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The ballistics came from the FBI lab back.
Ballistics came back from the FBI lab.
Why don't you leave that in one FBI lab check?
Why don't you have it checked out by the FBI lab?
You'd be wondering what that FBI lab can get out of goo.
You'd be amazed what the FBI lab can pull out of gunk.
The FBI lab in Washington began doing so in late 1993, and in June 1994 John Fisher gave a lecture on LCV at the FBI Academy in Quantico (International Symposium on Shoe and Tire Tread Impressions Credentials).
The FBI lab in Washington started using it at the end of 1993. In June 1994 John Fisher gave a presentation on LCV at the FBI academy in Quantico (International Symposium on Footwear and Tire Tread Impression Evidence).
I don't have access to the FBI lab.
I got him for DNA testing FBI lab cleverly.
The FBI lab processes the DNA, facial recognition software, in 24 hours we should have both names.
FBI lab gets to work on the DNA, facial recognition software, 24 hours, we should have both names.
They were in for testing today FBI lab brought.
I think they were just transferred out to an FBI lab this morning for testing.
Well that FBI lab Is really busy.
The FBI lab examined the photos.
I had the photo analyzed by the Bureau's computers.
This is something for that FBI lab.
I will FBI lab have this checked for you here.
Why don't you let that im FBI lab examine?
Any reason you're not running this through the FBI lab?
Just bring the cell phone into that FBI labthat you were talking about in there and get it hacked.
Why don't you get that phone back to the Bureau's crime lab... and get it hacked like you told those guys?
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