How can I revolutionize robotics

How artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing art

01/24/20213448 views

According to popular belief, art is an expression of human experience. But is it still true in the age of artificial intelligence, or can robots and algorithms also create works of art that touch us humans?

So far it was clear: the artist is a genius and therefore irreplaceable. But that's no longer so clear: a portrait created by the Parisian collective Obvious using artificial intelligence was auctioned for just under half a million dollars. Marina Abramović created a hologram of herself, which she performs in a permanent performance. The artist Patrick Tresset has developed robots that draw his portraits for him. In the play "Uncanny Valley", the theater collective Rimini Protokoll has a computer-controlled double appear in place of the bestselling author Thomas Melle. And the British Aidan Meller made headlines with his robot artist Ai-Da. Is this development to be seen as an opportunity that expands and enriches art production, or rather as an approaching nightmare because the machine threatens to replace humans in the field of creativity as well? A film by Frauke Schlieckau.

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