How do I stick to my goals

Achieving Goals - How to Achieve EVERYTHING with fun and ease

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Do you want to achieve your goals?

No longer dreaming in front of you, but finally turning your dreams into reality?


Then you are exactly right here…

In this article I'll tell you:

  • how to find the right goals for YOU ...
  • how to achieve your goals easily and without great stress
  • how you leave worries and fears behind you
  • how to finally take the first step and get into action ...
  • ... and doing exactly what your heart REALLY burns for ...

And the best thing about it:

When you've finished reading this article, you can get started right away!

We will start to achieve your goals TODAY 🙂 (In this article you will learn my tried and tested 5-step goal setting systemwith which you can achieve pretty much anything in life that you ever want to achieve ...)

Sounds good? Then read on ...

Table of Contents

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Goals - the secret of successful people

What is the secret of ALL successful people?


You have goals!


You just don't have any goalsbut they have deliberately chosen goalsthat motivate them and that give them new strength and energy every day (more on this in a moment ...)

Ask yourself:

When you are planning your vacation, aren't you fired up and planning is like sliced ​​bread from your hand?

Naturally. Well why is that so? Very easily:

Because you enjoy your goal. Because you really want to go on vacation and enjoy yourself there ...

And that's exactly the trick:

Your goal has to be so hot that it attracts you like your vacation!

When you have that, the rest (especially the implementation) will come naturally ...

And how exactly we find and implement such goals, more on that in a moment ...

But before we start with the goal, here are a few important reasons why most people never achieve their goals let alone live their dream life:

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6 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

1. Size matters!

Your goal must be big. Huge!


It's simple: only when your goal is huge does it motivate you.

Think about it yourself:

What are you more enthusiastic about?

  1. A week's vacation at the campsite at the quarry pond?
  2. Or 3 weeks in a 5-star luxury hotel in the Maldives with your own jacuzzi on the roof?

Small goals may seem easier to achieve at first glance, but they don't really inspire us ...

And if something doesn't really excite us, then our body doesn't give us the necessary energy to achieve our goal.


Make your goal big. Make it huge. So that every day it gives you strength and energy when you think about it!

2. The problem with credibility

If you find your goal inwardly unreachable, how are you going to achieve it?

It doesn't work at all!

That is why the first and foremost rule is that you set yourself realistic goals that you can achieve.

However, don't let doubts or negative people around you drag you down.

Because basically you can achieve EVERYTHING you want! People were on the moon. Donald Trump is President ... Would anyone have thought that possible before? Hardly likely…


Make your goal realistic and don't listen to what others are trying to tell you. Because always know: You can achieve EVERYTHING IF you only really want to!

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3. Are you on the right track?

Sometimes we chase the wrong goals.

At first we think they would make us happy, but in the long run we notice that the goal doesn't really motivate us.

And what happens then is clear anyway:

With every day and every action it becomes tougher and more strenuous to work towards the goal.

Again, think back to your vacation:

Was the planning (or the execution) for it exhausting or stressful?

Probably not. Because you have FUN working against this goal and planning your vacation.

And this is the realization of the day:

You have to enjoy your goal !!! It has to give you energy and make you happy. Only when you have such a goal will your body and mind give you the full energy to get to work with maximum zest for action (and above all LONG-TERM).

(By the way: If you don't really know where you want to go in life or what you want to do, take a look at this article from me → Self-discovery: Who am I and what should I do?)

... and then read on here. 🙂

4. Your doubts are only illusions

Another big problem:

You think about your goal, you are highly motivated. Now you finally want to get started. And then…

ZACK ... they attack you. The doubts. The 1,000 ifs and buts. Suddenly things occur to you every second that could go wrong.

Fear overwhelms you, you are blocked and therefore cannot act. And accordingly you won't reach your goals either ...

Personally, I firmly believe that This is precisely why 90% of all people fail to achieve their goals:

Fear blocks them and that's why they don't come into action!

In the vast majority of cases, all the doubts in your head are pure illusions. Did you know that 90% of the things we fear or worry about never happen? And the remaining 10% are often much less dramatic than our imagination?


Leave your doubts behind and just START working towards your goal. You will see, as soon as you have taken the first step, the rest will come naturally!

5. A colorful collection of various fears

There are so many small, large and medium fears that one can have that I just want to list a few examples here:

All of these fears can keep you from achieving your goals. In the end, they only exist in your head!

The solution to this is:

A wise man once said:

Throw off your fear, rely on your inner resources, trust life, and it will reward you for it. You can do more than you think.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

6. Beware of too much enthusiasm

Sometimes we are so enthusiastic about goals that we want to get started right away.

Don't think too much, just do it. And so we rush off ...

But without a good plan, we usually don't get very far. We don't really know where to start or what to do after the first step. Or we run out of energy quickly because we want too much at once ...

And then we are disappointed and give up too quickly.

A very important component in achieving your goals is therefore to draw up a concrete plan for how you want to achieve your goal. More on this in the next section ...

So, now you have learned about some obstacles that keep most people from achieving their goals and living their dream life ...

Yes, thank you”…. are you probably thinking right now ...

Now I know what's hindering me, but how the hell do you do it right?

Here's the answer:

My 5 step goal system: How to reach any goal, no matter how big, in 5 small steps!

1. Bring your goal to the right level of enthusiasm

As I said - the bigger your goal, the more motivating.

So if you've already found your goal, but it doesn't get you to act, think about what would excite you EVEN MORE.

You're welcome to come up with crazy ideas. Let your imagination run wild. And the thought "that's not possible“Is strictly forbidden!

Take an example from children:

They want to be an astronaut. Or cowboy. Or princess ... at least not a tax clerk! And children don't want a guinea pig either, they want a horse. Oh, what am I saying ... A UNICORN!

Do you notice the difference Do you feel how much more power a really fat goal gives you?


Then on to the next step:

2. This is how you feel success every day

Pick up a pen and a piece of paper.

Then paint a picture of your dream future. The way your life should look like ...

Paint yourself in your house, with your car, your dream woman or the job of your dreams. It doesn't have to be artistically valuable. The main thing is that you visualize your goal that you want to achieve ...


Alternatively, you can also search for pictures on the Internet, print them out and stick them on. This is also called a “vision board”.

You then hang that up so that you can see it every day. My vision board, for example, hangs directly on the door of my wardrobe and that's how I see it every morning when I get up 🙂

Next up, get yourself another notebook. Sit down with a cup of tea and write down WHERE you want to go in the future:

  • What do you want to achieve financially?
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?
  • What is your perfect relationship like?
  • Which car do you want to drive
  • And so on ...

When writing down, be sure to observe these 3 rules:

  1. Don't write what you DO NOT want, write what you want instead.


    I don't want to sit in the office until 10 p.m. every day. - NOT CORRECT
    I'm home every day at 5, on Fridays already at 2. - CORRECT

  2. Be as specific as possible. Do you want a house? What kind of house? Bungalow or town villa? What color? How many square meters? How many rooms? Two baths or eight? ...
  3. Write like it's already TRUE. Do not write I wish… or one day I would like to ..., rather I have … respectively I am…

Simply date your entries 5 or 10 years into the future. Then it feels more believable to you.

When you've written down your goals, visualize them:

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath
  2. Then imagine your goal vividly, in all its details and colors ...
  3. And then FEEL what it feels like to have achieved your goal!

It's best to do this every day for at least 10 minutes. Best in the morning. This immediately gives you a positive kick to the day and will help you enormously to tackle your goals with energy and full of enthusiasm and ultimately to achieve them.

3. More motivation through the stage technique

Big goals often seem unattainable to us.

The solution for this: Many small sub-goals.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. First, think about when you want to have reached the end goal
    Be as realistic as possible. You probably didn't build your own company with a turnover of 1 million euros a year in one year. But maybe in 5 years. Or in 10. The important thing is that you consider it realistic yourself. Because as I said - you can only achieve it if you BELIEVE in it.
  2. Then determine individual stages
    What do you want to have achieved in a year? What in a month? What until next week? That way, you have a specific plan to go by. And you always have success stories that motivate you.

My insider tip at this point:

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to get started, just start over. What is the FINAL step towards your goal? Which one comes before that? So you go through all the steps backwards until you have arrived in the present!

4. This is how you dissolve fears and doubts with ease

The biggest obstacles on the way to success are fears, worries and doubts. Because they prevent you from acting.

But do you notice what you are doing there?

You imagine what BAD can happen. This creates negative images in your head that totally block you.

Not good. Not good at all!

But here comes the positive news: You can change that and use it to your advantage! Because just as you can think up negative situations, you can also create positive images!

And you do that as follows:

First of all, pay attention to your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself worrying, ask yourself what you were just thinking. It was probably something negative.

Do not get angry that you just thought negatively, but accept this thought and see it as an opportunity. Because now you can transform him. Now imagine the same situation in the positive variant.

What would be the perfect solution? What would happen if everything went well?

Every time you replace a negative thought with the positive alternative, your fears go away. And over time you will worry less and less and will always create more positive images in your head!

5. Step by step to the goal - that's how it works

So. Now it’s finally going.

What you do now is the following: You take your goal and think about the first step. And then you go him. STILL TODAY! You do that every day from now on. You just walk towards your goal step by step every day.

One mini step at a time. At your own pace.

LIKE RIGHT NOW?" you ask. "THAT should be the secret to achieve my goals? I just go a little closer to my goal every day, step by step?


YES my friend, that's exactly how it is! How else do you ever want to achieve your goals?

Waiting and twiddling your thumbs won't get you any further. Only action changes something and catapults you forward. And that is exactly the secret of successful people: They come into action and step by step towards their dreams every day.


Get moving! To start! And start turning your dreams into realities TODAY.

Here are the most important steps again in brief:

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The 5 Step Success Formula - Summary

  1. Make your goal as BIG as possible. Make it stand out. Overwhelming. Outbid your own wildest dreams. Only when your goal is really big and attractive will your body and mind give you the energy and enthusiasm you need to actually achieve your goal.
  2. Visualize your goal. Every day. At least 10 minutes. Plus: write it down. Travel in your imagination into your future and feel how it feels to have already achieved your goal. Do this EVERY DAY and you'll see what a HUGE difference it makes for you. Definitely try it out!
  3. Set yourself many small sub-goals. Make a plan and a concrete procedure. Motivate yourself by reaching the individual stages. And when you have reached one of these milestones, then CELEBRATE yourself and celebrate your success. This ensures that you continue to work towards your goal with full enthusiasm.
  4. Dissolve fears and doubtsby being aware of them and then replacing them with positive thoughts.
  5. And then of course the most important step of all: Take the first step. Think about what you can do NOW TODAY to get one small step closer to your goal. And then: do exactly this step. NOW!

Wow, did you really persevere and read this far? Brilliant!

With this you stand out from the crowd and have done something that very few people ever do:

You have deliberately dealt with your goals and dreams and want to build your dream life PRO-actively. That's a big high-five from here, from me! Because only very few people do that ...

In this sense:

You now have everything you need to get started!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go!

Common problems achieving goals

Here are a few more common questions and problems that come up again and again when achieving goals:

I just can't find the energy to get started. What should I do?

If you find it difficult to take action despite having big goals, I recommend my article "Overcoming listlessness: In 3 easy steps".

In it I will show you how you can make your inner motor hum in no time and overcome any lack of energy. It is essential to read if you are currently in a lack of drive!

I'm frustrated - when will I finally get there?

If you make all your happiness dependent on the goal ("Only when I have XYZ can I enjoy my life") it will be damn hard to reach your goal. Because then you are dissatisfied with yourself all the time and that robs you of an incredible amount of energy.


Be very conscious of everything positive in your life. What have you already achieved What's great at this moment? What is feeling especially good NOW, right now?

Enjoy your life. Be aware of it.

In this way you get back into a positive mood and then things usually move on again as if by itself.

Somehow my goal is not the right one

Then just change it. Stay flexible.

Nobody blames you for this - at most you blame yourself!

(Which is totally stupid by the way. Because it's YOUR life, it's YOUR goals and it's YOUR decisions ...)

So if you feel that you suddenly like another destination better, then change direction and head for the new destination.

In no law in the world is it written that one must hold fast to goals that have once been set. If you notice that it is no longer possible and it no longer motivates you, then change your goal and approach your new goals with renewed enthusiasm.

This way you can get to where you feel absolutely fantastic in everyday life and thus reach your goals with links much faster.

I have achieved my goal - what now?


Celebrate yourself and your success. Celebrate your life!

(By the way, you should do this every day, not just at the end!)

Enjoy what you have achieved there. Don't worry about what's coming next - it'll come by itself.

Once you've learned how to achieve your goals, you'll always want more of them anyway. You are now programmed for success. Sooner or later your brain will automatically spit out the next dream. Then suddenly you wake up again with the next vision and now you know exactly - that's where I want to go and: I'm going there too!


That was a lot now, huh?

But hey - this is about your life after all!

And what are 5 small steps if you can use them to achieve practically ANY goal !?

In this sense:

Get started with it TODAY and tackle your goals step by step!