How do you spell 1

How do you spell love?

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Feature film Germany 2001

There are around four million illiterate people in Germany. One of them is Anna Jurak, but nobody knows. Not even their two children Max and Bibi suspect that their mother can neither read nor write.

Anna's patronizing husband Rolf has always taken advantage of this situation to patronize his wife. But that's over now: Anna has dared to take the difficult step and moved into her own apartment with the children. Fortunately, her best friend Maria lives next door to help Anna read important forms.

Anna also found a job through Maria's mediation. Anna waits in a bistro where the eccentric bestselling author Tom Dellwig is one of the regulars. The vain writer always expects everyone to dance to his tune. Due to his clumsiness, Tom causes an accident at work in which Anna injures her knee and has to be operated on. In return, the well-off author takes care of Anna's children in the meantime. Tom suffers from writer's block and has nothing better to do anyway.

Due to the unfamiliar intrusion into his life, the unimaginative writer suddenly has ideas in abundance again. When Tom falls in love with his muse, Anna immediately breaks off the burgeoning relationship. Under no circumstances should the writer find out that Anna is illiterate.

"How do you spell love?" is a light-hearted, comedic love story that picks up on an unusual topic. The changeable character actress Suzanne von Borsody sets accents as an actor and has an equal partner in Peter Sattmann.

Cast and staff

Anna JurakSuzanne von Borsody
Tom DellwigPeter Sattmann
Bibi JurakPamela Marquardt
Max JurakMarco Bretscher-Coschignano
Maria SuhrkeMarie-Lou Sellem
Rolf JurakStefan Reck
Mrs. BilekVanessa Muth
SusanneTalina Seiler
Mrs. LehnertEvelyn Faber
Mr. WagnerPaul Matic
Mrs. FringsMichaela Heiser
Functional areaName of the staff member
Music:Fabian Römer
Camera:Otto Kirchhoff
Book:Manfred Kosmann
Director:Christine Hartmann

First broadcast: November 9, 2001