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Introverted and shy

Does that also apply to you?

Do you sometimes ask yourself: "Am I an introvert?" Or are you looking for a test that tells you whether you are introverted? Anyone looking for information on this on the Internet will quickly be overwhelmed with tests on introversion. We deliberately do not want to give you a test on the subject of introversion. It is easy to understand why you want to get to know yourself better. The active confrontation with yourself is an exciting and promising thing. But we think that these tests are not really serious and do not give you really reliable information about whether you are a more introverted person and above all they do not clarify your personal questions related to them. Of course, we won't leave you out in the rain and look into the question of what it means to be introverted and shy and how you can find your place in this world full of self-promoters.

Above all, we will give you helpful questions and attitudes about dealing with shyness and introversion. We show what different perspectives there are on the topic and try to inspire inspiration and courage to find your own way in a noisy world.

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What is introvertedness?

What introverting means and why you are not either introverted or extroverted

Today it is assumed that around a third of all people are introverted. But what does that actually mean? The Duden describes this as “concentrating the interest away from the outside world on processes within the soul; inward attitude or attitude ”. The term introversion goes back to the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung and includes the personality poles introversion and extraversion (directed outwards). He constructs these opposites as two poles and the self is on the continuum in between. So no one is purely introverted or extroverted. The black and white scheme therefore belongs in the trash and has nothing to do with real life.

When you like, take a look at yourself. Are there different parts of your personality and if so, which ones are more extroverted or introverted? Shyness and introversion are often mentioned in the same breath, but they are different terms. Shyness is a behavior that is characterized by inhibition of contact, whereas introversion, as described above, initially only focuses on the inner world.

Personality psychology assumes, based on the Big 5 personality model, that around half of the personality is shaped by individual environmental conditions, i.e. general experiences, and the other half by genetic components, i.e. heredity. Introversion can be acquired as well as given from the cradle. That’s an exciting point. Ask your parents whether you were perceived as an introvert or an extrovert as a child? Maybe as a mixture of them. It can be exciting to compare that with your current self. It is assumed that personality constellations become stable up to the age of 30 and only change again in old age. This also means that a dynamic personality process takes place up to the age of 30.

If you think that your shyness is very pronounced and that it is hindering your life massively, you can find out more about anxiety disorders here. A diagnosis must always and exclusively be made by a specialist, not yourself and certainly not internet tests.