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  1. Cuckold

    Cuckold69 offers some smaller free videos from real ones Cuckold-Counters. You will find tons of videos of women getting fucked, ass, or just jumping around by a big black cock. There are plenty of external links everywhere, but as long as you stick with the videos you will be fine.

  2. CuckoldsPorn

    CuckoldsPorn.com is a tube that is only for what? Yes, you guessed right: cuckold porn! It's a very clean and easy-to-use video site with a few thousand real cuck videos. It's almost free. Every now and then you will see a premium video that you are only allowed to see if you sign up.

  3. Hunt4K

    Hunt4K is one of the hottest public pickup porn sites around. Coming from the Czech Republic, it features hot couples being approached on the street and getting paid for real-world cuckold porn that will make you cum hard.

  4. Cuckold Place Tube

    In fact, I found this by accident and was surprised by the collection of videos and the small amount of advertising as the design doesn't look promising at first glance. This site hosts their videos on their own servers with videos that you can actually find all over the internet.

  5. WifeWantsToPlay

    Wife Wants To Play is one of the few platforms where women's sharing is real. It's a forum where you can find husbands and couples from all over the world who enjoy craving each other for their wives.

  6. Cuckold sessions

    What do you do when you can't inspire your girl the way she needs to? You're calling a black stud with a thick tail to fill them up - hopefully you're allowed to watch!

  7. Cum eating cuckolds

    A premium site with videos of cuckolds eating their girls after the bull bred them. You have to clean up your wife, and they are longing for it.

  8. Fuck cuck

    A tube online for more than 5 years has been offering free cuckold videos. Unfortunately the design "doesn't look so good", but it scores with the content with mostly interracial sex scenes.

  9. Cuckold.it

    Cuckold.it is the site where you can find a lot of real amateur cuckold porn but also some top notch role playing with cuckold movies from the best networks with famous porn stars. And everything you can find on this website is completely free.

  10. Cuckporn

    Cuckporn.com is a premier domain name for cuckold porn. Unfortunately, they kind of lack real quality video - but you can still watch a ton of sissies while their hotwifes get fucked in front of them.

  11. Cuckold video clips

    One of the few real cuckolding blogs all about. Every now and then (usually between 3-5 days) you will receive a well-written post on a subject related to cuckolding. HowTo's, experiences and tips.

  12. CuckoldVideos.xxx

    A free tube website with many Cuckold Porn videos. There are many ads that you can turn off by going premium. Videos are great! ;)

What is cuckolding about?

The actual word comes from "cuckoo bird" - and it describes the behavior of the cuckoo to lay its eggs in the nest of another bird. A cuckold is the husband of an adulterous womanwho loves to watch another man beat her up! The husband can only helplessly watch his wife get fucked by another, usually a massively gifted man who easily drives her to ecstasy. Oh - if the husband is cooperative and wants to serve her, he could join the action!

And why?

Cuckolding is the division (no pun intended) into BDSM fetishes - it's a submission fetish. Cuckold fetish combines the fear of your wife's infidelity, the fear that you won't be able to compete with another man, and the excitement of seeing your wife have fun. In most cases the husband is being humiliated and loving because it is a masochistic urge. Some men are also turned on by just the women's moans - which he may not be able to achieve. In addition, there are men who have to slurp the sperm of the man who just beat up his wife. I've even heard of people getting pregnant from stud farms because they are fully aware of it! So the husband has to raise a child who doesn't belong to him - just because of his curtsy. Honestly, that's kind of weird and not your usual cuckold thing.

What do I see in a cuckold video?

In cuckolding videos, the woman is always favored by another man (not her husband!). There are also many variants: the husband can covertly observe the action; the husband is present and humiliated; The husband even takes part in the action before or after the husband is through with the wife. The majority of cuckolding videos feature a black man satisfying the woman and playing with the stereotype that all black men are massively endowed (at least in these videos). In the end everyone is satisfied: the husband had his pleasure in the humiliation, the stallion had a chance to hit a hot girl, and the wife just had the pleasure of having two men! Check out the list and enjoy cuckolding videos!

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  • Having Sex With BBC And Right After I Was Already Cleaned Up By My Cuck.

  • Greetings From Seattle .. Wondering If We Could Have A Lil Extra Fun Here? Romance Us! (22f and 26m)

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