Is Donald Trump really a billionaire 1

"Forbes" Billionaires List | That's really how much money Trump has in his account

How rich is Donald Trump?

︎ On the new "Forbes" list, the US President ranks 766 of the richest people in the world. He made up 51 places, although his fortune stagnated at an estimated $ 3.1 billion, but other billionaires became "poorer".

This means that Trump is still the richest elected politician in Washington, but no longer in the whole country, reports "Forbes": Since January it has been the new governor of the US state of Illinois, Democrat J.B. Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt hotel group.

Business was mixed for Trump in 2018: the heart of his empire, the Trump Tower in New York with the building next to it, has lost 64 million US dollars in value, according to Forbes. For this, among other things, he sold real estate worth $ 35 million in 2018.

Since he became president, Trump has become “poorer”, wrote “Forbes” in another research in October 2018. On paper, he transferred the real estate to his son Donald Junior, who reported to him regularly.

Three reasons explain Trump's relative failure: In part, the estimates have simply gotten better. People take a closer look when he provides information about his assets, for example when he talks about his penthouse in New York's Trump Tower. He had exaggerated its size.

More important is the fact that the market trend is unfavorable for its industry. E-commerce is displacing retail, and rents are falling in many of its buildings: Nike, for example, has closed its store in Trump Tower, instead it is now Starbucks and a Trump restaurant.

Another reason for falling revenues is purely political. Trump opponents simply refuse to visit his hotels and golf clubs. Take the “Doral” in Miami, for example: Since Trump's candidacy for the US presidency in 2016, it has rapidly lost value and customers - and in terms of sales is as large as all ten other Trump golf complexes put together.

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