Which of the two is grammatically correct

Theme: How is it grammatically correct?

Use of language

A linguistic usage analysis with the German reference corpus (DeReKo) should show which of the two variants occurs more often in linguistic usage. For "Justification for + Article + Noun" the search resulted in 33 hits, of which 31 hits corresponded to the search pattern:

() is the reason for the regulation. (DeReKo)
According to Schulte, the justification for the judgment comprises 16 Din-A 4 pages. (DeReKo)
For the variant "Explanation via + article + noun" only 7 hits were displayed, with 3 hits corresponding to the default:
Nevertheless, the price of the VW share continued to rise over the summer of 2008 for no apparent reason. (DeReKo)
Ultimately, the search for the variant “Justification for + Article + Noun” resulted in a total of 1091 hits. A random sample is not used here, as the tendency towards the third variant is clear.


On the basis of the above research it becomes clear that the substantiated verb “justification” leads to the preposition “for”. In principle, attributes can be connected with different prepositions, but in this case the reference word determines the preposition. The language usage analysis shows that “about” and “about” can also follow “justification”. However, we recommend the variant “Justification for the name correction”, since this is the most common form in linguistic usage.