How did Zalando start?



ColisExpat immediately provides you with dedicated delivery addresses in Europe and the USA.

Have your Zalando purchases delivered

to your dedicated delivery address ColisExpat.

ColisExpat bundle your articles and send them on

they on to you in Iraq

ColisExpat receives your Zalando purchases and forwards them at your house in Iraq.

Since 2008, Zalando has managed to become one of the largest and most popular online retailers for shoes and fashion. In 2015 the company achieved sales of almost 3 billion euros. This enormous growth was only possible because Zalando also started to expand its activity to various other European countries. With over 150,000 items from over 1,500 brands such as Adidas, Nike, Desigual and many others, Zalando offers an enormous variety of products. However, as soon as you want to place an order with Zalando outside of Europe, it becomes difficult because the company does not deliver its products to countries outside Europe - or if so, these deliveries are associated with high costs. Thanks to ColisExpat, you can now order your favorite shoes from Zalando and have them delivered all over the world with ColisExpat at favorable delivery conditions. ColisExpat delivers to every continent and every country. Zalando are the shoe and fashion experts, ColisExpat is the delivery expert.

Do you love the country you live in and wouldn't go back to Germany for anything in the world? But are you also a big online shopping fan and would you like to have an item delivered from Germany every now and then? With ColisExpat you can have everything delivered from Germany or other countries around the world, even if the online shop does not deliver its products to your country or region. ColisExpat provides you with a transit address in Europe or the USA and from there sends all parcels directly to you - no matter where in the world you live.

Our tariffs are very attractive:
Save up to 60% on shipping costs.
Bundle your purchases into a single package to save even more.
You can have your packages repackaged to achieve the smallest possible volume.
I live IN IRAQ and I want to buy pants in an English online shop and books in a Spanish online shop. No problem! Have the order delivered to one of my transit addresses provided by ColisExpat.
As soon as my purchases have arrived at ColisExpat, I have my purchases repackaged in order to minimize the volume of the shipment and to save on delivery costs. Then I have the shipment delivered TO IRAQ.
I live IN INDONESIA and would like to buy several items from various American online shops. No problem, ColisExpat will provide me with an address in the USA and receive my shipment there. As soon as I have the goods sent to me, I choose the collective delivery option, which saves me a lot of delivery costs (one large package is cheaper than two small ones).
I then have the shipment delivered to my home IN INDONESIA using USPS Express.

1. Which countries are covered?

ColisExpat covers all countries in the world except for countries that are at war or that have been affected by natural disasters.

2. On which websites can I order?

You can order items from all online shops that deliver to France or the USA, even if the online shops are located outside of France or the USA.

3. What products can I buy?

ColisExpat can deliver all products, except for products that are prohibited from importing in your country, as well as high-risk products. For more information, contact us via email [email protected] pour tout renseignement compl√©mentaire.

4. Which types of parcels can ColisExpat send on?

All packages between 0 and 30 kg with the dimensions length + width + height < 2m="">
ColisExpat - a brand of the IMX France Group IMX France is a French group of companies that today specializes in parcel delivery. For more than 20 years, IMX has been providing high-quality services in global parcel shipping and in a postal sector that has traditionally been practically monopolized by national providers. The group now operates in four market segments: press, direct marketing, business mail and, of course, parcel delivery. IMX has its own international sorting center in France, which is still the only one of its kind today. The company can fall back on an international sales network and a logistics organization and thus provide cost-effective and high-quality services.