How do I start a telephone interview

The telephone interview - you have to pay attention to that.

Possible questions in the interview.

In addition to gaining a first personal impression, the telephone interview is primarily used to provide further information information to catch up or Ambiguities to be cleared from the application documents. Topics that can be addressed in the telephone interview are, for example, salary issues or certain professional and personal skills that are required but were not explicitly mentioned by the applicant. The specified foreign language skills can also be easily checked by telephone interview. So don't be surprised if you should change the language in the conversation from now on.

In the telephone interview, the companies usually present the vacancy again in detail. A job offer can often not reflect 100 percent of what the job entails.

In general, you should interview the typical questions count from a classic job interview. For example, why you would like to start at this company, what your work mentality looks like and what you know about your potential employer. This also means that you can state your strengths and weaknesses as well as your professional goals. You should also be prepared to be asked subject-specific questions that are related to the intended area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.