What is the average jogging speed

How fast should you run?

Running speed

There are people who literally fly past you when you do your running training in the avenue, in the forest, in the park or wherever. But the same people are standing a few corners away, red-faced and barely able to breathe, while you can walk on comfortably yourself.

Goal setting at speed

Of course, it can be a special training for a competitor who wants to achieve the hardness of the tempo, but often there are also hobby runners who do not want to run for long but want to run fast. Many do not know that these can also destroy themselves in this way. Choosing your speed is an essential task in running training and is difficult to achieve. An average runner who is able to run 12 km / h runs his kilometer in five minutes under optimal conditions, but on some days runs significantly faster or slower - depending on wind, well-being and other factors. But he knows his speed.

When you start running, you don't really know where the limit is. There are some general pieces of advice on how to tell if you have found the optimal speed. One tip relates to running in pairs. If you can still talk to your running partner without gasping at every word, then you have the so-called speaking speed, that is, you have chosen a good speed that suits you. If you run alone, you can also dare to talk to yourself briefly to check this out.

Another variant is singing. If you can sing your favorite hits without any problems, you are probably a bit too slow. Conversely, you have run too fast if you feel dizzy after the end of the exercise or, even worse, if you notice your head turning red during exercise because the exertion is too great.

It applies to everyone that you have to gain experience. After you've run a few times and tested how fast you have to go to be comfortable, you should maintain that speed until you've strengthened yourself enough to go faster. The question then is whether you really want to run faster or whether you can cover a longer distance at the same speed, which is often more efficient. The various heart rate and stop watches are helpful when it comes to speed. The smartphone is also used for measuring in order to be able to question oneself.