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Shopware Plugins - Our ultimate top pick for online retailers!

2. Shopware DHL plugin

With the official Shopware DHL plugin you create in your Shopware administration DHL shipping labels - child's play and with just two clicks. How it works? To do this, the plugin connects your online shop directly to the DHL business customer portal. You do not need any additional software and there is no need to carry out a manual CSV data export using Easylog.

Use the Shopware DHL plugin "DHL Versand" to create the desired shipping labels for every order, call them up as a PDF and conveniently print them out. Incidentally, shipping labels can also be canceled at any time without any problems. Thanks to the integration of the plugin, the assigned tracking codes are transferred directly to the Shopware administration. And best of all: Since it is a direct connection to Deutsche Post DHL, there are no other costs besides the shipping costs.

3. Shopware DPD plug-in "DPD adapter"

With this Shopware DPD plug-in, suitable DPD shipping labels can be printed out directly via the Shopware backend. The corresponding labels for dispatch and return can be created for every incoming order, accessed as a PDF and then printed out. The DPD Adapter serves as an integrated interface to the DPD Web Connect Cloud Services and ensures the seamless transmission of the required tracking codes for tracking the shipment of the DPD parcel.

The Shopware DPD plug-in is compatible with all DPD products such as DPD Classic, Predict, Express and Express International.

4. Shopware UPS plugin "UPS adapter"

A suitable version of the adapter is also available in the Shopware Store for shipping with UPS. With the UPS adapter you add another important shipping service provider to your Shopware backend in your multi-carrier strategy. The Shopware UPS plugin creates a seamless connection to UPS online services and enables you to print shipping labels for the shipping products UPS Standard, Express, Expedited UPS Today, Priority Mail and many more.

Like the other Shopware adapter plugins, the UPS adapter can be configured individually and enables the creation of shipping labels even without an associated order.

5. Shopware Hermes plugin "Hermes parcel shipping adapter"

This Shopware Hermes plugin supports online retailers in creating shipping labels. With this plugin, the required shipping labels are also created directly via the Shopware backend. This means that fewer steps are required when creating the labels. The plugin also enables multiple labels to be printed for multiple orders and seamlessly transfers all tracking information to Hermes.

After installation, the individual package classes and package sizes can be individually adapted as required via the Shopware backend.

6. Click & Collect - Pick up at the branch

This plug-in will please every chain store who wants to offer Click & Collect as a shipping method, because it represents the pick-up address and enables your customers to specify the desired pick-up date and time. As a retailer, with Click & Collect you can offer your customers a free shipping method with self-collection and generate additional sales when your customers visit your local shop. Another special feature: in addition to the time, you can also use the plugins to select “morning / afternoon”. Note: The Click & Collect plug-in only supports one branch. If you want to offer your customers a larger selection, we recommend the StorePickUp from Net Inventors with branch selection.

7. Shopware pre-order

With the pre-order module, you give customers the opportunity to pre-order a product that is not yet available in the store and then ensure fast shipping. In addition, it offers the option of partial or full payment during the pre-order. In this way, it not only helps industries such as retail, manufacturing and publishing to assess how high the level of interest and the size of the first production runs will be, but also guarantees a calculable minimum turnover.

8. Same day delivery

With this plugin from 426 Agency you can enable your customers to have same-day delivery. The expansion of the shopping cart capabilities immediately indicates whether this is possible or not. It also offers many practical functions, such as time limit fields in the backend configuration, a drop-down menu for selecting the shipping costs or a user-defined free text field to set the maximum product quantity that a customer can order with the same-day delivery option.

9. Shopware Plugins - area calculation

The optimized version of this plugin helps you to sell items not per square meter, but in fixed amounts of space. With this you can decide whether a waste is calculated or not. Your customer simply enters the desired square meters and the required packages etc. are automatically calculated. Please note: The functionality and design of the plug-in are based on the standards of the basic system Shopware 6 (Community Edition). Adjustments to your own theme may have to be made.

10. Functions of the Shopware plugin "Abandoned Cart "

With this plugin you can remind customers who have not completed their checkout process via email to do so. To do this, you simply select the sales channel, define the waiting time for the shopping cart, set a custom subject line and keywords for the e-mail message and then send them automatically. Practical: The administrator can view details about customers such as name and email ID and also notify customers manually.