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Diabolical romance out of the suitcase

"What do we do today when we meet people who seem possessed by the devil?" The question doesn't sound like a romantic one, but it was part of the "romance out of the suitcase".

Clock • Zernikow
This suitcase was opened on Saturday in the garden hall of the Zernikow estate by the actor Ulrich Müller-Hönow with an excellent scenic reading of the story "The great invalid on Fort Ratonneau" by Achim von Arnim.
Almost 30 guests sat in the semicircle around the fireplace in the garden room, in which a tiny red light was blinking. All in black, Müller-Hönow took a seat on a stool over which a beautiful, illustrated carpet flowed. Count Durande, commandant of Marseille, sits by the fireplace at home after the Seven Years' War. His wooden leg catches fire. Rosalie from Leipzig extinguishes the leg burn and asks him for a quiet post for her husband, the French soldier Francoeur, who is injured in the head. The imposing actor spoke what she said in a broad Saxon dialect and made the audience smile and giggle a lot. Francoeur had been possessed by the devil through her mother's curse and was dishonorably transferred to the invalids because of his crazy behavior. "Recklessly as a madman" he threw the colonel from his horse and took over command himself. The count is touched by Rosalie's love and makes Francoeur in command of the small "Fort Ratonneau", which only needs a three-man crew.
"Do we have a full moon?" Asked Ulrich Müller-Hönow promisingly, opened a bottle of red wine and handed the glass to the guests in order to lure the audience, who was enthusiastic about its playful intensity, into the world of exorcism after the short break. Is Evil Contagious? Does Satan have the power to make you sick? Can the environment cause a person to become obsessed? They weren't questions from a bygone era. Father Joseph Ianuzzi asked them during the retreat in Rhodox, Greece, in 2012.
Meanwhile, Francoeur's obsession gets around and increases his diabolical madness. Müller-Hönow wrapped himself in a French uniform and picked up the revolver. On the easel on the side next to the door is a picture of the gloomy fortress, painted by Hönow himself. The mad invalid kept the whole city of Marseilles in check for three days by blocking all access roads by land and water. Balloons popped out of the suitcase like a beacon, the action culminated. The soldier was close to madness. Rosalie from Leipzig alone is confident that only she can save him. At the last moment the splinter comes loose from his head and he is free. Without the effort of exorcising the devil. "Grace releases the curse of sin. Love casts out the devil," everything ended well. With a gentle melody to the harmonica and one last mischievous look, the actor closed the door behind him.
Ulrich Müller-Hönow studied at the "Ernst Busch" drama school in Berlin. He played at the Magdeburg theaters and for ten years at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. He has appeared in numerous television productions and works as a voice actor. He also works as an acting lecturer and as a director. And he paints. And more every year. At the beginning of this year he showed his pictures in the Art Gallery in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Berlin. He lives in Godendorf north of Fürstenberg.
"To play here in this house, where Achim von Arnim spent his childhood, is crazy, I had great fun and fits like a fist," said Ulrich Müller-Hönow. No less the visitors and the organizers of the Zernikow initiative, who were spellbound by his presence as a performer. They wanted more "romance out of the suitcase". And since the actor has discovered his love for stories from the romantic era and is planning further scenic readings, nails were made straight away. In May 2016 you can be prepared for a second look in Zernikow.