What is the Singapore State Court

The crack on the solid surface does not come under the furniture damage, but under the term “wear and tear”. You can read our article about it here www.99.co/blog/singapore/wear-tear-rentals/ to find out more. Hi Zoey, hope you are doing good. I just got in touch with my team on your matter. There are a couple of things to consider here. If the contract was concluded for one year and your tenant wants to cancel it without notice, then this is a clear violation of the contract rules. To question this you can use Small Claims Tribunals, which is a small service provided by the Singapore State Courts to resolve small issues. Above, since this dispute is only between you and the tenant, it might be a good idea to sort this out between yourself. You can try talking to him / her to try and bring another tenant who can fill in the duration. I'm not sure what you meant by an extra 15 days of stay. Hope this information helps. Please let me know how to do this. Good luck! Hello, My tenant claimed that he resigned from his company because the employer refused to pay him salary.

For this reason he gives notice of 2 months (Jan & Feb) to terminate the lease early. At first he refused to pay for the rent the 2 months noticed because he said he had no money to pay. However, he paid the 2 months rent when we told him we wanted to vacate it. I asked for a letter from his company to prove his resignation, but I have received it to this day. The lease does not expire until mid-April '17, but it plans to move out in mid-March'17. Should I return the deposit to him if he cannot show proof of dismissal and the agent has told me the tenant has left for a couple of interviews, so I suspect tenants have no intention of returning to his country. He might have rented another cheaper place so he wants to cancel the contract sooner and he wanted to use the deposit to offset the rent so he refused to pay the rent for the notice period. Please advise us what should we do? Can I also ask the tenant to show a letter from immigration regarding his termination of his work card? The fact that he resigned from the company instead of being fired? Is this breach of contract or do we still have to exercise the diplomatic clause for the above situation and pay him the deposit? Thank you for your advice in advance. Don't worry, as these are standard procedures that the landlord must establish before signing the contract in order to safeguard their interests.