What is spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening: what's wrong with me?

Professional and financial problems

When you are very weak physically, you only feel how much strength a compromise costs, so that you are less and less able to do so. As long as you don't see what really makes you happy and fulfilling, you may experience a dry spell, both professionally and financially, but that too won't bring you long-term disadvantages. As soon as the new you wakes up, you know exactly what to do and you will be full of energy.

relationship problems

The less strength you can muster to compromise, the more your relationships with friends and family will change. You can now feel exactly which people are supporting you on your new path and which are no longer good for you. Maybe you prefer to be all alone - out of exhaustion and to find new clarity within yourself. You may find yourself feeling very lonely and not understood by anyone. But even that is only a temporary condition. With your new clarity about yourself, new people will come into your life who are now a perfect match for you.

Lots of intense feelings

All sorts of feelings seize you, such as fear, anger, despair, sadness, or emptiness. It is as if they too had slumbered deep within you and as if they now have to be lived through and let go, so that you can go on without heavy luggage. This, too, can be very uncomfortable, but it's just a natural emotional cleansing process.

Nothing excites you anymore

Your interests also change completely. Things and activities that you used to love suddenly can no longer please you. For a while, you may feel really depressed because you are no longer excited about anything. Don't worry - you will change and over time you will discover completely new passions and interests in yourself.