What do you think is unconditional love

For many, true love is associated with loving unconditionally. But what exactly is actually hidden behind the love term “unconditional love”? How do you find them? How do you love unconditionally? And: is unconditional love really the key to love happiness?

What does unconditional love mean?

Unconditional love - as the name suggests - is not tied to any conditions. In other words, when you love unconditionally, you can be completely yourself. Your partner loves you from the bottom of his heart, without placing any expectations on you or your love. He * she takes you for who you are. You don't have to be smarter, funnier, more attractive or more athletic. And: unconditional love does not require anything in return. You give what you are ready to give and your partner loves you for it.

How do you love unconditionally?

Have you read the first section and don't quite find yourself in it yet? You ask yourself: “Why can't I love unconditionally?". No fear. This is not bad and has nothing to do with whether you are able to love unconditionally. Many people hunt from one relationship to the next and still haven't felt this deep connection in love. More importantly, you can learn how to love unconditionally. Unconditional love begins with yourself. If you can free yourself from your past, do not include past partnerships as a relationship pattern in new acquaintances and, above all, if you love yourself, you can love unconditionally and find true love.

How do I find unconditional love? 7 tips

  • Self esteem
  • To listen
  • honesty
  • respect
  • Positivity
  • Waiver of consideration
  • cohesion

1. Self-esteem

As already mentioned, it is only possible to love unconditionally when you are at peace with yourself. Self-love ensures that we don't expect our partner to complete us. If you stand by yourself one hundred percent, are not afraid not to please and feel comfortable in your body, you radiate that. This is not only attractive to other people, but is also a good foundation for truly loving and being loved.

2. Listen

Ask yourself if you are really listening to the person at all? Usually this is not the case - without us really noticing it. When the other person speaks, are you already thinking about what to say next? That is not good behavior. To build affection, acceptance, and trust, you should actively listen. How does that work in a two-person relationship? You can practice it with these tips:

  • Listen carefully to your counterpart
  • Then state the content in your words
  • Address their views, the facts, and their feelings
  • Also bring in the information that you could read between the lines
  • Your thoughts are of course also important. What do you think about the issue and how do you express your feelings?

3. Honesty

Honesty also has something to do with the first point. Those who have enough self-confidence are less likely to be dishonest. Don't be afraid to freely express your desires, feelings, thoughts, needs, and concerns. Don't pretend Openness is very important when it comes to unconditional love.

4. Respect

No question about it - respect is essential in every area of ​​life. But as important as this attribute is, we often look for a respectful approach. Mutual appreciation is often lost, especially in partnerships, because we are usually far too busy with ourselves. Not so if you love unconditionally. You will see that you meet at eye level, strike an appropriate tone and show empathy.

5. Positivity

Man is a perfectionist. And the more privileged we are, the more we look for mistakes that are actually meaningless. Does your partner have habits that you do not find ideal? As long as it is just trivialities, you should practice acceptance, - at least if you love unconditionally. Maybe it helps in these moments to just focus on the positive? What do you love her * him so unconditionally for?

6. Waiver of Consideration

Of course, this tip actually already includes the declaration of unconditional love. We'll mention it again anyway. Have you recently paid for dinner or helped him * her with a difficult task? Do not hold this against him * her. Unconditional love calls this a matter of course and sooner or later everything balances out.

7. Cohesion

Often times, when things get complicated, we pull back. Regardless of whether it is an illness, a financial bottleneck or other blows of fate - even if it is a burden for you, your support is required here. Be by her * his side when he * she needs you. Conversely, you can also count on his * her support.

How do I keep unconditional love?

True love - doesn't it sound wonderful to find a person who takes you for who you are? With all the rough edges? A two-way relationship in which you can let yourself go. A person you trust from the bottom of your heart and who loves you unconditionally for not being perfect? Who has no expectations, gives us love and affection and enriches our lives? If you have found such love, consider yourself very lucky. But remember: A relationship is work even if it is unconditional. Here we have tips on how to maintain unconditional love and happiness.

  • Keep reminding yourself of the beginning of your relationship - even if it was years ago. The first kiss, the first tingling sensation, the first moment in which you thought: this is him * her. If you regularly think back to the first days of your acquaintance, you will keep reminding yourself how much your partner has enriched your life and keep doing it day by day. You should never lose this appreciation.
  • Love has no limits. Even if you've found true love, you haven't reached the end. This deep connection grows from day to day. At some point you will notice that the love between you is so great that it is still there when the partner is not there. Deprivation of love? Nothing. You will notice: Just the thought of her * him makes you happy. Trust also plays an important role here.
  • The longer we know a person, the less we shy away from criticizing them. Sometimes this can lead to an argument or even a relationship. But it shouldn't get that far. Do you love unconditionally Then you appreciate your partner for their imperfections.

Unconditional love: just spiritual nonsense?

While many romantics firmly believe in this type of relationship, there are also critics who consider unconditional love to be spiritual. Sometimes there is even the opinion that this form of relationship is not possible at all. At least when it comes to partnership. So there is also an unconditional love between mothers and their children. Mother's love, however, meets with less criticism. Why do many think unconditional love is nonsense? Well, because this form of relationship would basically also allow actions that are not compatible with our values ​​and morals. In theory, in this unconditional two-way relationship, one would also accept that one would be beaten or that the partner would harm other people. In addition, even the form of relationship of monogamy would be called into question. So here we already set the first condition for the behavior of our partner: She should decide in favor of a person.

Unconditional love far from a two-way relationship

There is not only unconditional love in a two-person relationship. So unconditional love also finds resonance in spirituality. Many also associate this concept of love with God. And: The mother's love or the love between parents and child is also in most cases not tied to conditions.

  1. The unconditional motherly love: The mother-child relationship in particular is described as unconditional. Especially when the child is still young, this concept of love is often used. A mother loves her baby no matter what she does. The child screams - gladly also in the middle of the night - wants to be fed. It is in need of protection and a mother still loves the child unconditionally. In today's world, of course, the love of fathers for their child is also unconditional.
  2. Unconditional love from God: Many people draw their strength from belief in God. His love is not conditional either.


If one does not look too theoretically at the facts of unconditional love, it is quite possible to fall in love unconditionally and to have a relationship of such deep connection and affection. In order to find this love, however, we must first work on ourselves. And the relationship in itself is not a gift that you don't have to strive for. We are constantly evolving and our needs are changing with it. So does love. It must be looked after and cared for. This requires patience, understanding and sometimes hesitation - this is the only way to find true love. And that's reward enough, isn't it?

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