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What tea has to do with sex | That is enlightenment
the British way

A video from the UK police explains how sex works that both of them want to have. The whole thing is called "Consent Sex" and is explained in the most British way of all: with tea. Yes, you read that right.

So consensual sex and tea? They have nothing to do with each other? That's what you think! The British police are teaching a huge community exactly the opposite and showing how education works today.

The background

With the campaign #Consentiseverything (Eng .: "Consent is everything") the police humorously clarify a topic that is actually damn serious:

When is consensual sex - and when is it rape?

And that's exactly what the Thames Valley Police explains in their video, which is currently going viral on Facebook. The video has already been shared more than 40,000 times.

This is how tea education works

“Consent: It's as simple as tea. If you have trouble with the term, instead of wanting to have sex with someone, imagine that you are making that person a cup of tea. "

“You say, 'Would you like a cup of tea?' And the person says, 'Yeah, sure! Gladly. ‘Then it means that the person wants tea." That's a go - consenting that the person wants to have sex.

"And if the person doesn't want to drink tea after all, then you can't force them to drink tea just because you made the tea."

That means: no consent to sex. If someone doesn't want to, you can't force them! Even if the person said yes beforehand.

To ask? Then watch the whole video here: