and said they had suffered enough already. [The blue avians are not here to save us, but to oversee the collective wake-up process; like parents monitor the development of a child during their learning process. In my opinion it definitely happens at a high level, but it's like learning a skill, it takes many hours of practice to finally get there. And since humanity has succumbed to this system, dependent on the Cabal itself, withdrawal will be very hard for many, especially for those who resist change and try to stick to their old patterns. The spherical beings cannot simply snap their fingers and miraculously allow us to avoid the global detox.]
• David- One of the top insiders, Mr. Doo, sort of Tesla of covert operations, worked for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. During this time, an object the size of Neptune appeared on the edge of our solar system. It was camouflaged, but there were indications that it was there. It circled the planets from the outside in [Zacharia Sitchen reported on the reverse counting of the planets, from the outside in, which the Sumerians used]. The beings in this object contacted an SSP ship and declared that they were peaceful explorers and the cabal replied: "Well, we don't want you here, get out!", Whereupon the spherical ship withdrew.

The Sphere Beings and the SSP Alliance

- Beginning in the late 90s, there was a sharp increase in the number of spherical ships in the solar system. Kent Steadman reported on this story at the time and referred to it as a sun cruiser in the images from the SOHO NASA solar observatory around 2012. Several insiders confirmed this and it was a big shock for the SSP [who believed they were in control of the solar system]. They have had contact with many thousands of extraterrestrial races and ETs, all of which were roughly human in appearance. But they had never come across anything remotely similar to the spheres before.
- Corey's program, Solar Warden, broke out of the Cabal-controlled ICC. The SSP Alliance, as it calls itself, aims to liberate humanity [they are the ones who take action to end the status quo. So instead of hoping for a "rescue" by the spherical beings, one should rather think of the "heroes" of the Alliance]. The Sphere Beings are a group of five races, one of which is the blue avians, a bird-like race. They are affiliated with the Solar Warden program. The blue avians are here to help, but must respect free will to ensure humanity can move forward. [The blue avians support the SSP alliance by defusing the energies around the solar system [the incoming energy waves for the ascent would otherwise sweep us away, as we are lagging behind in our evolution, as mentioned in earlier articles, note d. Ü.] To give all living beings, including the Cabal, an energetic support network.]
- The spherical beings are like a lioness who only hunts and weakens an animal to such an extent that its cub can deliver the fatal blow. They have to submit to free will and have a primary directive.
• Moderator- What about the negative ETs? They don't seem to be following any primary directive of any kind.
• David- Several insiders have told me that they have a set of very strict rules and that they have to follow these rules in order for their “magic” to work. Within the Cabal they are called "The Rules". Our reality comes very close to a holographic matrix, it seems that the negative can do what it wants, but in fact our reality is closely managed and guided by the angelic realms [The Cabal's plans are shrouded in the absolute plan of creation]. We must view what is happening on earth as a direct reflection of what we allow through our collective free will. [In my opinion, this statement hits the nail on the head. The Cabal must follow because it too is an aspect of the Creator, as is any will - all of the free will in the illusion is a unified reflection of the Absolute Creation. This is one aspect of the disclosure that I think a lot of people will have trouble accepting. There are innumerable horrors that we only face in small portions and when we finally accept this fact, healing and forgiveness will become possible.]

Energetic ascent

• Moderator- A question about a post on Coreys / David's website. In 2009, high Cabal insiders said there will be a massive shift in consciousness in 2017. We've heard of this change many times, so what's going to happen without drifting into New Age stuff.
• David- I've talked about it from the start. There are large amounts of well-verified scientific data on which to base it. Early on I wrote a text entitled “Platenophysical State Of Earth And Life” by Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev, who shows that the sun and all planets, with the exception of Mercury, have undergone sudden changes, just as we see it on Earth - temperature, light and magnetism increase, etc. I have those Russian data backed up with data from NASA together with Richard C. Hoagland. The media then rotated it so that the axes of the planets were tilted, thus explaining the increasing activity [however, that all of the planets have suddenly changed remains a big deal]. Jupiter has changed so much in the last five years that it could be compared to the change in temperature from the coldest place to the warmest place on earth overnight. Like from the Arctic to Death Valley. On Saturn, the entire northern hemisphere has changed dramatically.
• The other side is what the ancient prophecies tell us. 35 different, ancient cultures from all corners of the world have prophecies about the future when humanity will go through a consciousness shift that will change the essence of humanity and ultimately provide the basis for us to collectively evolve into a body of light.
• The Tibetan Buddhist religion was introduced by a man named Padmasambhava around 800 BC. founded. He could fly, push his hand through solid stone and create shapes in stone. There are still many holy places in Tibet called termas. The monk turned into light at the end of his life and then 25 monks did the same. Their bodies shrank to six inches. According to legend, they turned into a "rainbow body". The method of doing this is simply to transmute our definition of things as loving, to change the emotional quality of our experiences as always loving.
• Our planet has turned into a pyramid, like the granite sarcophagus in the great pyramid. This is an advancement tool [that blocks the energy and information from the outside world and only feeds us back our inner energies, whereupon we have to face our inner fears and blockages]. It is a terrible test to have a chance to face things that we have done to ourselves and to others, but ultimately this will lead to a great transformation of our subjective experience; we ascended.
• It seems that the Cabal is winning, but what really happened is that a lot of negativity will be allowed to take place so that we can have that “dark night of the soul” moment as a collective. [In that sense, we are in the royal chamber of the great pyramid, only on a global scale.] It's just a matter of our choices and how we address past mistakes, hence the message from the blue avians.
• Corey- In the SSP, these events were predicted for the period from 2018 to 2023, but apparently something has changed and everything has accelerated.I didn't publish any data myself, and I didn't say anything about 2017, because people then focus on these data as if it weren't necessary [constantly and already now, note d. Ü] to work on yourself. The SSP scientists studied these energetic clouds and they weren't sure what effect they would have on humans. They believed that some of the Starseed members or activated humans would begin to develop ascended abilities. They didn't know if it would affect everyone or just a few. This was one of the reasons I was brought to David Wilcock.
• David- Planet X Nibiru - there is no concern that it could step into our solar system and wreak havoc and havoc with its gravitational pull. It is impossible for a planet to enter the solar system and wreak havoc. [If the reciprocal systems theory model is correct, then all planets have active space-time cores that are harmoniously synchronized with the sun. As a result, every body that enters our solar system would not be in phase with these nuclei and therefore could not have the strong effects suggested by modern physics. Of course it can influence planets, lead to strong electrical discharges, but not the planetary orbits or even the momentum of the solar system as a whole. Each planet is connected to the sun and all other planets via temporal explosions into space-time that occurred when the solar system was formed, hence Corey's statement that most star systems are binary.]
• Corey- Most stars are binary [this means that there are two suns in the respective solar system. Our system is actually binary too, but the second sun has broken up and forms the nuclei of every planet.], but I don't know of anything to substantiate the Nibiru myth of destruction.
• Moderator- What is the cause of the extreme weather and seismic events that we can see lately?
• David- The energetic increase or change is the reason for this, due to the position in which our star cluster moves in the galaxy, not only our sun, but also our neighbors are affected. [According to Dan Winter's research, the energies are unstable because humanity is mentally unstable and therefore stronger weather and earthquake events occur. But this is also a partial aspect of the physical evolution of planets.]
• Moderator- Is it a physical or an energetic change? What will happen to our bodies, our DNA, etc.?
• Corey- I don't think there is any way to find out exactly, but there will definitely be a massive shift in consciousness. Everything around us is vibration, our bodies, the environment, even our thoughts. As the basic vibration of all of these things is raised, everything we know will also be affected in some way; reality itself will be changed.

Gradual or sudden change?

• Moderator- “The people who are aware of the change will have the best seats in the hall” - is the FAQ on Corey's page, what does that mean? [In my opinion, this means that those of us who are walking the path of truth trying to understand our experiences and further the outside world will be able to see how amazing the next few years are going to be. Even as the old world collapses, many will recognize this as the alchemy of change that precedes a previously unknown global awakening and shift in consciousness. While the sleeping masses are still trying to cope with the situation, the awakened are vitalized by the knowledge of the truth and can serve as stabilizing anchors for others. Therefore, in sharing courageously, we will sow the seeds of truth and healing in all those around us, even if we are laughed at and ridiculed.]
• David- I totally agree with this statement. There is a debate about how this will work. A gradual change or a quick change. [In my opinion it is both. We are in the gradual phase that is slowly building up to the erratic phase. This is due to the sympathetic or waveform aspect of the universe. During the synchronization or excitation phase, all shaft systems are calibrated for the overall system and the information increases. Once there is enough reflection of this data (the acceptance of the truth in the minds of the masses), the systems will undergo rapid or even volatile change; a conscious knowledge of the truth, as if reading effortlessly. The Cabal knows how powerful the mind's ability to process information is and so must provide constant distraction (bread and games) to make sure that doesn't happen - collective, focused attention on many different things. The flood of data will be a major turning point in the mental synchronization process (focused consciousness on the singularity of truth), which will culminate in a global change in consciousness that will be so great that we can observe the almost immediate formation of PSI skills in them who have enough mental coherence or personality knowledge. I've noticed a sharp rise in premonitions, deja vu, and dream time awareness.]
• We already know that there is a slow increase and there are a lot of facts to back it up. A DANN test on mummies shows that the DNA has evolved by 7% since then. A big change. The Flynn Effect: Since the IQ test results have been increasing steadily for ten years, the tests have to be made more difficult. An American study has shown that the mass of our brain tissue has grown by the size of a tennis ball over the past 150 years. A huge increase in brain mass. Russian researchers shot a laser through salamander eggs into frog eggs, and this changed the genetic expression in such a way that the frog eggs became salamander eggs.
• The sun does exactly the same thing with all life, we are just getting an update. It's measurable.
• Padmasambhava is an example that our participation in this process is very important.
• There are prophecies from the past that tell about this very thing. The rapture (from the Bible) is a variant that has been heavily misinterpreted to keep people ignorant. But they are not only Christian, but a total of 35 different prophecies. All of them say that something wonderful is about to happen.
• This is also pointed out in many films. For example in Arthur C. Clark's "2001": the astronaut goes into a vortex and becomes a star child.
• The ancient peoples knew and told us about it in a variety of ways.
• What we don't know are the details, will it happen slowly or quickly. There appears to be a major solar event as the trigger, which is confirmed by Corey's intuitive data. [The sun is the focal point of our solar system, to which the energy is organized and then radiated in all directions, harmonizing and synchronizing all planets like a metronome. It is the "loudest" source in the region and all planets "hear" it. In reciprocal systems theory, the sun collects material as it travels through the galaxy and experiences a sharp increase in the energy it emits. When that happens, the outer layers of the sun are hyper-accelerated beyond the speed of light into time-space (4D); the space of the mind. It will look like the sun will go dark for a short period of time (possibly the prophesied three days of darkness), but the waves of high, coherent energy will sweep across all planets at the same time and it will feel like a massive orgasm of consciousness, the tantra Stars, and create a genesis of DNA that mankind has never seen before. It is from which the "fallen" races that also frolic here hope to get a part, part of the organic evolution of consciousness that has been built into the universe itself.]

Fall of the Cabal

• Moderator- And the downfall of the Cabal?
• Corey- The Earth Alliance is made up of many groups that work loosely together, the BRICS and many others. You have been working to create a completely new financial system. It will be a new financial system, but with an attempt to erase all old debts. I heard the East say, "Well, the West had its 100 years, now we'll have ours."All forms of mind control are based on the simple premise of making someone dependent on someone else - like a drug addict. Anything can be used to create this dependency and it is a game of will every time. That is, we must choose to be dependent by refusing to acquire knowledge of the object that we are using. Money is an example of this process. Almost the entire population of the world uses money but has no idea how it works, where it comes from and why it is needed. The point is that we need to acquire knowledge of the things that we use in our life. In this sense, the new financial system can only work as well as the people who use it wisely, with key knowledge and understanding, rather than blind faith.]
• The Illuminati are infiltrators who have infiltrated the BRICS and many other groups, including the SSP Alliance and the Earth Alliance. It seems as if they are now trying to help create this new system and install an NWO 2.0. [Given how many people believe the BRICS are magical saviors but don't understand how they will do it, I would say it is reasonable to assume that some level of influence has taken place.] There are good elements in the Earth Alliance and many people are seriously trying to keep the new system fair. [I think there are many more people with good intentions in governments and various Cabal affiliated organizations than we believe, but their good intentions cause problems without the complete and correct knowledge. For example, if bankers believe that more money is the solution to the problem, they could create abundance, but it is only a symptom of the underlying problem, which is a lack of knowledge about life itself - and it creates more addiction.]
• The SSP Alliance will bring new technologies into play to remove the need for a debt-based system. [Debt money systems are based on artificial scarcity, abundance will create the basis for personal empowerment, even if it won't be an instant fix.] Star Trek-like technology, free energy, food replication, harmony, healing, and environmental renewal systems. In this way people can live harmoniously instead of plundering the earth at the expense of all other life. Your goal is to end the interest slaves financial system. These technologies will completely change the dynamics of the financial system.
• There will be a financial collapse as part of it, however, so that humanity will have a decision point where they can accept this new life and also see how they have been duped for a long time. [It's like the moment a drinker or drug addict realizes that they need to get their life back on track, it will also create a focal point for awareness as a whole.] Many people are hopelessly dependent on the system and what it offers them, temporary power, so the collapse will be like a massive detox from the Stockholm Syndrome of Cabal control.
• Corey- In the film "Antz" the grasshoppers were the cabal, they collected all the food and the ants were dependent on them. In one scene the head grasshoppers talked about the ants as a whole having no power to do anything. But the truth is, humanity as a whole is very powerful. The Cabal has realized how incredibly powerful humanity is and so they have put in place a powerful system of sharing and distraction to keep us from uniting. The collapse and disclosure will be a catalyst for an unprecedented unification of humanity. Hopefully this event will help to prevent the "eye for an eye" judiciary that is otherwise common when the power system changes. [In my opinion, this is where the Awakened Community comes in. Everyone who has recognized the truth, even if only in part, has received a divinely ordained initiation into higher consciousness; has become a teacher himself, each with his own unique store of wisdom. Like an adult who knows why an oven gets hot, he has a duty to help a child who reaches for the oven. In this way the awakened community becomes the teacher for the uninitiated; and conversely, she will become a student of humanity and life as a whole. That is why the alliance of the spheres repeats to learn forgiveness again and again, to step more into the "service of others" (to communicate the truth and ourselves) and to increase the vibration. I also think that this phase of preparation is not for the unawakened crowd, but for the awakened community itself. Which part of the population is most affected by this news? The awakened. In this respect, our decisions and actions are probably the greatest focus point at which the rest of the planet is influenced by proxy. Our ongoing efforts to share the truth and offer empowerment to others lay the foundation for change to come.]