What are the better B2B sites

This makes the website relaunch a success


The ideal starting point for an effective strategy is the so-called content audit. This is about analyzing the status quo and then sharpening the digital footprint before you start working on the specific strategy.

If the initial situation is clear, it is time to get down to business. First of all, you should define and prioritize your goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your content. This helps to identify initial objectives, which you can then specify using the SMART principle. It is at least as important here to define your target group (s). Who do you want to address and win as a customer? When you have an answer to that, you can plan your content accordingly.

Goals and target groups are set and you know what content is already available. And now? In contrast to classic content marketing, you don't have to plan your content for the website relaunch in the long term. Nevertheless, it is helpful to create a to-do list with deadlines so that you know what content needs to be delivered and when.

Since the basic structure of your page was already developed during the conception, you can now see which content should be placed where and where you still need to add content. You may also have to adjust, reduce or remove content so that it is consistent with the new design. Since you are addressing other companies and not private individuals with the b2b website relaunch, you also have to pay attention to the correct tonality. You should include all of this in your content marketing strategy.