Why do long distance runners wear gloves?

Maxime Grenot, long-distance runner and TEAM TSL athlete, tests the new ODLO FLI jacket.

It is precisely for these situations - when the weather changes quickly and weight and versatility can have a massive influence on performance and fun - we have developed our Fast Light Innovative (FLI) collection. We spoke to Grenot to hear his thoughts on the new FLI hardshell jacket - a "high quality, ultralight, stowable hardshell jacket for men" that, as he says, deserves all of its awards.

Tested while hiking 

I wore the jacket with my backpack for the first time on a morning hike. I wanted to see if the jacket was sitting nicely or if the backpack was causing friction. At the beginning of the hike it was cool and foggy, but suddenly we came over the fog and could enjoy the sun's rays. Despite the humid air at the beginning, I was warm and my clothes were dry. The baselayer underneath wasn't soaked either - really great breathability. In addition, the jacket is very streamlined, especially when you have the hood on.

Tested on the trail

Today I used the jacket with just a t-shirt underneath for a run at the lake in full sunshine. No friction, no excessive moisture, the jacket stayed in place and moved with me. Simply beautiful to wear.

Final impressions

Although I've only used the jacket a couple of times, I can say that it is a versatile jacket. The fit of the hood or waist can be easily adjusted to personal needs with elastic bands. It doesn't rub anywhere and is super light so you don't have to worry about taking your jacket with you. It is also extremely breathable. I've never gotten wet after a run wearing them. That's a big plus in the mountains! It is also packable and therefore very practical. Personally, I also like the design - it's quite stylish.

I use it routinely and can't wait for it to rain to test the 20,000g water resistance.

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