Is Airfryer Eating Healthy

Is food from the air fryer healthy?

The topic of healthy eating has been dealt with for many years. Time and again, new trends, devices or diets appear that are supposed to make life easier and more conscious. A hot air fryer should also fulfill these aspects. The device works like a convection oven. Hot air rotates inside and it gets by as far as possible without fat.

During this process, a ring heater is heated evenly and bakes the food. The device consists of a housing with various operating elements on which the cooking time and temperature can be set. In addition, the hot air fryer has a drawer or, depending on the model, a lid in which the frying basket is located.

How do dishes taste from the air fryer?

Because a lot less oil is used than in a conventional deep fryer, you might think that the taste also suffers. However, in a comparative study, the Science Publishing Group found that there were no major differences between the two production methods. In addition, less fat actually means fewer calories.

It is also confirmed that the foods, such as French fries, are just as golden-brown and crispy and retain their usual delicate taste. Any meals, including meat, fish, vegetables or even desserts such as cakes, can be realized in a hot air fryer. No compromises have to be made in terms of taste.

What are the advantages of a hot air fryer?

Another big criterion besides the taste is the smell. When the fries take their classic bath in the fat, the hot oil causes an extreme odor nuisance. Incidentally, the frying fat that may splash out represents a source of danger. A hot air fryer saves all of this and thus makes preparation easier.

Thanks to the gentle, almost fat-free deep-frying process with hot air, this has some health benefits. Because only a few vitamins are lost and the important fatty acids are also retained in the food. In addition to this, hot air fryers turn out to be very energy-saving, as they do not have to be preheated like a deep fryer or an oven.

The integrated container in which the food is cooked or deep-fried can be easily cleaned in a normal dishwasher. This aspect makes the handling of the device very pleasant.

How healthy is the food really?

The health benefits of the hot air fryer should be clarified below. First of all, it should be noted that fat does not mean fat in this context. The common deep-frying oil is industrially hardened in its production. As a result, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases. The so-called trans fatty acids are primarily responsible for this.

Of course, which dishes are prepared in the air fryer also plays a role. Because if only french fries, croquettes and the like are consumed, this is unhealthy even with little to no additional oil. It all comes down to the general balance of meals.

If fat is an essential part of the dish and should not be left out under any circumstances, it is advisable to switch to healthy oils. Peanut oil and coconut oil are suitable, for example, because these types can be heated well and have high proportions of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

Olive oil would also be a good choice because this kitchen classic contains a large proportion of oleic acid, which has a positive effect on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


In summary, the question of whether food from the hot air fryer is healthier can largely be answered with "yes". Due to the gentle cooking process, important vitamins are retained. Frying without oil and instead with hot air saves calories and significantly reduces the fat content.

With careful handling, dangers such as burns are largely eliminated and the hot air fryer can be cleaned easily.

With the exception of the appearance, there are no major differences to conventionally fried food and hot air dishes. Ultimately, it is correct to say that the fat content is many times lower than in a normal deep fryer, which makes the dishes healthier.

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