Can you smoke paper without dying

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Question after question
Can you explain that to me?
  1. Where is the defector going? Can a runner replace a carpet? Which chess pieces does the bishop stand between?
  2. How do the tinkers fight?
  3. What is not there? Country game, hanging game, chess game, side game, back game or birthday game?
  4. When changing sides, the sides are switched. What is changed when deer passes?
  5. There is sand on a pile of sand. What's on a dog poop?


Question after question
Can you explain that to me?
  1. What does a gang of rascals rattle with? What does a rattlesnake rattle with? Who rattles the baby rattle?
  2. Is it inappropriate to serve it when it tastes good?
  3. Is a guardian incapacitated or patronized by the Guardianship Court? What is the name of the person the guardian is looking after?
  4. Is that the screamer? Why? Can it also be quieter? What can I do with the stroke of a pen? What can I do with two strokes of the pen?
  5. How many notes are there in a note slot? How many kilograms are there in a dummy weight? How many grams are there in a pound? How many millimeters are there in an inch?

M6641 - M6650


bury your head in the sand
go down the drain
Have beans in your ears
lose out
with diligence


have one in the crown
chasing a shadow
start with Adam and Eve
smell the roast
to eke out one's existence


Reach in the toilet
Have back
Screw up
also just boil with water
set an example


make someone speechless
leaving someone out in the rain
turn around on the heel
there is no flower pot to be won with it
go to the pudding


Warning: smokers die earlier.
  1. Smokers die earlier.
  2. Smoking can be deadly.
  3. Smokers live longer
  4. Smoking promotes socially acceptable early death
  5. I only bought this box because the paper in the stationery store is even more expensive
  6. Smoking can lead to poverty
  7. Warning: This warning does not provide enough warning
  8. Smokers go to heaven earlier
  9. Only smokers are true patriots, they also pay to die for the state
  10. Anyone who pops without a condom can smoke in bed
  11. Hello they are about to die
  12. Attention non-smokers, I poison you!
  13. Smoking makes you beautiful. . . . pale
  14. Smoking is bad for your health, which is why you prefer to drink alcohol
  15. Warning from the Minister of Education: A pregnancy is a threat to your health. Parties instead of babies!
  16. This could be her obituary notice


What kind of people are they?
⇒ A helper is a person who helps.
  1. Whip
  2. Longbow archer
  3. Show-off
  4. accomplice
  5. Accomplices
  6. Fence
  7. Monster
  8. Complainer
  9. Ninewise
  10. Wheeler


Explain the words!
  1. Ricochet
  2. Organ donor card
  3. Prime example
  4. Jam
  5. Witching hour
  6. Zeitgeist
  7. Viewing slit
  8. Slot
  9. Slit skirt
  10. Order frenzy


Name as many nouns as possible that make up the word Area contain.
Explain these words! Give examples!
Example: living area
Solution M6648
Area of ​​responsibility
Sphere of influence
subject area
Genital area
Border area
Genital area
Pubic area
Area of ​​life
Subject area
Terile area
Subject area
Transit area
Effective range
Division management
Accounting manager
Range limit
Attempted enrichment




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