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What is inside sales, why you need it, and how to use it properly

What is inside sales and why is it important?

The world of sales has evolved over the past few decades. Most companies follow an “outside sales” model. However, advances in technology have created a whole new side of sales - inside sales.

Today inside sales is the most widely used and accepted sales model in industries that sell niche and relatively expensive items. In this guide, you will learn about the importance of an inside sales team, its role in an organization and the tools you need to make your inside sales team work efficiently.

Why is the sales process important to your sales team?

Inside sales is not telemarketing. While inside sales evolved from telemarketing and both sales methods use the phone to sell, they are not the same. Telemarketing focuses on selling relatively cheap items and involves only one contact with a prospect. Inside sales, on the other hand, involves multiple points of contact - by phone, email, and social media - with a prospect to close a deal.

Inside sales job description

The job of an inside sales representative differs from company to company. Some organizations use inside sales representatives for both cold calling and inbound sales, while others only use them for inbound sales.

Depending on your sales model, you can define roles and responsibilities for your inside sales representatives.

Roles of Inside Sales Representatives

The role of an inside sales representative includes remotely identifying, qualifying, nurturing and converting leads. Your inside sales representatives must have excellent product and industry knowledge. At the same time, they must be highly trained to answer questions about your product or the prospect's industry. You should also be able to educate their prospects on how your product solves the prospect's business challenges. The daily tasks of an Inside Sales Representative include:

Lead / customer sourcing

Create the profile of your ideal customer by looking for companies that can benefit from your solution. Use sales education tools, source companies, and prospects to reach out to the companies that match your ideal customer.

Arrange high quality meetings / demos

Understand the needs and pain points of your prospects and show them how your product can help them overcome their business challenges through online presentations and demos.

Sales prospecting

Connect with prospects via cold calls and emails, and do quick follow-ups with prospects who have asked questions about your product over the phone, email, or social media.

Complete new sales opportunities

Negotiate and close new opportunities or give them to field sellers so they can develop and close the opportunity.

Inside Sales Representative Skills

Inside sales representatives need to be quick-witted and excellent at solving their prospects' business problems with your product. Furthermore, they should have a positive attitude that cannot be clouded by objections. Some of the other skills to look for when choosing inside sales representatives for your inside sales team are:

Inside salesOutside sales
Inside sales representatives create relationships with a larger group of people every day and practice nurturing for them. Sellers approach a few, but selected, prospects personally.
This sales model is cost-effective as the inside sales representatives work in fixed shifts and have a stable income. The model requires a one-time investment in computer, internet and software. Expensive sales model as the seller's basic income is high. There are also additional costs for travel and accommodation.
Shorter sales cycle, as the inside sales representatives work on several deals at the same time and can move them to close step by step from their workplace. Longer sales cycles as sellers have to travel to different locations to meet customers and close deals.
Use phone, email, CRM software, web conferencing, etc. to communicate with prospects. Mainly use phone and email to set up face-to-face meetings. In addition, the sellers also use CRM software to update the status of the deals.
Inside sales representatives need to have engaging conversations with prospects and be confident about the product or service they are selling. Salespeople have the ability to build rapport and long-lasting relationships with customers.

Why do you need an inside sales team?

Tools for inside sales teams


The phone is still one of the most widely used sales tools to get in touch with prospects and have conversations with them. Inside sales representatives no longer use physical phones. Rather, automatic dialing software or CRM software with an integrated telephone function simplify calling interested parties. The Inside Sales Representatives can call interested parties with one click, leave voicemails, forward calls to other agents and can even have the calls automatically logged by the system. Some tools also offer the possibility of establishing a local presence by calling interested parties using a number with the same area code that they have themselves.

Email management system

Even if social media like LinkedIn has changed the way the inside sales force communicates, email remains indispensable in business communication. It is even the case that in most cases the initial contact with the interested party is established by email. If you have an email management system in place, your inside sales representatives can send bulk emails, create sophisticated emails and save as templates, create and promote offensives, and even track email open and click rates. Most CRM software solutions offer the possibility of integration with email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. Your inside sales representatives can send and receive emails and view all sales interactions without having to switch between applications.

Lead evaluation

If your company generates a large number of leads every day, that means a challenge for your internal sales force. If the team cannot distinguish between hot and cold leads, there is a risk that good sales opportunities will be overlooked because the leads have not been prioritized. A lead scoring tool solves this problem by effectively prioritizing leads. You can set scores based on the characteristics of the lead - job title, country, company, etc. - as well as their interactions with your website, product, or response to your emails. Lead ratings enable your inside sales representatives to quickly identify leads that are ready to buy and that are very likely to be converted. With this knowledge, they can spend more time on those promising leads.

Event tracking software

It is important for inside sales teams to have meaningful conversations and rapport with prospects as they are not interacting with them in person. To have meaningful, engaging conversations, inside sales representatives need to have the context of the prospect's purchase intentions. Event tracking software can be integrated into your website and your product, where it records visitor activity and engagement. Knowing the behavior on the website gives inside sales representatives a visual overview of the lead's interactions with your website. The Inside Sales Representatives then know where the prospect is on their buying journey and how likely it is that they will buy your solution. Good CRM software can intelligently track the activities of the lead and display them chronologically in a timeline for the respective recording in the CRM. This helps the inside sales representatives to track events and at the same time manage the sales in the same place.

Reporting tools

To build a successful inside sales process, you need to track the key metrics and gain action-oriented insights from them. With reporting tools, you can see who the top performers on your team are and which sales activities (emails sent, calls made, set tasks and appointments) are related to the results achieved. You can also track the response rate for each email template and analyze the time it takes your inside sales to close a sale. You can also check which phases in your sales process your salespeople spend the most time in and how many deals are likely to be closed in the next few months. Of course, it's important to keep track of all of the data points in a system. A good sales reporting tool should also enable you to quickly and easily create reports and prepare data in such a way that you can gain meaningful insights.

Software for the management of customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management - CRM)

Since the majority of activities are about prospects and contacting them, the Inside Sales Representatives need a central database to store and retrieve prospect data when needed. CRM software is great for making that happen. It also opens up many other possibilities. Good CRM software gives inside sales representatives an overview of all of their sales activities and helps them keep track of your sales pipeline. At the same time, the software automates manual and administrative work and saves time for the inside sales representatives, who can use them for what they do best - sell.

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