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Instagram Top 10: These are Germany's most popular Instagrammer

Social media marketing on Instagram has blossomed. The Facebook subsidiary is now one of the most successful apps among millennials. Many companies dream of an audience of millions and cooperate with influential Instagram accounts in order to reach their followers. But how does a brand manage to create a broad base of followers? We have compiled the most successful accounts on the platform for you as inspiration.

Social media ranking: The 10 stars with the greatest reach on Instagram

Instagram has become more and more targeted by marketers in the recent past. Advertising in the app has evolved under Facebook's leadership and for quite a few users, being on Instagram is a full-time job. The influencers give insights into their lives in the social network by picture or video and inspire millions of users who follow them. If such a mass of people can be reached in a channel - and the number of users is steadily increasing - marketing quickly becomes pricked up. This is why numerous companies have become fans of the app, hoping to reach their target group here.

Football and social media stars dominate the Instagram top 10

One topic occupies the Instagram community more than anything: The followers love sports. On closer inspection, Germany lives up to its name as a football nation, because the majority of accounts come from the football cosmos. For example, a star like Thomas Müller likes to thank his fans who follow him on Instagram with a picture after a game, or publish snapshots from training.

Heidi Klum, who was able to get a place at the top for a long time, has now almost been pushed out of the ranking despite her 7.8 million followers and has to share the last place with YouTube star Bianca Heinicke aka BibisBeautyPalace. New upstarts are competing for her place, so far two social media celebrities have made it into the ranking. More will certainly follow in the future. Instagram star Pamela Reif, for example (7.3 million followers) is not yet in the top 10, but is constantly working on it.

We have compiled the most successful accounts on the platform for you.

Note: Last updated on February 16, 2021

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Place 10: Bianca Heinicke aka BibisBeautyPalace

Born in Cologne, Bianca Heinicke has made a name for herself with her YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace. Your Instagram account has 7.7 million followers, who placed just behind Heidi Klum this month.

Photo: bibisbeautypalace - Instagram
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