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With B├╝cherTreff.de we offer readers and authors not only a large discussion forum but also many attractive and interactive functions and offers for reading, reviewing, bibliographing, browsing and much more. Use is free of charge and is also suitable for smartphones and tablets.

There have been several media reports about our publisher-independent platform.

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Simply register with a username and your email address. A pseudonym must be selected as the user name. You will then receive an email confirming your registration. After activation, you have direct access to our various options. These include creating a virtual bookshelf, a wish list and your own reading statistics.

  1. Create a virtual bookshelf and manage your books and reading status.
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  3. Keep an eye on your reading activity - presented in graphical and tabular form.
  4. Tag your favorite authors and always have them together.
  5. We will find your personal book neighbors with similar reading interests.
  6. Contribute to book lists on a variety of topics and genres.

Registration as an author

When registering, we do not differentiate between reader and author accounts, but expand the user account retrospectively author-specific functions. A pseudonym must be selected as the user name. A combination of the first name and the initial of the last name is suitable for this, for example, if your author name is not a pseudonym.

With the user account you can participate in the forum life and present your books immediately after registration. The extended functions for authors can be requested from the existing account by requesting an author page. This is to be managed within the user account and allows you to introduce yourself as an author on a separate page.

After they have been activated, you can also organize reading rounds accompanied by the author.

  1. Request your own author page, show your books and introduce yourself in detail.
  2. Put your books up for discussion in a reading round and give away free copies.