How much is 14 carat gold worth

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4. What is 585 gold worth?

With 585 gold, the value of course depends on the amount of gold it contains. That would be 58.5% in this case. What is worth 585 gold in euros per gram can be seen in the following examples. These come from our everyday buying business and are typical for a sale with us:

Here is an example with a larger bundle of 585 gold. It consists of three 585 gold rings each 6.01g, 6.51g and 2.91g. In addition, a massive 585 cufflink with 7.11g, a thin 585 watch end cover with 5.86g and a hollow link 585 gold chain with 45.33g. Total weight: 73.73g.

Example 585 gold value (updated: 19.05.2021 18:25)
585 gold chain 45.33 grams1.243,40 €
585 gold rings 15.43 grams423,24 €
585 cuffs 7.11 grams195,03 €
585 watch cover 5.86 grams160,74 €
585 gold mixed lot 73.73 grams2.022,41 €

4.1. How much 585 gold bracelet worth?

With gold bracelets made of 585 gold, there are sometimes enormous differences in weight. Depending on how it was worked, it is either very light and filigree or quite massive and heavy. Accordingly, the value of the 585 gold bracelet also differs considerably. Here are two examples from our 585 gold purchase:

In this example a very massive 585 gold bracelet with a weight of 83.31 grams It is a braided Milanaise yellow gold bracelet with a length of 20.4 cm and a width of 2.9 cm.

Example 585 gold bracelet value (Updated: 19.05.2021 18:25)
585 gold bracelet 83.31 grams2.285,19 €

Here is an example of a relatively light bracelet in curved flat armor shape. It is made of 585 red gold, is 18 cm long and 1.2 cm wide. With a weight of 17.72 g it belongs to the very light 585 gold bracelets and the value is correspondingly lower.

: Example 585 gold bracelet value (Updated: 19.05.2021 18:25)
585 gold bracelet 17.72 grams486,06 €

5. What do I get for 1 gram of 585 gold?

Here you can find out how much you get for 1 gram of 585 gold and what a good and a bad 585 gold price is.

This is how much you get for 1 gram of 585 gold:
Our 585 gold price€ 27.43 / g
Very good 585 gold price 1-5% marginfrom € 27.56 / g
Good 585 gold price 5-10% marginfrom € 26.11 / g
Bad 585 gold price 10-20% marginless than € 26.11 / g
Very bad 585 gold price 20-100% marginless than € 23.21 / g

6. What is 14 carat gold?

Alloys made of gold and other precious metals are used for gold jewelry. The purity of the processed gold is given in the unit of measurement carat. 14 carat gold has a gold content of 58.5%, i. H. the gold alloy consists of 58.5% gold and the remainder 41.5% other precious metals such as silver and semi-precious metals such as copper. This gold content can also be specified in 1/1000 parts or per mille, in this case 585/1000 or simply 585.

14 carat gold = 585 gold = 58.5% gold content = 585/1000 = 585 parts gold for 1000 parts

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