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Relevant Words of God:

Should a person appear today who can display signs and wonders, cast out demons, heal, and perform many miracles, and should that person claim that he is the coming of Jesus, then it would be an imitation of evil spirits and their imitation of Jesus. Remember! God does not repeat the same work. Jesus' stage of work has already been completed and God will never do this stage of work again. ... If God were still showing signs and wonders during the last few days, still casting out demons and healing - if He did exactly the same thing as Jesus - then God would repeat the same work and the work of Jesus would have no meaning or value. That is why God has a phase of work in each age. Once each phase of His work has been completed, it will soon be imitated by evil spirits, and as soon as Satan begins to be on his heels, God will switch to another method. Once God has completed a phase of His work, it is imitated by evil spirits. You have to be clear about this.

from "Knowing God's Work Today" in "The Word Appears in the Flesh"

There are people who are possessed by evil spirits and who shout loudly “I am God!” But in the end they are exposed because they are wrong about what they represent. They represent Satan and the Holy Spirit ignores them. No matter how much you exalt yourself or how loud you shout, you are still a created being and someone who belongs to Satan. ... If you are unable to give way to a new age or to end the old one or to usher in a new age or to do a new work, then you cannot be called God!

from "The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)" in "The Word Appears in the Flesh"

Excerpts from sermons and communities for reference:

Those who are possessed by demons have been captured and controlled by evil spirits. This manifests itself primarily in a mental disorder or, at times, in unhealthy thinking, the complete loss of normal reason. Affected people believe in God, but cannot accept the truth and only play a destructive role. Therefore, although they believe in God, they cannot be saved and must be excluded. Most of the people who are possessed by evil spirits act as lackeys of Satan and disturb the work of God. This is mainly shown in the following ten characteristics:

1. Those who masquerade as God or Christ are possessed by evil spirits.

2. Those who claim to have the spirits of angels are possessed by evil spirits.

3. Whoever pretends to be another incarnate God is possessed by evil spirits.

4. Anyone who says that God's words are his own, or who lets others treat his words like God's words, is possessed by evil spirits.

5. Those who claim that the Holy Ghost uses them to induce others to follow or obey him are possessed by evil spirits.

6. Those who often speak in tongues, put tongues in tongues, see all sorts of supernatural visions, or who frequently point out the sins of others, are possessed by evil spirits.

7. Anyone who frequently hears supernatural spirit voices or the sounds of spirits or who sees spirits frequently and who is obviously not quite right in the head are possessed by evil spirits.

8. Anyone who has lost normal human thinking, often speaks in foolish terms, often speaks to himself, speaks nonsense, or frequently says that God directed him and the Holy Spirit touched him, is also possessed by evil spirits.

9. Those who show flare-ups of abnormal behavior, behave foolishly, are sometimes insane, and cannot have normal conversation with others are possessed by evil spirits. Anyone classified as homosexual is a demon-possessed type of person who needs to be excluded.

10. Some people are usually quite normal, but over the course of a few months, a year, or two years they may get irritable and develop mental illness. At the time of illness, they are just like those possessed by demons. Although these people are normal at times, they are also classified as possessed by evil spirits. (If someone had mental illness many years before but was fine for many years afterwards, understood and accepted the truth in their beliefs, and had undergone some changes; then they would not be classified as possessed by evil spirits.)

One who is possessed by demons is completely absorbed and directed by Satan, belongs to Satan and is cursed.

from "The Working Regulations"

There are only two types of situations in which evil spirits deceive people: one is the supernatural work of evil spirits, and the other is when evil spirits are born again as human beings. Those who oppose God and truth, such as the demon who is the great red dragon, are also evil spirits; they are more insidious, more vicious. Some evil spirits take possession of a person's body at some point in their life; some evil spirits are the reincarnations of demons. Although outwardly there does not seem to be any supernatural work of evil spirits and you cannot see any trace of possession by devils, they feverishly defy the truth; they defend themselves violently against God and oppose Him. Reborn demons are not supernatural, but normal. However, it is very evident that they are hostile to the truth. The great red dragon belongs to the category of reborn demons and all politicians and heads of state who oppose God are also reborn demons. To say that only those who are in the power of evil spirits are demon possessed and are themselves evil spirits does not correspond to reality. Some evil spirits camouflage themselves more strongly and you cannot see them; they belong to the category of reborn demons.

from "sermons and communal exchange about entering into life"