Are you writing a letter

Write a personal letter

There are many different ones Occasions, one letter To write: A friend of yours has moved away, you are writing to your grandma, you want to ask how someone is doing, tell your experiences or perhaps congratulate someone. A letter is particularly suitable for this. Here we would like to show you how to set up a letter, what to look out for and much more.

Writing letters - structure

You have probably seen letters before and noticed that they consist of several parts. Here we explain how a letter should be structured and what it contains.

The letterhead

Every letter has one Letterhead. There you write that place, on which you wrote the letter, and that date on. Pay attention to that comma between the location and the time.

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Cologne, September 12, 2014

The correct salutation in the letter

Before we start writing the actual text, let's start with one Salutation, in which we the receiver of the letter address personally. You can use different formulations for this. Here are some examples:

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Hi Max!

Dear Max,

Good day grandma!

Hello Grandpa,

Hello Mrs. Schmidt,

Dear Mrs. Schmidt,

When addressing us, we use either Exclamation mark and then continue to write in large letters or we start comma and keep writing small. Depending on how well you know the person the letter is addressed to, you will use different salutation pronouns.

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Strangers: You, you, yours

Familiar people: you, you, you, you, you, yours etc.

The politeness pronoun You / you / your you have to go through the entire letter large write, the pronouns for familiar people are usually written in lower case, but you can also write them in upper case.

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The letter text - structure

For your text part, you should get yourself a good one structured structure consider so that the reader can follow your thoughts. Orientate yourself to: introduction, Bulk and Enough and separate the individual parts Paragraphs.

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Break down your letter into an introduction, body and conclusion.

Orientate yourself to the reader of your letter when writing. At the beginning say the Recipient directly

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Think about it: What is he / she interested in, what could I ask him / her?

For example, you can use a experience, news or yours thoughts and Feelings write.

You can have the reader of your letter too personally address and him ask which he can answer in a reply letter. That gives him incentives to write back to you.

The greeting and the signature

We end a letter with a Greeting, so send greetings to the recipient. The greeting and the signature are each on a separate line. Here are some examples of what a greeting can look like:

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Many greetings

Greetings to grandma too

Best wishes

See you soon

See you

I look forward to your answer and send you my best wishes

You must have many more ideas. At the end of the letter you put your signature and your letter is ready.

Sample letter

We have one for you once Sample letter put together so that you can see how the individual building blocks are put together.

This is what a personal letter could look like.

Now you already have a good one Instructions and tips received for writing a good personal letter. You can your Knowledge with our Exercises Deepen again and see what you have already learned. We wish you a lot as you write your letters fun and success!

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