How can you prevent diabetes

This is how you can prevent diabetes

Get rid of extra pounds

Are you overweight? This can be really dangerous, because if you put too much on the scales, your risk of diabetes is much higher than with people of normal weight. If you spend most of the day on the couch with a bag of chips and Coca Cola and hardly move at all, then the alarm bells should be ringing for you. With such a lifestyle, it is almost predictable that you will develop diabetes. This is then diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes. Anyone can get it and anyone can avoid it.

Down with the pounds? Well, we mean your hip gold. Those pounds don't matter that much.

Do sports, sports, sports

Move. You don't have to train straight away for the next marathon. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day can help. You can incorporate a large part of this into your everyday life. Then you won't even get sore muscles. Perhaps you simply don't drive to work, but rather cycle or walk. After all, this is a start for those who don't like sports. And - well-known and far too seldom practiced: take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little effort, big effect! And once you get started, you might even enjoy it.

More exercise, more sport? Just do it - and don't think twice.

Eat a sensible diet

Stay away from chips, chocolate and cake, fries and pizza. These calorie bombs go straight to your hip or stomach and can eventually lead to diabetes. You should also avoid the thick, fat pork knuckle, as well as other foods with a high fat content. That may be a bad idea for passionate sausage and schnitzel eaters, but in the long run it is definitely better than diabetes and the consequences.

Instead of the chocolate bar, you can also use an apple or a pear - for advanced users even a carrot or kohlrabi. You can't get used to that? It's just a matter of getting used to it. At some point you may not even want to do without the raw vegetables.

Use healthy ingredients when cooking

As little fat as possible is a golden rule. It is advisable to stew, steam or cook meat - of course lean - fish and vegetables. The less fat you use, the better. And if you can't do without it, you should definitely take unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive or rapeseed oil. It is best to avoid solid fats such as clarified butter, coconut or palm fat entirely.

Eating healthy isn't always fun. But: practice early. It's all a matter of habit.

Steer clear of lemonade, Coca Cola and co

So-called soft drinks have it all: Up to 36 pieces of sugar go in just one bottle - that too is a real calorie bomb. In the body, they are converted directly into fat. These drinks, on the other hand, do not contain any important nutrients at all. On the contrary: the high sugar content is not only bad for your figure, your teeth also suffer. Therefore, you should drink as little of it as possible or just leave it completely.

Drink little or no alcohol

A beer or a glass of wine every evening? Then you have already consumed a good part of the daily ration in calories. 100 ml of beer already has over 40 calories and wine almost 300. If you drink too much, you may even get intoxicated. Maybe you should try the trendy drink, a smoothie. By the way, alcohol also has an effect on weight, and being overweight is bad for blood sugar levels. Diabetes, on the other hand, is happy about it.

Enjoy your coffee

This advice will please caffeine junkies. You can drink coffee without regrets. Scientists have found out that there are various plant substances in coffee that may have an influence on sugar metabolism. If you drink a lot of coffee, you prevent diabetes to a certain extent with pleasure. The advice of the experts: drink at least six cups a day. So - off to the coffee machine or the coffee machine

Coffee? Yes! However, 70 liters of coffee can run through this filter. That would really be a bit too much of a good thing

Give yourself breaks

A short walk during your lunch break is not only good for your soul, but also for your body. This will help you relieve stress and thereby reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Any kind of exercise also breaks down calories and is ideal for avoiding obesity.

Breaks and adequate sleep are important - no matter where

Sleep well

Sleeping well and soundly is the best medicine and works best when you exercise regularly. During sleep, the body regenerates, burns calories, and thus breaks down fat. Rest and relaxation not only prevents diabetes, but also many other diseases.

Perhaps you are dreaming of something that you sensibly do without: a roast pork with french fries and a large glass of beer, for example. From a hamburger. Or buttercream cake. To dream about it is definitely allowed.