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NBA Auction 2020 - Team Introductions

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The Joker And The Thief

So I'll tell you all the story
'Bout the joker and the thief of the night

Jamal Murray (24) / Dejounte Murray (24)
Norman Powell (26) / Donte DiVincenzo (14) / Jamal Murray (8)
Will Barton (32) / Andrew Wiggins (16)
Domantas Sabonis (28) / Maxi Glue (20)
Nikola Jokic (32) / Ivica Zubac (16)



  • The linchpin of the team is Nikola Jokic - With his outstanding passing game, the Joker knows how to use his teammates perfectly. With 6.9 assists per game, he is 15th in the league, one ahead of Chris Paul. After a weak start to the season again in absolute MVP form and the leader of a strong collective in which every player in the top five scores between 15 and 20 and the bankers fit in seamlessly. Heroball was yesterday, long live the team game.
  • With Jamal Murray and Will Barton there are two familiar faces at his side in the starting five. This familiarity is a big plus. After an injury-ridden 18/19 season, Barton is building on his strong performance 17/18 this season. With 6.3 rebounds, he grabs more rebounds than ever in his career and with points (15.1) and assists (3.7) he is only slightly below his career best.
  • Jamal Murray forms the starting backcourt Norman Powell. Here I would like to quote the valued user @ Bobo23: "Norman Powell plays by far the best ball of his career and is in the wider orbit of the Most Improved Player Awards. Powell has made a gigantic leap on the offensive. With twice the volume, his efficiency has gone up too . That is remarkable and so rarely happens. An ideal supplementary player who knows his role and can definitely make the difference. Defensively poisonous and a good team defender. " I couldn't have put it better.
  • The strong season of Domantas Sabonis was rewarded with his first all-star nomination. With 18.5 points, 12.4 rebounds and 5 assists, the son of Arvydas Sabonis has top career results in all three categories this season. Together with Jokic, Sabonis is likely to be the best matching bigmen duo in NBA history.
  • The backup center there Ivica Zubac. The 22-year-old Croat knows how to use his limited playing time efficiently. In under 20 minutes he hangs up 8/7 and one block for the Clippers evening after evening.
  • Since I prefer to concentrate on the Spencer / Hill Marathon at Kabel 1 and I'm a big fan of the motto "little work / high income" anyway, I once again use the expertise of @ Bobo23 to give you my second backup in the big positions to introduce ..."Maxi glue is a very athletic stretch big who defensively belongs to the best that can be found in his position in the league. He knows his role and works exactly how it's supposed to work. "
  • After a cruciate ligament rupture put him out of action for the entire season 18/19, celebrated Dejounte Murray made his comeback this season and shows that he hasn't lost anything in his athleticism. The Guard, who was nominated for an all defense team in 2018 as the youngest player of all time, defends aggressively as usual and also shows progress on the offensive. The threesome is finding its way into the basket more and more frequently (between 36 and 47% between December and March), which makes it easier for them to find their way to the basket. The consequence: With 10.7 points a new career record and also the field throw rate as strong as never before (47.5%). In addition, the usual strong work on the rebound (almost 6 per game) and also in the role of the game designer, Dejounte comes into its own - 4.1 and thus, how could it be otherwise, another category in which an increase can be recorded .
  • Donte DiVinvenzo is a first-class defender who plays with high intensity in the minutes he is on the field and delivers solidly up front. Perfect role player.
  • Andrew Wiggins has its known weaknesses, but is now too badly seen mMn. On my team, he doesn't have to give the franchise player or the second option.
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