Bluehost is only for WordPress

My experience with Bluehost

The web host Bluehost was founded in 2003 and is now part of the Endurance International Group (EIN). He is considered one of the largest hosters in the world and is therefore very well known.

What advantages does the web host offer?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can assume that Bluehost has a lot of expertise as it stands today (2020). The specialists at Bluehost are among the best in the world in certain areas, including hosting WordPress sites (see below). Furthermore, due to its sheer size and the efficiency that goes with it, Bluehost can offer its customers very attractive prices. It goes without saying that the provider covers the entire hosting spectrum - for the needs of freelancers, SMEs and corporations. Because the prices are so low, many newcomers are interested in Bluehost's offers. They often lack the technical experience of how to deal with hosting packages. Bluehost is prepared for this: Operation is kept child's play and therefore also pleases more experienced customers.

Bluehost draws its knowledge of the required user-friendliness from several million hosted web projects. Anyone who opts for a package from Bluehost will find their way around in no time. The extremely clear dashboard contributes to this. Let's take a look at Bluehost on the technical side as well: The hosting provider is considered one of the most stable on the market, the uptime is ~ 99.99%. That means: The hosted pages are in principle fail-safe. No hoster can advertise with 100% because there can always be a technical malfunction, for example due to natural disasters, etc. But Bluehost itself has made its technology so secure with redundant data centers that customers can rely on their stable website. For years, Bluehost has been one of the providers with the highest uptime.

Interesting achievements from Bluehost

The cheapest hosting package from Bluehost costs just under four euros per month. Even for this sensationally low price, the customer still receives a free domain. With other providers, this service usually costs around 20 euros gross. Cheaper offers than Bluehost are hard to find on the market. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes it possible to test Bluehost completely risk-free. Bluehost also offers dedicated hosting and single servers. However, other providers are also considered to be very strong here. For beginners, however, Bluehost is the host of choice. The cheapest starting price is 3.58 euros. Even the more complex packages remain cheap compared to the competition. Bluehost is therefore considered a designated discount host.

Support from Bluehost

Because of its size, Bluehost has enough resources to provide good 24/7 support. He can be reached via live chat, email and telephone. There is also a very large knowledge base. Blog posts cover virtually any problem the customer might face.

Price-performance ratio

Bluehost is a very solid provider with an excellent price-performance ratio, which serves the entire hosting spectrum, but could be most interesting for small projects and beginners. They don't want to pay a lot for their hosting and need a lot of clarity, easy-to-understand functions and good support. Bluehost has it all.

The company's many years of experience speak clearly for its expertise. In addition, there is the very high level of technical security and the solid entrepreneurial basis under the umbrella of the parent company EIG. Bankruptcy or sudden technical failures due to financial problems of the provider are therefore not to be feared. A special feature of Bluehost is the proven expertise in the CMS WordPress.

Bluehost and WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. The independent open source software naturally requires a domain and hosting. Bluehost is considered to be perhaps the best hoster for WordPress sites. In addition to DreamHost and Siteground, the WordPress Foundation expressly recommends Bluehost to those website operators who use WordPress for their content management. Bluehost offers a special WordPress hosting solution that allows you to get started quickly with WordPress sites. Customers can use it to manage multiple WordPress websites or blogs. With the WP Pro solution (stands for WordPress Pro), users can grow their WordPress sites very quickly. This solution is faster than the usual shared hosting. It has been optimized to host complex websites on WordPress at lightning speed. WP Pro is suitable for these purposes, among others:

  • Manage multiple WordPress sites
  • constant new addition of WordPress sites
  • Managing very high traffic on the WordPress sites (important for blogs where readers give a lot of feedback)
  • Manage short-term traffic spikes
  • Monitoring of marketing success
  • Measure the performance of WordPress websites
  • Hosting of WordPress shops including shopping cart, inventory management, ERP and processing of payment transactions (also PayPal)
  • Set up SEO-compliant WordPress pages

Moving WordPress sites to Bluehost

WordPress sites usually don't need too much capacity. Many website operators, for example with a small company homepage and connected blog or even with a small WordPress shop (there have been eCommerce solutions under WordPress for a long time) have so far been customers of what they consider to be too expensive a hoster. This target group could easily move the website to Bluehost. This can save enormous costs with the same or better performance. With WordPress sites, moving to a new host is completely unproblematic. When developing its open source software, the WordPress Foundation makes sure that it stays that way. So if you need cheaper cloud, shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, you can opt for Bluehost. The support naturally supports the move.

Support with WordPress

As a specialized hoster, Bluehost supports the creation of WordPress sites. For this purpose, the provider has set up a series under the title “First Steps with WordPress” with various blog posts that deal completely with the WordPress universe. You have to understand this. WordPress was originally created for blog setup. User roles can be defined in these. With external plug-ins, of which there are several thousand, WordPress can be used as a full-fledged CMS, for example for company websites. In the meantime, simple online shops can be set up with this CMS, for which, as mentioned, Bluehost even hosts payment solutions and ERP systems.

A WordPress installation is very quick (less than five minutes), the open source software has also received numerous awards for its user-friendliness (as early as 2007 "Open Source CMS Award", several times in the following years). It is not for nothing that WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide and is likely to run on over a quarter of all websites today. Bluehost fully supports the beginners in WordPress and offers them cost-effective, high-performance hosting.

Pascal Prohl